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Breaking: EffenDunn is Effen Done?

Update: Confirmation that scary weirdo EffenDunn is gone.
Scary weirdo, Jason C. Cleanthes
Scary weirdo, Jason C. Cleanthes

Jason C. Cleanthes — aka EffenDunn aka EffenDumb — has, up until now, been Leo’s producer. Since he has no discernable skills, his future at TWiT is now in question.

Perhaps he kept providing crappy lists to Leo, week after week, resulting in his current — at least — demotion.

Leo later treated him as an intern taking photos. He may have to ramp up his Uber driving.

We previously thought he had been fired and we were wrong, so we don’t want to be too quick to call this one.

Be sure to read our comprehensive coverage of Jason C. Cleanthes (EffenDunn)’s time at TWiT.

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Latest Fuckup from Jason C. Cleanthes (EffenDunn)

Editor’s note: Today we welcome “Leica Lens” as a contributing author. Welcome aboard, buddy.
Earth angel?
Earth angel?

EffenDumb did the impossible today on TNT. He confused Lindsey Turrentine for Abby Johnston. How could EffenDumb confuse the beautiful Abby with Lindsey? It could either be poor eyesight, inability to use the Tricaster after many months, or general incompetence. We can’t be sure.

How can you confuse this

Fathead Lower Third as Abby

With this angel?

Abby Hohnston Lower Third

To try to erase the memory from your mind, we leave with the actual Abby’s main picture from her website:

Beautiful. Definitely not Lindsey.
Beautiful. Definitely not Lindsey.

TWiT Morons Misspell Their Own City in the First Episode of The New Screen Savers

Incompetent buffoons Leo and Lisa can’t manage a new flagship show debut without misspelling the first lower third on the screen. Did they have EffenDumb (Jason C. Cleanthes) on the job?

Possibly homeless man announcing the first episode of "The New Screen Savers"
Possibly homeless man announcing the first episode of “The New Screen Savers”

This story was sent in as a tip. Keep them coming; we can’t do it without you. We are all Total Drama.  #IAmTotalDrama

Our tipster writes:

In literally the first scene of the first episode of TNSS, they misspelled Petaluma in the lower third…. Off to a great start.

When this show is a HUMONGOUS success and historians look back on the first episode, I’m sure they will be nothing but impressed.

In case you think we’re liars like Leo Laporte, it’s still in the posted episode as of the posting of this article, but we suspect they will fix it after this post (at least in the download version).