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You have got to be kidding me

Look at this stupid fuck wearing a hat indoors.
Look at this stupid fuck wearing a hat indoors.

On yesterday’s “MacBreak Weekly” there was a stupid fuck wearing a cowboy hat indoors. No word on if Christina Warren is envious of Aaron Hillegass’s stupid-ass head covering. Hillegass is head of something ridiculous called Big Nerd Ranch that is basically dedicated to selling shit to dopes.

When word got out that the cowboy-hat wearing dumbfuck was in the studio, one can well imagine that in a dream that Padre got so excited by the idea that maybe a cow was nearby that he could park his cock in that he might have woken up in a cold sweat.

Jason Hiner wears a hat indoors

Balding hat-wearing douches are still balding.

NEWS FLASH, JASON HINER: You are balding. Accept it. Stop wearing a hat indoors to appear on a broadcast. You looked like a crazy person on the latest “This Week in Tech.”

We know what you have under that hat, and it’s not a lot of brains—it’s a lot of bald.

UPDATE: For the first time in a long, long while somebody with a sense of humor responds to these comedy posts.

Jason Hiner says: “LOL. I’m at work and the heat gets automatically reduced on the weekends. Yes, I shave my head and it gets cold in here!!”

Indoor hats and the horror of tech reporting

Patrick Norton should use that hat to wipe his runny nose.
Patrick Norton should use that hat to wipe his runny nose.

A crime wave of epic proportions is sweeping the tech-reporting landscape: Crap caps and horror hats are popping up all over TWiT’s broadcasting schedule; led most recently by former kilt-wearing Mac-hater Patrick Norton as seen above on “This Week in Tech” last Sunday. Even if Norton is just trying to channel the spirit of Samuel L. Jackson, it’s just not working. Perhaps he’s taken his cue from the wretched headgear of superslut Christina Warren?

Whatever the case, let’s hope that TWiT guests leave the fashion to New York and Milan and that they stop trying to push the envelope with their ugly noggin shields. Didn’t their mothers tell them that good manners dictate that when indoors you take off your hat?

UPDATE: Due to the eagle-eye of a commenter, it has come to the attention of the editorial board at TotalDrama that Patrick’s hat is actually a veiled “fuck you” to Leo. Bravo, Norton. Bravo.