Latest Fuckup from Jason C. Cleanthes (EffenDunn)

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Earth angel?
Earth angel?

EffenDumb did the impossible today on TNT. He confused Lindsey Turrentine for Abby Johnston. How could EffenDumb confuse the beautiful Abby with Lindsey? It could either be poor eyesight, inability to use the Tricaster after many months, or general incompetence. We can’t be sure.

How can you confuse this

Fathead Lower Third as Abby

With this angel?

Abby Hohnston Lower Third

To try to erase the memory from your mind, we leave with the actual Abby’s main picture from her website:

Beautiful. Definitely not Lindsey.
Beautiful. Definitely not Lindsey.

24 thoughts on “Latest Fuckup from Jason C. Cleanthes (EffenDunn)”

  1. Jesus, this loser blog still exists?

    I happened to catch the pre-show today. Jason brought up the wrong “lower third,” saw that it was wrong, then put up the right one. The show hadn’t started.

    The pussy who posted this is a loser sexist lying troll, and all you morons who support this garbage with your ass-kissing bullshit are pathetic nobodies.

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    1. The psychological term is projection, Mr. Cortez. All you do is kiss the ass of that phony Leo Laporte in the hopes that somehow he’ll acknowledge you. Go climb your thumb.

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  2. I think it was an honest mistake. I may not enjoy effen’s screen time but I just don’t watch twit. I get most of the hightlights here.

    So jason (please include real name soon) Cortez (wink wink) don’t worry so much.

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      1. Warning #TWiT_Lady_Army, this isn’t really Leo ‘The Tech Guy’. There is a good chance his name isn’t even Leo. And he is almost certainly not our Chief_TWiT.

        And please be careful on this site, there is an awful lot of chicanery going on.

        And sorry TD, I’m just not gonna let some innocent gal fall under your spell. Not on my watch.

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  3. Boy I’m glad I saw ExMachina last night (great, by the way) , because Leo freaking spoiled the ending to the movie on TWIT. What the eff dawg, who does that?

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