Tech News Today Gains 30 Additional Minutes Daily

How the heck are ya, First Name Last Name? We’ve got a, um, super article for you to ruh-read today. It’s just super. Really, really uhhhh easy. In just a sec, we’ve got some news from Randal Schwartz, host of the show that time (and Leo Laporte) forgot, FLOSS Weekly, but first, check this shit out.

Village Idiot
Village Idiot
Starting around Jun 10, 2015, TNT will begin at 9:30AM Pacific and will last 90 minutes. This, of course, is in addition to the late time the show starts every single day due to Mike Elgan’s incompetence and EffenDumb’s nervous laughter and poor TD skills.

You might be asking yourself, why the heck would you add 30 minutes to such a daily shitshow that has actually gotten worse over time (even since Gum took over) and is a self-parody? Well, the editorial board has discussed possible reasons, and our only conclusion is that it must be #Soup/CeHO’s recognition that TNT is one of the only shows that is keeping subscriptions up. With CPMs falling, that extra 30 minutes affords them at least one more ad! Cha-ching! Keep up the great work Lisa!

Offer code TWiT
Offer code TWiT. Photo Credit
Today, April 29, 2015, Gum did a 3 minute ad, a 3 minute story, and then another 3 minute ad. They really aren’t even trying anymore. What is hilarious is that it was so obvious and embarrassing that the editors cut the Braintree add out and spliced it in at 3:15 of today’s Tech News Today.

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth (Oops)

14 thoughts on “Tech News Today Gains 30 Additional Minutes Daily”

  1. 5 things to look forward to with the new 90 minute TNT.

    1. Ripping off exclusive news coverage from ABC about Apple products.
    2. More flubbing and more nonsensical phrases.
    3. FuckingDumb fucking things up by not cuing things in the right order or switching at the right time.
    4. Boring journalist talk.
    5. More pathetic non-tech related ads.

    And yet, this program will still make money for TWiT despite how bad it has/will further become; Soup must be rolling in a pile of money right now…

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  2. Why go longer other than ads? twit will have even less to talk about that wasn’t already covered on his own network. oh wait no one is watching tnt anymore. even if i was a fan of tnt which i haven’t been in a good while 90 mins is almost to long anyways for daily news that’s what twit and the weekly shows are for.

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  3. Lisa, ‘I’ve got a great idea for our most boring show on the network! Let make it longer!’
    Leo, ‘Great idea! I’m so glad I have someone who knows how to run a business as my CEO and my lover!’
    (Lisa then sits on Leo’s lap and he becomes mildly aroused – its unclear if it is from her or the thought of the additional ad revenue)

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  4. What the hell? When Leo started the new TNT with Gum, the show was clearly supposed to be a MAXIMUM of 30 minutes. THIRTY MINUTES. What happened? Did they come to the realization that Gum was incompetent at his job and couldn’t keep it with within the normal scheduled time slot?

    I noticed recently (haven’t watched TNT regularly in I don’t know how long???) that the shows were going on to ~10:45…..and that was a stretch considering the lack of real content they’re providing. I can’t imagine them going on for nearly 90 minutes now.

    Back when TNT was good….you know, when Tom was hosting with Iyaz (and Sarah was there for whatever reason) the shows were ~45 minutes everyday, a GOOD 45 minutes with real conversations and interesting topics, and that was with them starting ON TIME at 10:00 every morning. They were actually professionals in their presenting of the news….unlike what Gum has done the past year and a bit.

    Oh, and after the shows were done, Tom & Iyaz would actually converse with the IRC chatters. Now all that we’re presented with is dead air. Gum can’t get away from that table quick enough to do……whatever it is he does, I still don’t know.

    I can only imagine Leo wants to insert more commercials for extra $$$s.

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    1. Amen … I felt bad for elgum at first but by 3 months trying to get into the new tnt, I gave up. When I’ve watched with the newest format, I’ve not liked it.

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  5. Who are the insane people that actually tune in to listen/watch Mike Elgum? Really, who? I want to know.

    It is completely unwatchable. He has no skill as a broadcaster. His abilities and bumblings are getting worse with time.

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  6. What is this, the bizarro world? We need less of this idiot, not more.

    Our only hope now is that Padre accidentally sits on him, suffocating him and therefore putting him and us out of our collective miseries.

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  7. Well I don’t see any evidence yet that it is 90 minutes, maybe they just want TNT to end sooner.

    Also the FLOSS guy is gonna get canned soon, he pulled an Erik Lanigan at the end being disgruntled about having to wake up earlier. No it wasn’t much, but it didn’t take much for Lanigan to get canned too.

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  8. I looked at his YT channel without viewing, in the last TWO WEEKS the show was as short as 26 minutes and as long as 49 minutes, he does not know how to organize a show. The length depends on who is willing be a guest and has NOTHING to do with news. He asks 20 people aevery day to be a guest, if two respond the show is 25 minutes if 5 respond it is 55 minutes.

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  9. Is he officially cohosting TWiG now? He was on this week too.

    Another show ruined. I must have pretty low standards to have still been watching TWiG but now I literally can’t. He makes make me uncomfortable, I literally cannot watch him.

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  10. For what its worth, I actually have enjoyed FLOSS Weekly when they have projects I’m interested in. I like Randal and I think its because his show is kind of separate from all of the drama. Anyway, new TNT does not need to be 90 minutes. I thought old TNT was too long (during a time when people actually enjoyed it and could have tolerated it being longer). I kind of feel for Leo because he seems completely delusional to the effects his choices are having. Just look at any show from a little over a year ago and look at one recently and there’s big difference. Even TWiT episodes are off, which is weird being the flagship show.

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  11. Elgum is currently the funniest man on twit. He is a walking, talking, fumbling joke. And his setup man EffenFuckup only adds to the comedy.

    Watch some idiotic twitbit and seeing that the segment picked was entirely stumbles had me rolling in the aisles.

    So 90 minutes is about right. It allows another ad or three and a complete standup act to be inserted.


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