Amber MacArthur blindsided after 8 years with TWiT about getting cancelled

Amber MacArthur did not deserve to be fired the way she was.
Amber MacArthur did not deserve to be fired the way she was.

It turns out that Amber MacArthur was blindsided about the cancellation of her long-running show, “The Social Hour” that she co-hosted with Sarah Lane. Upon hearing the news from a concerned fan, Amber replied to a tweet from Three Ton Tonya (that’s one more ton than Two Ton Tonya) about her show getting cancelled. Apparently Amber was unaware of her show being dropped from the TWiT lineup.

It’s such a shame that CEHo Lisa Kuntzell doesn’t have enough class to tell Amber privately before blasting out the blog post that announced the programming changes. If the gold-digging girlfriend of Leo Laporte weren’t too busy planning their ritzy London vacay, she might have had the decency to properly inform loyal contributors that they’ve been let go.

18 thoughts on “Amber MacArthur blindsided after 8 years with TWiT about getting cancelled”

  1. Lisa has no morals. Absolutely the most insecure, money grubbing, white trash whore every to spread her legs for that fat fuck. Never underestimate her ability to do the absolute most classless choice in any decision she makes.

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  2. Yet they Padre Ballsucker’s awful opinion show that has no advertising and keep that awful show with the Tonya the Scarf Hall.

    Did they keep ballsuckers show purely because of it going up against Night Attack???

    I stopped watching Night Attack when it was being shuffled around. Tuesdays I would merely be too lazy to stop streaming to the TV and leave it going. This week I turned off stream and watched something else instead.

    In fact, I wonder if we could have a Parody Twitter handle out there of “Father Bobby Ballsucker”?

    I am appalled at the treatment of the two girls. Well three girls if you count Chad and his mincing about!

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  3. I don’t entirely blame Lisa, she is just trying to survive in my opinion.

    Leo Lapigg (aka Leo Laporte) is nothing more than a sexual predator, a misogynist and a degenerate who is solely responsible for creating an extremely toxic and hostile working environment devoid of any ethics or diversity.

    When Leo started to put his hands on Lisa as he’s known to do with his female employees like Sarah I believe the choice for Lisa was either go along with it which included having sex with him or get fired.

    Unfortunately for her, Leo Lapigg decided to show a private explicit chat with her so it was either quit in disgrace, get blacklisted and never hold a high paying job again or stay with the him and bleed his already dying project dry and make a nice salary.

    There is ZERO incentive for Lisa to develop a functional company that grows because she can’t be fired or replaced given their interoffice relationship and because of the environment Leo created, TWiT employees aren’t motivated to work towards building a functional company.

    These employees don’t look at Lisa as being a boss or a respectable authority figure, they look at her as a homewrecker at best.

    Leo Lapigg’s abusive actions and sexual advances towards his employees on and off air has made it impossible for the company to grow organically so it continues to hemorrhage money, capitol, sponsors and more importantly viewers.

    A good example of his abuse and sexual harassment can be seen on air with Sarah Lane where he verbally abused her back in January and repeatedly made disgusting comments like “Lets find Sarah’s muff” and “You know that’s why women should always wear dresses. So they can shake their muff out”.

    As I said before the stuff Sarah has to put it up is unbelievable but if she dare speaks out she’ll end up being blacklisted like Kate Botello still is over a decade later and I have a feeling that many women who work for Leo Lapigg also face the same choices.

    Sarah isnt the only woman this fat pig sexually harasses on air, last week he told his call taker Heather Hamann that he thought her “slave sandals” were sexy, told her to stand up and show them to him, he also made a comment that he just wanted to get her to put her legs up on the table.

    He is a vile and nasty SOB but its nothing new… (Fast forward to 55:42)

    He’s been like this for decades and his abuse isn’t only directed at female employees either, Chad once said “I don’t mind that you sexually harass me Leo”

    and his response was “See this is the problem, you say you don’t mind because I could fire you if you said you minded” he went on to say “Chad please forgive me, I will never pinch your bottom again”

    Today’s latest fiasco should come as no surprise to anyone. Leo is not a business man, he is not a family man, he is not an entertainer, he is a lazy Ivy League brat, a psychopath and sexual predator who is used to having money thrown at him simply because he went to Yale and had a few radio shows.

    Guys like Kevin Rose have made more money in a decade than he has in a life and it is all his own fault, its just a shame people like Chad, Sarah and even Lisa lives are so intertwined with this loser and they depend on him to continue making a living.

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    1. I would just like to say in regards to this:

      “Guys like Kevin Rose have made more money in a decade”

      Kevin Rose got extremely lucky and when it came time to move beyond sheer luck of being at the right place and the right time and actually RUN A COMPANY, he ran it straight into the ground. Nearly overnight he destroyed his userbase and they all flocked over to Reddit – an uglier, came-after-Digg substitute. Kevin Rose has since shielded himself from the public by working for Google and smelling farts with Silicon Valley wannabees like he was.

      So while I won’t stop you from criticizing Leo, I will call you out for trying to praise Kevin Rose. Pure, absolute luck.

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      1. I’m not going to get into a long debate over Kevin Rose vs. Leo Laporke because it detracts from the fact that Leo is a misogynist, a sexual predator and a highly unethical loser so consider this my final response on that specific subject.

        There was a time when Digg was reported to be valued at $200 million and before Revision 3 was sold it had an estimated total of 800 million video views in 2011. It was ultimately sold for $30-40 million to discovery. That’s not luck, that is business savvy.

        Meanwhile Leo Laporke who is twice as old as Kevin is lucky to keep his pants up during the live shows let along get 800 views for each episode uploaded to youtube and during the weekend show he can barely break 1500 live views for the radio show.

        They are neither getting the views or viewers that justify having that many employees working in a studio and outside of advertising they aren’t raising any funds and no one is sending them any offers because they have nothing to offer.

        Sorry but watching Tech News Today with Mike “Fish for brains” Elgum drone on and on about completely random stuff isn’t going to draw in any capitol and they don’t have enough views that justify the rates they’re asking for.

        The whole thing is a toxic cesspit of despair with Leo Laporke who is an unethical slob with ZERO business smarts at the helm.

        If anything, hes the one who got lucky because he hasn’t earned a cent.

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      2. Lefty Gomez “it’s better to be lucky than good”

        I am not a Kevin Rose fan but he is entitled to credit for what he did and Leo gets credit or blame for what he does. I think Leo is twenty times smarter than Kevin but thirty times the fool.

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  4. Wow, It’sComplicated. That is one hell of a comment! I am continually impressed with what you all have to say about the situation. Thank you all for taking part…it’s great to see so much engagement and thoughtful discussion (both funny and serious) here at #TotalDrama. We’re happy to have you here.

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  5. I am very shocked that you Leo hadn’t notified, Amber MacArthur (one of your longstanding host) that her show was being cancelled. I understand that she found out from fans on Twitter after your CEO posted a note on your website.

    LEO, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, this is not how you treat people. This is disgusting and very disgraceful. You & Ms Kentzell’s selfishness and lack of morals speaks volumes about the type of character you are. You owe a lot of people a heartfelt apology.

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