Leo Laporte: Racist for Life

Leo Laporte’s “Gradient” of Blackness (IEEE 205-2001)

In what can only be considered an early Christmas present, Leo Laporte had the opportunity to double down on racism this week when both Owen JJ Stone (Patreon link) and Ant Pruitt (Patreon link) appeared on the number one racist show on the TWiT network, This Week In Tech.

Hilton Goring could not be reached for comment

Leo Laporte has made an illustrious career of spewing casual racist remarks. If there was a Pulitzer prize for racism, Leo Laporte would have won 10 of them by now. Some of Leo’s highlights include:


Well as luck would have it, there were 2 “nigras” on Skype this week so Leo Laporte simply couldn’t resist this amazing opportunity to say more racist shit and try to pass it off as a joke. Leo Laporte’s #1 bootlicker Mike_B must have taken the night off as there seemed to be nobody trying to stop him this time. Video is above, you ungrateful bastards.

26 thoughts on “Leo Laporte: Racist for Life”

  1. I don’t even understand a little bit how his little pretend empire has not imploded and taken him with it. I gave up on the whole network of shows but SN about 5 years ago and then when the JCD BS happened, I had to drop even SN.

    I keep coming here for the inevitable crash and entertainment from it but somehow, he just keeps on going like a cockroach…

    I also don’t understand why people like OD still go on that show. I like Owen but damn man… There are better things to do with you time…

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  2. Owen appears because Twit LLC pays its guests. That’s it. He was clearly uncomfortable at the cluelessness and carelessness from Leo. The “black-to-really-white” bit doesn’t bother me, but his insensitivity to the others was unforgivable.

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  3. I’m sure the last thing the guests would want when coming on a tech show is to be called dark. How much are they getting paid to stand there and take it?

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  4. And once again. He know’s he’s being watched. He knows it will be clipped and hosted. And here we are.

    This was one of the most extreme facepalm moments I’ve seen from him yet. Most folks can pick up when what they consider a joke hasn’t gone over well, and they’ll quickly move on. Not Leo though. He’ll stick with it to achieve maximum handprint on the face.

    It reminds me of when I used to watch, and he’d start WW. He would open with Paul’s old Delphi book and carry on about it. After several times of this, you could tell from Paul’s face that he was tired of it and it was time to give it a rest. Nope. One time I thought Paul was actually going to call him out and say enough with the stupid book. He contained himself. I think he spoke offline about it because I think it finally stopped shortly after that.

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  5. “The time he failed to identify Katie Benner because all Asian people look the same to him”

    And white people all look the same to asians. It’s biological. Differentiating is a thing that is learned. Why don’t you get pissy about things that matters instead?

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    1. Kikeslammer88:
      If he was a trump supporter instead of a pussy ass Hillary supporter I would still watch twit

      ???? Oh my, a comment from someone who actually drinks the Leo Kool-Aid and believes what Leo says as opposed to just picking up on all the obvious clues to the real Leo. Sure, he likes to put on he’s got some kind of background from the liberal hippie culture but reality always slips out when he’s just babbling. His life is all about reinforcing his bubble of entitlement, a sexist, bigot pig that enjoys a completely consumerist, ‘be wary of government’ Libertarian, class-based lifestyle. A leftist democratic socialist or even a centrist Hillary advocate? Not hardly.

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  6. Remember when Leo and Amber were bosom buds?? They were falling all over Obama. Greatest thing since Marx. His FWB, Lisa is fairly republican , so I’m sure Leo is conflicted every time she climbs on top and rides the Leo micro penis…

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  7. How the hell is Owen JJ stone even anywhere a tech journalist? Doesn’t write or do anything with tech except some BS consulting right? His uncle Leo comments are old and never listen when he is on.

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    1. I enjoy Oh Doctah’s appearances on TWiT, but it’s clear that he’s one of the great BS artists of the Internet age.

      What and or who is he consulting? He glommed onto Kevin Rose and suddenly his analysis is deemed valuable? Leo likes him simply because he’s a black man that allows him to check off a diversity box when confronted about how white his network is.

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    2. Pamon:
      How the hell is Owen JJ stone even anywhere a tech journalist?

      Not knowing squat about either Stone or Pruitt, I assumed when I check both both their Patreon pages that each would have at least 50 patrons and probably a lot more than that.. but I was wrong!! Between them they have only ten (10)!! And Stone, after being on Twitter ten years and tweeting out 38,500 times just has 11,000 followers & 2880 likes. In addition, he has 357 YouTube subscribers, and 156 Facebook followers. I expected much higher numbers. Maybe part of Stone’s problem is he has an identity crisis as he goes by three different names/handles/nom de plume (Stone, OhDoctah and IQMZ). Gotta believe Stone and Pruitt are on TWiT for the publicity which probably means they are willing to take some Uncle Leo abuse just to get any followers they can.

      Probably to Leo, Stone and Pruitt are as much “tech pundits” as Brian Brushwood was during the first couple of years of the TWiT Brick House when apparently Leo insisted every guest be live in studio and Brushwood became the designated guest to fill out any non-full panel as he seemingly appear everywhere as a “tech expert”. Brian is currently #11 (not counting Leo) in number of appearances on TWiT (Christina Warren and Jason Hiner probably will blow by Shwood by next year) with OhDoctah tied for 15th place in appearances.

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