BREAKING: TWiT has lost its case against Twitter

Re-enactment of press corps reaction

We are receiving reports from the United States District Court that TWiT was unsuccessful at extorting millions of dollars from Twitter in the trademark infringement case of the century  previously covered (1) here, (2) here and (3) here.

We could not reach Leo Laporte (or Hilton Goring) for comment, but we were able to secure the following video from a random German media outlet (above).

Actual Courtroom Audio

Audio of Judge lambasting and laughing at TWiT’s lawyer

UPDATE: TotalDrama has received the official ruling below:

TWiT, LLC vs. Twitter Inc. – Case Dismissal

If you have any ideas for an article (like who Leo is frivilously suing next) we encourage you to visit our chatroom, leave an anonymous comment below or submit a tip.  A big thank you to our intrepid court reporter who was forced to listen to endless hours of TWiT pleading its case in court without being able to openly laugh his ass off.

56 thoughts on “BREAKING: TWiT has lost its case against Twitter”

  1. Awesome video and post! The only negative I see for us is that it appears TWIT doesn’t have to pay Twitter’s legal fees. Please, dear court, order soup to do so!

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  2. Lay-o Lay-Port got lay bad laywer. I like this judge. Also that is easily in the top 10 of Downfall videos, welly written and superbly acted.

    The real question is how many hours have been spent litigating by the twitter lawyers, so we can ball park the potential bill they might see…

    The stripmall mall might get stripped down further…

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  3. Just to be clear here, they haven’t lost the case yet.

    Twitter brought a motion to dismiss the entire claim. The judge has granted that motion to dismiss, but has given TWiT “leave to amend” on a few different aspects.

    What that means is, Twitter said that the 12 or so parts of Twit’s case have no merit, and the judge agreed completely, but she gave Laporte an opportunity to make changes to his original lawsuit on the negligent/intentional interference and trademark parts of the claim.

    Laporte is almost certainly gonna lose the rest of the lawsuit because he has simply failed to provide any evidence. For example, his “evidence” that Twitter promised not to go into video under its own name was that….. it hadn’t gone into video under its own name!

    The level of evidence provided by Laporte is just dreadful, and my guess is that his lawyers were despairing at how ridiculous the whole case was. At loads of points during the hearing, the judge pretty much said “your client has not given any facts to back up his claims”.

    For Laporte to claim that the interview on net@night formed a “contract” between TWiT and Twitter is just astounding. Anyone who ever speaks on TWiT should now get their lawyers to write a letter to Laporte making clear that the interview was just an interview and must not be used for any legal claims. Cos that is what Laporte has done – he’s said “anything you say to on any of my shows might be used as evidence of a contract between us”

    The next hearing is in August and it’s likely to be then that the rest of the claim is dismissed, unless Laporte can pull some pretty amazing evidence out of the bag.

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    1. evilpants: The next hearing is in August and it’s likely to be then that the rest of the claim is dismissed, unless Laporte can pull some pretty amazing evidence out of the bag.

      TotalDrama agrees. The standard of proof is so high and we can’t reasonably see a situation that market confusion would exist, which is one of reasons we decided to run the story now and not wait. Thank you for your excellent summary.

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    2. I just listened to the whole audio recording – big respect for the judge, i’d have lost my temper with these idiots early into this.

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  4. twit’s lawyer and the judge argue like scorned lovers. twitter’s lawyer sounds like valley girl that got a sex change to a guy with no confidence. favorite judge quote: “no way, no way” (43:37). that’s was 53 minutes i’ll never cash in on.

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  5. I am glad this happened, as it is a slap to the face of Lisa that she is wrong in her business assumptions and it is not just the “hater trolls”. From her post about leaving money around the house to help her not worry about money troubles to this hail mary lawsuit, they are in trouble, and I don’t doubt that the final parting shot before Twit closing its doors is Lisa divorcing Leo and taking him to the cleaners while there is still a few pennies left to be had.

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      1. Rarely, but yes, in my experience. This was because the person became a pariah and their narcissistic supply was cut off, and not due to any remorse.

        I decided long ago not to be vengeful toward the particularly hideous narcissists I’ve had to deal with…that’s their thing. Better to outlive your enemies while wishing them a long, miserable life that doesn’t involve you.

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  6. I love this Lay Yo guy. At this point I have no idea why anyone buys ads. There are obviously no new listeners. Old listeners are just that, old. I’ve moved on long ago.

    Funny that listening to a court recording is far more interesting than TWiT ever was.

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  7. Holy fuck that audio is real as shit! I wanna know how it was obtained – did anyone at TD actually attend the case and record it or do courts make audio available?! Any case very impressive!

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  8. The audio in this post should be moved to the top & made clear that it is the actual courtroom audio. It is more interesting & fun to listen to then any twit ‘netcast’ in years. Also, twit’s attorney is bad at being an attorney.

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  9. But wait,if this is over “live streaming” as the argument basis seems to be that they have consistently given the judge in their argument is it not contradictory of Leo Laporte to continually tell the viewers that they should stop doing live streams and just transmit completed and edited video instead.

    Though we know that he would never stop live streaming because Leo is so narcissistic that he loves hearing his hemmoroids, er live viewers in the chat room, to beg him to keep streaming live video.

    I wonder if Leo is preparing to sue his attorneys for failing to stop the dwindling finances of TWiT from being in the public arena too.

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    1. Hi Paul,

      Leo already broadcasts from his basement… unclear whether it’s his parent or not. I was on triangulaton, really tried to get his situation but kept he talking over me… probably just lag in his sub-par ISP… don’t know. Looked a bit bush league at the time. Buy a brick and help the poor guy.

      PS. Love the Blog Leo! Filter the trolls tho!


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  10. Has anyone bothered to get an opinion from Professor Jeff Jarvis (CUNY)? No, of course not! Typical of the prevailing anti-intellectualism.

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    1. Ghostboy looking down his nose at you, the Hoity-toity voice, like there’s 3 ball bearings in there, explaining wonderful facebook to ya, how wonderful google’s AI data harvesting is and just submit to it is. Or how he hob-noobs in Daaaaavos. OH Fuuuuuck NO!

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  11. He may go after his estranged friend John Dvorak for stealing his idea for his first podcast TWIT (heard on his anniversary interview with Dick DeBartolo) . Fat chance though since John Dvorak was the host of the show “Silicon Spin ” ( back in 1998. The only reason I started watching/listening TWIT was because I thought John was on every Sunday. Sadly that wasn’t the case. In fact I think his last episode was when Nilay Patal was on and called John a racist. Sadly I can’t get into the podcast ‘No Agenda’.

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  12. I know it’s hard to still watch anything on TWiT nowadays but from the first few minutes I saw on the recent Tech Guy and this week’s TWiT, Leo was going out of his way to bash Twitter and blame it for society’s woes. Wouldn’t it be wise to avoid such bashing giving how he’s acting like none of this lawsuit is happening anyways?

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  13. On this week’s episode of MacBreak Weekly, Leo outlined his next expensive trip; he’s headed for an extensive European tour in September. He’ll be out of the TwitBox for over a month!

    He looked rather sheepish talking about it, stating that some people complain when he talks about his vacation trips. Heh.

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  14. Remember as TWIT viewer ship goes down, so does this website. Less people watching TWIT in consequence brings less submitted articles to TD. This is a good thing, FUCK TWIT AND ESPECIALLY LEO AND LISA

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