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TWiT comeback on the Horizon

Viewers of the Dropcom, TWiT’s mechanical eye in the sky, were greeted with an unusual sight on Saturday. What was first thought to be a spontaneous game of Ring Around the Rosy, turned out to be the often anonymous sales team holding hands and dancing around the studio. What caused the glee?

Needs help keeping track of his money.
Needs help keeping track of his money.

Inside sources reveal that a milestone event was achieved. For the first time in nine months a viewer used the forgotten offer code TNT. The viewer known as Chickenhead was unavailable for comment, but TWiT founder and propaganda connoisseur had this to say, “I could not be happier with the job Gum is doing, he is knocking it out of the park.” Could this be a sign that the troubled network is poised for a comeback?  Not likely.

Proposed update to Twit show title “Coating 101”

YUM! wear 309
The show might get a name change to “Coating 101.”

It has come to our attention here at #TotalDrama, that PadreSJ’s show “Coding 101” is up for a possible name change.

Leo Laporte, in consultation with his girlfriend CEO, are set to change the name to “Coating 101” to bring the show more in line with Padre’s love of fried chicken.

Padre will reportedly discuss all manner of chicken coatings from KFC’s “Original Recipe” to the Popeye’s chicken franchise’s legendary “Louisiana Spicy” coating.

Best of luck with the name change, Padre! And don’t forget to wipe your mouth.