Just a reminder that the speed of light is constant…

Hey, look! It's Marcus Elgumbummus, hero to the stupid and defender of bullshit tech news reading.
Hey, look! It’s Marcus Elgumbummus, hero to the stupid and defender of bullshit tech news “reporting.”

…and the speed at which Mike Elgan makes mistakes is also constant. In an epic blunderfest of blabbering bewilderment, Mark Elgam—or whatever the fuck his name is—gummed his way through another landmark “Tech News Today” broadcast. Thank God it’s the weekend. Mitch Gumbum (his name still escapes me) will at least have the weekend to recharge the vocal chord/brain link and give it another go on Monday. Best of luck, Mickey Gumdumb!

We were going to post a video of parts of the show today, but our video editor here at TotalDrama HQ refused to cooperate. It was all too much of a horror show for the poor little iMac to take; it was last seen booking a flight to Aruba for some much-needed rest and relaxation on a white sandy beach. (Only white beaches are allowed on TWiT in case you hadn’t noticed their racist guest policies.)

20 thoughts on “Just a reminder that the speed of light is constant…”

  1. It always brightens my day to hear your thoughts, HelloWorld. Stick around please. Also ….. Elgam, Mitch Gumbum, Mickey Gumdumb are all viable pseudonyms. I’m just sry I worked through this broadcast. Off to the TWiT archives I guess but it won’t be the same without you guys.

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  2. Ooops.


    but whatever, think we can drop the name-calling? It really detracts from whatever point you are trying to make. Besides it makes everyone defensive, which leads to a less effective criticism.

    I mean, I agree with you that Mike isn’t very good at broadcasting and I don’t like the TNT format but calling him names makes you look pretty bad. Just point out the mistakes and move on!

    C’mon #drama up your game!

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  3. Well i wrote this wonderful comment. And lost it.

    It was about giving into temptation, moving to the dark side, and calling Mike/Padre/Leo/Lisa names. Wrong; yes, but like those hundreds of NatureBoxes Padre sucks down daily; it feels so good.

    And I really like the entire comment being a link. Makes it click friendly. And really phone friendly.

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    1. Fair enough, just think of my comment like a reader request.

      Besides Twit and co seem to be really ramping up on the goofs ups…Guests against advertisers, Guests against the entire business model, etc. But it goes with the territory I guess, sooner or later TWIT will have to report/comment on an advertiser because of unflattering story and then we’ll really see what’s up. Like if Audible pulls an audiobook from your device like the kindle/Amazon did awhile back, and with the way Amazon is fighting with publishers I’m sure it’ll happen at some point.

      It’s one of the reasons why I like the patreon model, they’re not as beholden to an advertiser.

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  4. I suggest you guys listen to this week’s This American Life, because it’s all about negative commenting online and trolls. Here’s the link: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/545/if-you-dont-have-anything-nice-to-say-say-it-in-all-caps.
    The first story is about a woman who writes articles for Jezabel and the troll that stopped trolling after he learned how much he hurt her.
    This is off topic, but I thought it should be checked out. It might not change any of your minds about TWiT, but it might make you think before writing comments about Lisa, Leo, Padre, etc….

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      1. David, I’m going to be going to college to become a mental health therapist, and I want to see why people like trolling and stalking people they don’t know. I also am a fan of TWiT and I want to be that voice to defend them.
        I won’t be on this site as often as I have been due to classwork. This site is kind of entertaining, just due to the trolls and stalkers here. I realize how much better of a life I have.

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        1. You really don’t . case in point I just finally saw your message after a long day doing other things. May want to cut back for your own sanity.

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    1. King Canute! Where are you? Touching or poignant stories are not going to deter sociopathic behavior – now you have tickled my conscience and some others, but frankly I don’t think that stops the actual vitriol – I’m attempting to distinguish between criticism and simply throwing invectives. Honestly think Leo would not censor this site but Lisa and others would – Some would censor just because they can’t control or shape it /others would be annoyed/disturbed but let it breathe and simply push to the crazy side of the spectrum. Threatening violence though is completely unacceptable abd btw illegal

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    2. This American Life is millenial blither-blather for the liberal elite. Those producers suffer from the same diseases Leo and CeHo suffer from. Lastly, for these reasons, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT This American Life.

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  5. I don’t actually subscribe to TNT, but I’ve heard the show maybe a dozen times, and every time it was really good.

    I do read Elgan constantly, and he’s literally one of the most original and insightful writers out there.

    Your stupid harping is stupid.

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  6. BTW, I’ve seen the trolls who run and frequent this pathetic blog talk about a lack of diversity on TWiT shows. One of the few TNTs I’ve seen had an interview with Haiawatha Bray, who is a black man and a brilliant writer for the Boston Globe who used to be with the New York Times for many years — typically of the high-caliber guest Elgin has on the show.


    So it seems like your claim that TWiT shows don’t have black people is just another pathetic lie in your ongoing attempt to falsely damage the reputation of TWiT shows.

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    1. February is Black History month, let’s see if they can up their game /possibly M Brownlee – of course L will disingenuously say he tried to hire him /the guy makes a bundle on YT and is completing an advanced degres at Stevens in NJ – L knows Marques would have to take a salary cut! I’m hoping he makes a sincere attempt, unilaterally without permission from anyone else – as the talent drain is clearly the result of myopic financial management

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