Indoor hats and the horror of tech reporting

Patrick Norton should use that hat to wipe his runny nose.
Patrick Norton should use that hat to wipe his runny nose.

A crime wave of epic proportions is sweeping the tech-reporting landscape: Crap caps and horror hats are popping up all over TWiT’s broadcasting schedule; led most recently by former kilt-wearing Mac-hater Patrick Norton as seen above on “This Week in Tech” last Sunday. Even if Norton is just trying to channel the spirit of Samuel L. Jackson, it’s just not working. Perhaps he’s taken his cue from the wretched headgear of superslut Christina Warren?

Whatever the case, let’s hope that TWiT guests leave the fashion to New York and Milan and that they stop trying to push the envelope with their ugly noggin shields. Didn’t their mothers tell them that good manners dictate that when indoors you take off your hat?

UPDATE: Due to the eagle-eye of a commenter, it has come to the attention of the editorial board at TotalDrama that Patrick’s hat is actually a veiled “fuck you” to Leo. Bravo, Norton. Bravo.

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  1. LOL, no worries I get the poking fun at the welder’s skull cap as the joke that it is, but let’s analyze Patrick’s appearance a bit further shall we? Patrick being one who is actually a friend to Leo is aware of something most TWiT viewers may not realize. The majority of TWiT’s audience are actually audio podcast listeners. Leo has stated this fact numerous times during his between shows fuck around sessions. Yes, Leo has spent countless amounts of money on trying to attract a video audience but no matter what, the audio listeners still outnumber video watchers by vast amounts. Patrick has tried to send Leo these signals many times. In response Leo many times has stated that Patrick just doesn’t care. Patrick’s actions do run deeper than just a goofy hat. To analyze even further, it goes back to a couple of things. As I mentioned on a previous comment to another article, Patrick and others have invited Leo on their shows, and Leo always finds a reason to tell them no. Now, any friend famous or not would start to see the one-sidedness in that, would they not? Second is with This Week in Computer Hardware. If you’ve never seen the show, it’s not surprising, given that it is on really really late in the day. If Patrick is such a good friend in Leo’s eyes, wouldn’t it be a smart move to put Patrick’s show in a time slot with the potential of more listeners than really late at some day or another during the week? And honestly I can’t even tell you what day it’s actually on live, because Leo never mentions it. Leo also was pretty good about furnishing his show hosts with nice Heil PR-40 microphones to at least have the shows sound good. As far as I am aware, it took forever before he provided any of those things to Patrick’s show. Is the goofy hat making more sense now?

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    1. Patrick has had a PR-40 for many, many years.

      Also: Neither he nor Shannon have learned anything from that, hence the really crappy lavs on their show.

      You can criticise a lot about Twit, but the audio quality is great whenever the hosts aren’t complete fumblefingers or just want to pretend real hard they are musical starlets and insist on using inferior Countryman mics.

      If anything, Twit turns one into an audio snob that screams at “professional” Youtubers (and not just Lamarr ‘3 months of excuses for not using the PR-40 setup’ Wilson) using crappy, tinny mics.

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