BREAKING: Advertisers Pay More For Larger Audiences

They're on to us!
They’re on to us!

Self-appointed King of Podcasting Leo Laporte has been snubbed by yet another journalist, and Lisa Laporte has taken to her poorly written and formatted blog to try to spin it.

NiemanLab Writer Ken Doctor
NiemanLab Writer Ken Doctor. File Photo.

Ken Doctor, writing for NiemanLab, started a 5-part series covering the business of podcasting.

Guess who NiemanLab didn’t interview. Leo Laporte. Who??? LEO LAPORTE!!!

Yes, that’s right, everybody’s favorite “Huh… that guy is still doing stuff?” wasn’t the first person they went to, but instead they went to actual heavy hitters such as NPR and PRX. What a surprise.

Listen to Leo’s entitled take in the video above, but take away what really pisses him off and scares him.

Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.

Advertisers want to actually track the audience engagement rather than believing bullshit “listener” numbers that are the same whether someone downloads and never listens — as is the case with most TWiT podcast subscribers — or someone who listens to the whole thing.

TWiT’s business rests atop a house of cards made up of podcatchers that haven’t unsubscribed but never actually listen to TWiT shows. If advertisers understood this, they might stop giving TWiT money.

Leo Laporte had the brass fucking balls to call out NPR, saying This American Life only has a successful podcast audience because of the radio show, while failing to have a self-realization that he only has a tiny remainder of an audience left because he was on ZDTV/TechTV where they edited out his stupidity/misogyny/etc that we show unedited here.

Masterful CeHO Lisa Laporte took to her blog as she’s done in the past to give us such poorly written gems as:

If you want to have a successful ad-supported podcast, then focus on growing your audience, and then ad sales will follow.


The biggest challenge that Artisanal Agency faces is the lack of downloads on a show.

No shit, you demon-eyed fake CEO. Who lets this woman near a keyboard?

71 thoughts on “BREAKING: Advertisers Pay More For Larger Audiences”

      1. I’d estimate it’s less than 10 by quite a bit, but definitely in the millions. The question is growth. I think Leo admitted in that video they aren’t growing any more. He said he’s fine with that, as it would dilute the product.

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        1. The ad companies take 30% so he gets 7mil. Leo also rounds up. 10% a year, 10 Mil. He lies a lot too.

          I stoped watching completely maybe two years ago and there were a lot of ads per show. Way up from cottage.

          Leo does deplorable stuff in his ads and really sells out so don’t be surprised if his metrics are high and advertisers take note.

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          1. I loved it when he said Drobo was the best solution on the market, when they’re products are absolute unreliable shit, with the worst support in the business.

            Anyone who takes Leo’s advice on something gets what they deserve.

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    1. Because they are cheap so they can go on a lot of vacations. They pay poorly. I heard on No Agenda that Dvorak did shows for a decade and never got a raise as the network got bigger and the audience got larger

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    1. He’s said before he’s doing the old style tv and radio advertising. And it’s reasonable to say he’s good at it.

      It’s also important to say that style of advertising became illegal for broadcast. There is a reason why there is a clear separation today.

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  1. In WW483 during the Ring ad at 1:45:10, Leo brings to our attention the grave allegation that his neighbor is creeping around and hopping over his back fence. Could it be JC or HAG? (and do advertisers want to be associated with tales of stalkers?)

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  2. Actually I am surprised Leo didn’t burst into tears. I’m not sure if that was a self righteous pity party or his ever incessant whining.
    Me thinks the rotund “King of Tech” mayhaps once again feels slighted. Apple doesn’t remember him. Ken Doctor seems to not even mention him or the ill fated Twit empire.
    You see it’s obviously not Twit he cares about. It’s self recognition. How can you be a king when no one knows or even cares who you are anymore?

    Enjoy your vacation Leo. Let’s see if any twit shows start even close the time they should of if all the employees are as lazy as their owner.

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  3. If the stuff on this site is the worst of Leo, then he’s nicer than most people. You’ve increased my respect for him

    Most men watch porn, take dick picks, and we all get grumpy from time to time.

    There are more important things to scrutinise.

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  4. This article is annoyingly incredible. Bravo to you sir Leica, the work you do is exquisite. Like, well anything Apple does, actually.

    Lets Summerize:

    1. Leo “wanted” to talk about the Nieman Labs article? Why? To point out he makes money.

    2. Someone is writing about podcasting, and how DARE they not talk to Leo Laporte.

    3. 00:07 in leo’s face is filled with bitter anger.

    4. 00:11 Leo starts fixing his hair, which means, he’s getting that “Mommy don’t wuv me feeling”.

    5. 00:14 Leo has the GALL to call other people lazy, for not talking to him. (maybe the industry doesn’t trust him?)

    6. 00:18 we get a classical mucal snort.

    in 00:18 seconds we got everything there is to know about Leo. Incredible.

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  5. The butt hurt is so tangible in this, it’s almost too delicious to believe, my friend.

    The icing the cake: the perfect timing, just as he takes Yoko on a well earned cruise with a personal butler.

    TYFYC Leica Lens.

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  6. This is funny and sad to watch a 60 year old man cry and complain like a little baby cause “mommy don’t wuv me anymore” (perfectly stated lips of jizz). Let’s see, The guy makes 10 million a year, he invented advertising in podcasts/netcasts, owns the twit empire, his minions adore him, has a top notch CEO, who surprisingly didn’t barge in to interrupt him just like she does when she feels he’s running his mouth too much. He is about to go on a lavish cruise vacation. Just more of LLs first world problems!!! You can literally see his brain fuming/thinking trying to rationalize why he is constantly slighted by the industry, instead of counting his blessings, he shows us once again what a hater and troll he is. Get a clue LL lol! Just my opinion …

    TYFYC !

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  7. When Leo goes solo, he speaks truth in the mix. His numbers are always inflated or deflated but his insights are usually right. He didn’t invent what he claimed to invent, but he was an early pusher of video for his programs at a time when bandwidth was not what it is today.

    I agree with his disdain for advertising aggregators in every point. I also agree that there is no accurate measure of audience. I too have seen users’ Itunes still pulling in podcasts that the human never sees or hears. Nielson made noises about getting into this, but I think they’ve given up.

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  8. Leo’s claims are absurd. The advertising in podcasting is the same advertising in early radio and TV. Do you know why Soap Operas are called that? Because in the middle of the show they would sell soap.

    Leo claiming to invent this is like him claiming that he invented the wheel because he has a Tesla.

    This is the very reason sites like TD exist. The narcissistic absurdity of this man knows no boundaries.

    Leo was not nearly the first in podcasting to do anything other than figure out how to use people like
    – Paul Thurrott
    – Andy Ihnatko
    – Alex Lindsay
    – Steve Gibson
    – Dick De Bartolo
    and on and on.

    Leo is a user who does nobody any good. Even his audience is shit on with his lazy coverage.

    Where is Leo’s iPhone 7 review? I’ve seen dozens of YouTubers doing reviews. TWiT does not provide any coverage.

    This man invented nothing but being a total ass in public.

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  9. Why oh why couldn’t this dipshit interview Tom Merritt or Adam Curry? Imagine the horror on his face…..

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  10. “They go on and on about how much NPR is making, which cracks me up because we are making as much”

    Actually they only mentioned it once make a point. This is narcissism, and abandonment 101.

    He feels that because he is making as much as NPR that somehow they had an obligation to talk to TWiT? Why? To be honest, I make more than TWiT, but why do I care if some person writing an article talks to my organization? I don’t. But Laporte feels abandoned. Like he’s not being recognized. He sees himself as the center of the world.

    Laporte you are not that important in media. YouTube is where it is at. Podcasting is small potatoes, TWiT is small potatoes. Stop being fascinated that you made a 10 million dollar doo doo in your pants. Nobody cares. This is typical new money behavior too. Constantly signaling that you make money. Old money does not talk money.

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  11. I nearly did a spit take on the line “It really pisses me off. … Not only do they do the ads, but they also beg for money” cough cough bricks cough

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    1. What really pisses Soup off is that NPR is ” publicly funded non-profit” so probably pays no taxes AND gets gov. slush money on top of their advertising.

      Yoko can only dream of such a scam even considering all their dodgy deductibles.

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    1. they are too cheap to get a professional lighting guy in there. Like with everything else, they wing it. It’s very unprofessional.

      Watching them do the New Screen Savers is laughable. The original show was live-to-air, bang bang, slick.


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  12. Been lurking a while, first comment.

    TWiT makes as much as NPR? That is fucking IMPOSSIBLE. I just checked the top 200 podcasts in iTunes. TWiT does not have a single podcast on that list. I counted NPR has 16 in the top 200. They have 5 in the top 20. He even admitted in the clip they have Wal-Mart and Wells Fargo. That’s 2 Fortune 50 companies buying ad space.

    Lazy? Lazy is sitting in a circle jerk talking about articles that other sites wrote. Lazy is the obvious complete lack of preparation for your show. Lazy is passing yourself off as the go-to tech new source, but providing no original journalism or research. Lazy is doing each and every show off the cuff.

    At this point, I don’t even think he’s lying. I think Yoko has everything under lock and key, and is completely fabricating how the business is doing to everyone else. She is biding her time to funnel resources into her fallback – Artisinal.

    Noticed Thurrott has even started to create a secondary gig? He is rolling out premium articles and has another show. I think he’s preparing for the day Yoko sucks the final drop of blood out of TWiT.

    The brand is so damaged at this point, if you Google Leo, TD is on the first fucking page of results.

    So he doesn’t want to grow because it would dilute the product. Hey dude, growing doesn’t necessarily mean throwing more shitty shows at the wall to see what sticks. Growing at this point is putting out higher quality content and growing THE FUCKING AUDIENCE. And how do you start that? Maybe get someone in there who has a fresh view on things. Someone who is going to tell you some hard truths. Someone who actually knows what the hell they are doing. Someone who isn’t LITERALLY sucking your cock behind closed doors.

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  13. Megan (did you know she has kids?) was doing a read for Wealthfront and said she wished she could invest with them but can’t because they are an advertiser. I thought TWiT ad readers only read ads for things they use.

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    1. Wait, Megan has kids?! Since when? Jesus Christ, man, you got to slowly lead in when you’re going to drop a bombshell revelation like this!

      Does she ever mention them during her shows? I bet she has photos of them on her phone and tablet. That’s brutal as fuck!

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    1. nobody worth a shit does the show… TWit, which should have been a flagship, now stinks because ALL the material is rehashed from every other show. Stinks!

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  14. Would you Muther Fuckers stop associating me with that Cracker Leo Laporte? Leo told me to my face he doesn’t hire Niggers and had the police drag me out of the building.

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  15. How many people does Leo tell how much he makes? Do you think when he goes on vacation he tells strangers? Not tell them directly, but references it some how some way?

    Does he have to mention it to feel worthy? Or is he trying to establish himself as better than the other? Either way it’s pretty fucked up.

    I raised you better than that. Lao.

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  16. I had not watched the Sunday show in a long time, but I did so tonight because I heard Larry Maggot was on. I don’t know who all was in his studio audience, but I’m guessing they had a long trip and may never have the opportunity to come back… and Leo just walked out after the show.

    He had to rush off to his vacation and didn’t have time to say hello or take photos with them. If people came to see me from far off, I would treat them with more respect.

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  17. I used to handle all of Leo’s TWiT studio email requests. Then I started getting random sex requests from Leo, theeeee tech guy couldn’t address his google mail to Lisa correctly. The last one I handled concerning the Sex Swing was the last straw, my minds eye will never be normal … Lisa positioned in that reverse cowgirl with Leo sitting on his ball trying to time his bounces while Lisa swings to and fro….

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  18. Leo talks out of all three sides of his mouth. He brags about his revenue, his dinners at the French Laundry, his cruises (most of which he got for free for doing enrichment programs). But about a year ago, he was talking about going to a financial advisor and realizing that he could never retire (if he want the lifestyle he thinks he deserves). He leases his cars, he’s 60 years old and probably has a long mortgage on his house. He just signed a 10 year lease (I believe) on the Twit Shoebox – hopefully it has a cancelable on death clause. I hope Jennifer is enjoying her life and that his kids heal.

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  19. Before Lisa, his network was doing great. Now he is a very bitter old man who has burned his friendships with people over her. He has ruined his life and you can tell he knows it by the way he talks.

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    1. Joel Osteen said:
      Before Lisa, his network was doing great. Nowhe is a very bitter old man who has burned his friendships with people over her.He has ruined his life and you can tell he knows it by the way he talks.

      He’s old and tired and resigned to 10 more years in the TWiT Shitbox.

      10 more years reading web articles written by actual tech journalists.

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      1. Sex Swing said: He’s old and tired and resigned to 10 more years in the TWiT Shitbox.

        10 more years reading web articles written by actual tech journalists.

        Being “old” has nothing to do with it. I think his main problem is he knows he ruined his life and business. He is just coasting on who he used to be.

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  20. This reminds me of when Leo claims that he doesn’t interview CEOs because they aren’t genuine and just follow the script. When we all know the CEOs stopped showing up, he had to figure out how to make it seem like it was his idea.

    He complains about Apple events to the people going to them as if they’ll say “oh I’m sorry Leo, here’s my ticket”

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