K-Pop Video Confirms TWiT’s Irrelevance on YouTube

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This man still uncertain who Leo Laporte is or  TWiT.tv for that matter

We know most of you guys want TWiT to die, but for the record we find your schadenfroh attitudes absolutely deplorable. Here at TotalDrama we remain deeply saddened by the indications that Leo Laporte and TWiT continue to fall into absolute obscurity.

In a previous post we reported that Leo Laporte’s relevance had steadily declined across the years. And at the beginning of this year we witnessed the exodus of 40% of all sponsors. Right now TWiT is looking nearly as dead as a doornail, but the following #twitlive chat log did catch our interest:

<Truckee> Leo In a YouTube Search for TWIT in browser or AppleTV the real TWIT is 2nd or 3rd after Asian girlie sites of some sort. I haven't clicked on them!
<Tenspeed> Mr.. Wilkenson... I was wondering if you could talk about some speakers called Violet3d. Have you heard of them? Thank you for your wisdom and info.
<Titus> Salut...Bonjour à tout le monde.
<@ScooterX> PGMex: skypeout, Google Voice
<Maverik56> Best Buy is selling the LG Oled B Series at $1,109. And C8 At $1,359. And finally the E8 Series At $1,629. All 55 in Oled tv’s
<Chumly> was just looking at that E8 ad, but not sure what it really offers over the C8
<@ScooterX> Truckee: "Twit Live"
<Truckee> ScooterX just ant TWIT company to know.
<Truckee> ScooterX try it you'll see.
<ericDuckman> i'll settle for a D8
<@ScooterX> Truckee: I am aware
We apologize that we could not find a better picture of “Truckee”

We understand that the average #twitlive user is completely retarded, but if “Truckee” had bothered to click on that girlie video he would have watched something one million times better than anything on TWiT.

Hot Asian angels

It took this TotalDrama writer a month and several boxes of kleenex to determine that the video skewing YouTube’s search results was from Korean pop singer Hwasa (화사). Unlike Leo Laporte we can tell the difference between Asian people.

It appears that “twit” is also the word Koreans use to describe an absolute idiot. Go figure. We hard-coded the YouTube captions into the video for you sons-of-bitches. Enjoy.

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7 thoughts on “K-Pop Video Confirms TWiT’s Irrelevance on YouTube”

  1. Thank you for this brilliant video though I only made it through about ninety seconds.

    Your production skillz are dope as ever Hilton A. Goring and that picture of Truckee looks like he just came into harbor high af on a boat.


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  2. Such a beautiful and poingant rendering of that inimitable Global Brain Trust(tm), the TWiT chatroom.

    And it captures the moment when ScootieX, that loveable pile of sinew and festering neurons , became aware.

    History is watching!

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  3. ScooterX is a fucking mothbreather cunt, with his nose so far up Leos asshole he can smell the back of Leo’s throat. Truckee? Just some stupid motherfucker wasting his life away in a dank, pathetic chatroom, trying to be helpful.

    Tip of the hat on the video, fucking brilliant.

    I wonder if Megan Mcgroany sits at home crying to her poor husband and dumps all of her emotional stress by being trapped at having to work for the King BigBalled Leo the leper.

    For years I’ve watched him finger her velvet moist dilly and forcing his obese, retched body onto her nervous, trembling body, sliding his meat pipe into her love cave. You can see it in Leo’s eyes.

    Well with %40 of sponsors hitting the bricks, I can’t wait to see it all come crumbling down. I listened on the Radio for about 15 minutes last week to Leo’s show, I forgot how fucking embarrassing it is, talking to brain dead 70 year olds with HP printer problems.

    Fuck You.

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  4. If you ever want to laugh, check the number of views of TWIT videos on YouTube. Most have under 1.000 views days after being posted. I’m amazed they have kept posting to YouTube. As an advertiser, number of views would be the first thing I would look at and they suck

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    1. BH:
      If you ever want to laugh, check the number of views of TWIT videos on YouTube.Most have under 1.000 views days after being posted.I’m amazed they have kept posting to YouTube.As an advertiser, number of views would be the first thing I would look atand they suck

      Yeah, but their big shows probably still have tens or hundreds of thousands of zombie downloads from people who just never un-subbed. No one is watching or listening to these episodes, and they’re being auto-deleted after a couple of weeks, but I’m sure twit still gets some decent download numbers of this. Engagement, however, is pretty non-existent.

      Anyone see that Leo’s back on Twitter? He just can’t seem to stay away.

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