The only bright lights on TNT

There’s been a lot of hate thrown around on this blog lately—so it might be nice to take a step back and note that a few TNT guests are nothing but pure delight. If they were ice cream, they would be a double scoop of mint chocolate chip.

  • Elise_Hu2Elise Hu
    NPR reporter

    Smart and engaging feminine presence on the mostly male-dominated Twit network. Elise is not only clever and funny, she has a dazzling smile and gorgeous hair.
    Check out some of Elise’s writing on her blog.
  • markmilianMark Milian
    Bloomberg reporter

    The slender, adorable and scruffy-faced young reporter for Bloomberg with the mildly surfer-dude deep voice brings a youthful outlook to an otherwise dull show whenever he’s a guest.

Oh, I guess the list is pretty short after all.  Weird.

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