Megan Morrone Consents

Update: It has come to our attention that Megan is a mom. Thank you to Jimmy Jam for the tip.

Megan Morrone is living two lives. In her private life she is an adamant supporter of women’s rights and would not put up with sexual harassment of any kind.

In fact I’m pretty sure she has participated in women’s marches holding up some poorly-spelled signs. And we know exactly what she thinks about the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump — he’s a piece of shit.

Most women in this world would adhere to one set of moral principles, but not Megan Morrone.

Megan Morrone is a walking enigma. When she arrives at work she leaves all her principles at the door. Over the years she has allowed Leo Laporte to sexually harass her on numerous occasions. Never once has she ever uttered the words “What you said is not appropriate” even though that would be a perfectly justifiable thing to say in these circumstances. When she does protest it’s always couched as a joke or expressed as a minor annoyance.

Megan Morrone continues to walk the hypocritical line between victim and enabler. She wants Leo Laporte to stop making lewd comments but then we see a sensationalist tweet from her about an IoT device humping another. She doesn’t understand that making sexual jokes like this will only further embolden Leo Laporte. Megan Morrone is a disgrace to all women and possibly retarded. How could a woman this paradoxical be responsible for shaping the minds of three children?!

Karin P. Beam, two-bit incompetent strip mall lawyer.

We at TotalDrama have spent several years meticulously documenting everything Megan Morrone,  Colleen Goldstein or any other woman working at TWiT would need to launch and successfully prevail in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Not even a two-bit incompetent strip mall lawyer would lose that case.

Megan has two options, quit and sue for sexual harassment, or continue putting up with Leo Laporte’s lascivious behavior. Either way Megan Morrone is getting fucked.

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28 thoughts on “Megan Morrone Consents”

  1. One must commend King Leo for his overt generosity in giving Ms Marroon the benefit of the doubt with “ a disgrace to all women and POSSIBLY retarded. ”

    We can only hope it’s taken as an early Christmas gift and warning from The Tech Ghost Of Christmas Future to mend her ways and become the pro-women advocate of Moms in Tech she pretends to be, rather than continuing on her current path as a foil for a fading misogynist has-been, reduced to phoning-it-in between vacations.

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  2. I just love it when Leo shows up to work with that bed head, you can tell he just got some up the butt.

    Great article, could have pointed out that Megan is a mom. I don’t know how you forgot to include that utterly important detail.

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    1. GoneClean:
      TWiT still around?amazing.I’m happy not to be haunted by the ghosts of Leo and Andy and RENE and all the other lost tech pundits.

      You totally have been out of the loop Rene Ritchie changed his name to “iRene” to complete is total obsession with Apple and their products. Just thought I would put the record straight for you.

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      1. That guy should use a lunch-bag & suck-in some co2, reduce the carbon footprint. Hyperventilating most of time, yeah we get apple.

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  3. Leo, you incredible jackass. 60 years old serious and analytical and also stupid fucking giggler at doody and peepy and tits. No one can say a line of code is “long” around him without this 60 year old man giggling, “long it’s ‘long’ hehehehehe.” Leo It’s fucking stupid kiddie shit. You’re not going to stop and it will end you.

    WORSE, look at your female employees. They don’t think you’re cool. These host tech jobs are impossible to find, and first Sarah put up with it and had to keep her mouth shut about the sexual shit and now Megan does, too. This is what that’s bad because you don’t internalize this the way you should: You employ them. They are stuck. Jobs like this for a Mom are impossible to find. They are afraid to tell you to fucking stop. So they half smile, etc. And drive home feeling like shit because they are stuck with you. But when she’s home you know she unloads to her husband at what a fucking prisoner she is and they discuss if it’s worth it. All you have to do to make the situation right is stop coming on to everyone and constantly making them uncomfortable with the sexual crap.

    Honestly, you are a completely stupid shit. And I’m a guy writing this. Anyone with a fucking brain knows what’s right. The woman is trapped. She can quit sure, but why not treat her with respect and let her do her excellent hosting. But you’re still giggling over the word “unload” I used above and that’s all you’ll get out of this. I’m serious, none of what I wrote will get through to you. This is another reason aside from your narcissism that no one likes you. It’s a big club and it’s not jealousy.

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  4. It is something painful to watch. She does play the enabler in not speaking up to Leo, she should watch TWIG a few times. Stacy typically calls Leo out right away whenever he tries to toss out one of what he thinks is clever but in reality sexist comments.
    At the same time, if Megan is ‘retarded’ as you claim, America being the dog-eat-dog culture that it is a job like being a talking head at a tech focused podcasting company is a pretty good thing to hang to.

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  5. On the last episode of This Week, Leo mentioned that Twit makes his employees sign forced arbitration agreements, so I’m guessing Megan can’t sue?
    Also, hearing Leo blow bitch and moan on Macbreak because Apple lodged a copyright strike against their livestream was fun. Here’s a protip Leo, you don’t get invited to events because they don’t like you, it’s because you are completely irrelevant.

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    1. He hasn’t been invited to an event since he live streamed the one, without permission from the greatest Apple On High!

      Which will last longer Apple or Twit? Both seem to be doing just fine. Apple announces that they won’t report on unit sales, Twit limps along with a few shows and less talent than ever.

      Remember Twit is the CNN of Tech, my dream at least.

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    2. Leo is the Sociopath of The Tech Blog World, such as it is. How much do those poor indentured tech plantation serf’s earn to make it all worthwhile ?
      Leo is a fearful Master at best, He’s the original Take The Money and Run…..

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  6. Been following The Georgia Inch Worm of Tech Blogs since ’39.
    More fun that watching a Bum Fight. Leo just proves if you hang around enough, you’ll catch a break, Twit being a prime example.
    Maybe if he screws up and lose’s all his money, or that wife of his spends it all, Kim Commando with ascend the throne.
    What give’s with the Jesuit Priest who has gone back to Rome ?
    Did he have enough of Leo’s anal aggressive sexual innuendos ?
    The Jesuits are Leo on Crack, were they there to see that Leo dug a hole deep enough to get himself on the Look Who We Own List ?

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