You have got to be kidding me

Look at this stupid fuck wearing a hat indoors.
Look at this stupid fuck wearing a hat indoors.

On yesterday’s “MacBreak Weekly” there was a stupid fuck wearing a cowboy hat indoors. No word on if Christina Warren is envious of Aaron Hillegass’s stupid-ass head covering. Hillegass is head of something ridiculous called Big Nerd Ranch that is basically dedicated to selling shit to dopes.

When word got out that the cowboy-hat wearing dumbfuck was in the studio, one can well imagine that in a dream that Padre got so excited by the idea that maybe a cow was nearby that he could park his cock in that he might have woken up in a cold sweat.

14 thoughts on “You have got to be kidding me”

  1. This Cowboy Asshole is further proof that all of #soups guests are abandoning him one by one and he’s forced to use this loser.

    Hopefully, JCD will continue to boycott that fucked up network.

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  2. People think Helloworld is mean but I am a cowboy myself, herding heifers in Alberta, and he is 100% right:

    Some standard, base-line points of etiquette:

    Any time you enter a building, the hat should come off.
    If it is an informal occasion you may put it back on but for a formal occasion it should stay off.
    When sitting down at a table for a meal, the hat should come off unless there is nowhere to safely lay the hat.
    When sitting down at a counter for a meal, the hat can stay on.
    Out on the range however, keep your hat on while you eat. If you take your hat off, another wrangler might step on it or spill food into the rim.

    Don’t get me started on felt hats after Memorial day, especially in California.

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      1. Nah, it wasn’t me. Mine is a much darker kangaroo leather. If hat wearing indoors is to be judged – I’m guilty. My Barmah squashy is so comfortable, it has become a part of me. At least as much as a kershaw or leatherman can. Truth be told, I can’t bring myself to do my hair half the time. Though the brim does add a challenge lighting wise, as seen in the latest ep. <3

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  3. It does seem odd to wear a hat indoors, but there was far worse on MBW yesterday than Aaron’s hat.

    Leo constantly interrupting to tell irrelevant stories about himself, interrupting Aaron with incorrect statements about software development, Leo pathetically boasting about his upcoming trip to Europe, etc.

    And what the FUCK is up with Leo using MBW as his personal tech support these days? We don’t give a shit about your problems, Leo. Why don’t you go call Apple Support and drive them crazy with your dumb questions?

    And…after being wrong about both the iPhone and the iPad, Leo once again waxes on and on about how much the Apple Watch sucks.

    When you are a tech pundit, shouldn’t you be right at least once? Leo’s a fucking dumbass who hates everything Apple, and doesn’t know anything. He actually told his audience not to buy the Mac Pro because he had a problem with his (likely the graphics card, judging from the symptoms) that he couldn’t fix. Yeah Leo, one or two computers is a statistically valid sample.

    Leo is one stupid fuck who talks about nearly every subject with nearly zero knowledge.

    What a dick. Who shows his dick. A tiny dick.

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  4. When I open this breaking news article I did not even look at who had written it. Upon the mention of Padre and a pet cow, I thought instantly HW wrote this one. Low and behold he did. lol

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