Leo Laporte finally dons Hitler look

Has Leo finally gone too far?

On the Oct. 18, 2014 edition of “The Tech Guy” pre-show, aging tech huckster Leo Laporte finally did what many viewers had long feared: He wore a Hitler mustache. Apparently while looking at a plastic kit intended for children, Laporte immediately went for the most incendiary look from among many and donned the dictator-styled lip wig. It’s unclear to us here at #TotalDrama if Leo will use this costume later with his whore-bride-to-be in some kinky Nazi-esque bedroom play.

2 thoughts on “Leo Laporte finally dons Hitler look”

  1. Oh he’s a sick sick sick man. Though it may be a sign of the times. Maybe TWiT right now is like the last day’s of Hitler’s bunker! Will #Soup & #Slop make that last desperate stand and then use choose the easy way like like Hitler & Eva Braun.

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