EffenDunn’s future at TWiT in doubt

UPDATE: EffenDunn is back at his post doing the usual shitty job that he’s famous for.
EffenDunn is now EffenDone.
EffenDunn is now possibly EffenDone as TD of TNT, leaving his future in serious doubt at his dream job at TWiT.

EffenDunn is now possibly EffenDone as technical director of TNT and his future is in serious doubt as a meaningful contributing member of the TWiT staff. This occurred one day after we covered the ongoing purge of gay employees at TWiT. No longer the TD, he might be grabbing a mop for special after-hours cleanup duty after all the real work has been done by competent workers.

As you can see in the video below, Mike Elgan has little compassion for former members of the TWiT family after they’re no longer employed in their original positions. “Where is EffenDunn? He isn’t Effen here.” Then laughter was heard in the studio on the livestream cam. (Now that the Dropcams have been taken down, it’s harder to be certain of exactly what went down…but it’s a sad story to be sure for Cleanthes, TWiT’s self-proclaimed former number one fan.)

After you watch the video, please think about this: Elgan’s response to a legitimate question posed in the official TWiT chatroom is to make a joke; he makes a rude comment about a man he’s worked with for months. What a great atmosphere to work in—no wonder so many talented contributors have fled the scene recently.

Cleanthes moved to Petaluma on his own dime to work with his idol, Leo Laporte. He was a longtime chatroom participant and came to TWiT full of excitement and wonder.

The exact reason why he’s been demoted from his dream job is unclear, but we have no doubt that it was unrelated to his near-total incompetence at running the Tricaster.

The scene of the crime: Jason C. Cleanthes pretends to run the Tricaster.
The scene of the crime: Jason C. Cleanthes pretends to run the Tricaster.

But here’s what we do know: There is no way that Mike Elgan enjoyed sitting there show after show saying after mishap after fuck-up that they’ll “Fix it in post.” The embarrassment that resulted had to have been a major factor for Elgan.

No word as of yet if Effen will get his prized TWiT tattoo lasered off. But one thing’s for sure…Lisa certainly won’t allow Effen to continue at his current pay level. Life just got a little harder for our man in Petaluma.

Here’s the transcript of some insightful #twitlive chatter:

Last Night

16:31 <Web7220> Production meeting!
16:31 <Web7220> Yay!
16:31 <CreamyCornCob> Production Meeting, "Your doing it wrong!" heh
16:31 -!- mode/#twitlive [+v PadreSJ] by ChanServ
16:31 <+PadreSJ> Hey PDelahanty ... do we have a production meeting today?
16:32 <+PDelahanty> PadreSJ: *shrug*  Maybe?
16:32 <+PadreSJ> PDelahanty, well... if we do, can somebody setup the speaker phone so I can come in?
16:35 <jab> Can we get a Dropcam in that meeting?
16:36 <+PadreSJ> jab, nope... cuz we're gonna talka bout you
16:37 <+PadreSJ> Wait... there's a meeting?
16:37 <+PadreSJ> dang...
16:37 <ayemossum> you got left out PadreSJ
16:37 <ayemossum> what's up with that?
16:37 <+PadreSJ> ayemossum, I always miss it...
16:38 <+PadreSJ> Hey PDelahanty ... can you setup the speaker phone?
16:38 <neo> Is it a meeting where someone gets fired?
16:38 <CreamyCornCob> Jason if your not in the meeting, their talking about you hehh
16:38 <+PadreSJ> neo, out of a cannon


09:57 <Frodo> Who is the TD today and where is EffenDunn?
09:58 <JND> Frodo Anthothy Nielson
09:59 <&Dan> Frodo: effenDunn doesn't work at twit anymore bro.
09:59 <JND> Did EffenDunn leave or was he fired?
09:59 <&Dan> he left.
09:59 <p2k> what?!
10:00 <p2k> sorry - didn not hear effen dunn is done?
10:01 <Frodo> Will Mike enlighten us today?
10:02 <Dr_Morbius> where's Effen Dunn?
10:03 <Frodo> Mike where is Jason?
10:03 <HelplessCorgis> hope effendunn is ok

36 thoughts on “EffenDunn’s future at TWiT in doubt”

  1. Well you know Needles didn’t so much leave as was a case of “Jump or be pushed”. He got the blame for not getting all thenewscreensavers domain names.

    Chad didn’t leave or get nudged out the nest because he wanted to it was because he contradicted Leo on air and said when Brian Brushwood had last been on a TWiT which sided with the chat room.

    Effendun should have Effen listened to people at TotalDrama rather than blindly blocking them when they said he was an EffenFool to quit and move to Petaluma to work for his EffenHero Leo Laporte!

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  2. Fucking sad, another one out the door, Mike is one arrogant , dick faced ,cocky bastard, uses TNT to troll companies , hope he wasn’t the sole reason Jason was canned,
    He one to talk , he still can’t read the news from a tele promoter

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  3. Wow. What a way to talk about someone getting fired from Mike Elgan, considering he himself moved his whole family to Petaluma to work for Twit lol…

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  4. Gum Bot should be worried himself instead of taking pleasure with his half-baked remarks about Jason. Any day now Gum could be replaced by his budget friendly AI counterpart, Microsoft Sam.

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    1. Gumbot is safer than anyone. Leo does not handle ridicule well.
      To admit he was wrong would be unthinkable.
      I remember the big build up to him joining the Twit team of professionals.

      Look whos left .

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      1. Exactly this. The person that most needs to be fired is Mike Elgan. Unfortunately, Leo will never ever get rid of him. He will never admit that he shouldn’t have gotten rid of Tom Merritts. He will also never admit that Mike Elgan was the shittiest replacement for Tom (he’s irreplaceable!)

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  5. It’s effen ridiculous that Mike is so mean. Not everyone can be as effen perfect at their job as Mike is. He only had three effen stumbles in the one sentence they showed in that clip. Effen fantastic.

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  6. This dumbass left his job of 16 years just 4 years shy of collecting a pension and sold his house to join a failing company with shitty pay in a town that he can’t possibly afford to live in.

    He made several really shitty decisions that will likely leave him in financial ruins and alone, I’d like to feel sorry for this moron but he’s an adult and he should have known better.

    From EffenDumb’s now deleted Facebook page about the big move up to Petaluma.

    Okay Everyone!!!

    I want to apologize for not sharing this sooner, But I had to wait for certain pieces to fall in to place before I could share this info:

    As most, if not all, of you know I am a huge fan of an online Technology based podcasting Network (www.TWiT.tv) “This Week in Tech”

    This network was started by Leo Laporte and produces Tech-based podcasts all week long. With amazing on-screen talent, behind-the-scenes Directors and Producers, and awesome support staff…

    Over the past two years I had been actively seeking a position at TWiT. And 3 Weeks ago I was offered the career opportunity, that only comes along once in a great while !!

    So Jere and I talked it over, and while we know there are risks, the rewards for an opportunity like this are much greater!!

    So on October 17th I resigned from my position at the City of Los Angeles (after 16 Years) and I accepted a position as News Producer for “Tech News Today” Twit.tv’s Daily News Show!!!

    This past Wednesday my hiring was announced during the networks weekly “Inside TWiT” where the founder Leo Laporte, and the CEO Lisa Kentzell report on some of the projects and changes the network is planning.

    My job starts on November 17th, and over the past weeks we have been securing a new place to live in Petaluma CA (North of San Francisco) and coordinating all the things needed to move to Northern California!!

    We have also put our house on the market “For Sale”, which is a difficult process to go through emotionally, This was Jere & My’s first home we purchased, and it holds a lot of great memories from my Fathers first visit to California (and his 2nd too) and our first time hosting Christmas Dinner with Jere’s parents!! and so so many more!!!

    So everything is aligned, the boxes are packed, the route is planned, and on Saturday November 7th, we will load up our U-Haul and travel North to start the Next chapter of our lives!!!

    We are Stoked! Excited! Scared! Motivated! and Ready!!

    Once we get settled in we look forward to inviting many of you to the beauty of Petaluma Ca.

    in the meantime, if you are interested, you can tune in M-F 10:00am Pst to watch the show I will be Producing/Switching/Editing at live.twit.tv or you can download all of the shows at http://www.twit.tv/tnt

    and while your at the TWiT website, Check out all of their amazing programs: iPad Today, Windows Weekly, Mac Break Weekly, This Week in Google, Marketing Mavericks, All About Android, Know-How, Before You Buy, iFive for the iPhone, Android App Arena, Home Theatre Geeks, This Week in Enterprise Tech, Coding 101, Triangulation, This Week in Law, Security Now, Padre’s Corner, Ham Nation, This Week in Computer Hardware, The Giz Wiz, Tech News 2Night, and Leo Laporte’s Radio Show “The Tech Guy”

    If you can’t watch these shows live, you can always download video and audio versions through all podcast distribution apps like iTunes, Stitcher, PodCatcher, or directly from TWiT.

    And if you do tune in to “live.Twit.Tv” throughout the day you will see me and all of the great staff working in the TWiT Brickhouse all day/night.

    Thank You to everyone for their support and understanding during this transition…

    Jere & I Love you all !!!!


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  7. You guys missed the part later where DAN ADMITTED HE MADE A MISTAKE! *gasp* He had confused Noodles and EffenDunn somehow. Noodles is gone forever. EffenDunn had the day off.

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    1. Wow, Dan is actually starting to be human. Actually doing the job of a mod, instead of being a power hungry nobody. Remember folks, he tries to borrow money off of grandma whenever he can. I’m glad he is doing his job now. It makes me wonder if he is a jerk at BWBR Architects like he is at TWIT sometimes.

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  8. As annoying and incompetent as he seems, I am glad he apparently was not fired. I hate to see it when Leo and Lisa mess up anybody’s life.

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  9. I don’t know anything about that chat admin Dan, but i assume he’s been the head mod since the beginning of TWiT, since the cottage days.

    How can you get Jeff Needles and EffenDunn ‘confused’ – assuming he did get them mixed up.

    Needles is like 16 (I don’t really know, just guessing) and the other guy, Effen is a grown man.

    You need to use that sponsor TWiT has, Dan, the glasses one, forget what they’re called.

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  10. Don’t feel bad HELLOWORLD. In the fog of war and under the pressure of deadlines, information which is subsequently corrected is often reported.

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  11. Let’s be clear about what happened here.

    1. Jason C. took the day off.

    2. HelloWorld LIED about it. He said Jason was fired based on zero information. He slammed Elgan for being an asshole about it.

    3. A few idiots here, believing the lie, jumped in and started criticizing everyone.

    This is what this site is all about. This is what happens post after post.

    HelloWorld lies. Idiots echo those lies. And it’s always about totally irrelevant shit that nobody cares about.

    This is literally the stupidest site on the entire Internet. Everyone here is wasting their lives responding to HelloWorld’s personality disorder.


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    1. Jason Cortez,

      You have to understand we lovvvve Hello World as much as wehate you..

      Did he make a mistake or is can he see into the future . He doesn’t wear the frock of a priest and make fun of transgenders or swear like a drunk while representing the church.
      He does not make sexul comments while an 8 year old is visiting his video empire.

      You are a broke dick bitch jason, so suck it.

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    2. Jason Cortez,

      Very nice summary. I’d like to add three points:

      (4) A tip to HelloWorld – within a given post, you may wish to choose a side and stick to it. You seem to want us to sympathize with the tragic firing/demotion of EffenDunn, while at the same time wanting us to believe that he’s completely incompetent.

      (5) People are entitled to take days off. I’m sure that the original question about where is EffenDunn was asked with the best of intentions, but we must all learn to respect the fact that our on-line friends are entitled to do things without telling us. Maybe he was getting a new puppy? Maybe it was something embarrassing? I would hate to think that every time the chat room isn’t notified in advance of someone taking a day off it was something bad. If EffenDunn had wanted us to know, he would have told us.

      (6) When I heard Mike say “Where is EffenDunn? He isn’t Effen here”, I thought that it was a great answer. See point 5. But beyond that, it was funny. Mike is always one of the best guests on any of the TWiT shows that he’s been on – he always has great insights into the bigger issues and explains them in interesting ways. I understand his “just the facts” format, but I’d rather hear more Mike and less reported facts on TNT because Mike is usually right. (maybe something for HelloWorld to aspire to?)

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  12. *** Did he make a mistake or is can he see into the future ***

    Perfectly retarded sentence. What an idiot.

    It wasn’t a mistake. It was a lie. Jason took a day off, and he fabricated a false scenario, and all because that lie supported another lie — that people at TWiT are before fired because they gay.

    HelloWorld either knows this is a lie, or he’s so deluded that he can’t tell the truth from a lie, or facts he knows from facts he doesn’t know.

    HelloWorld is mentally ill. He needs help. And low-IQ morons like you who don’t know that aren’t helping him.

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  13. Jason, I understand your complaint. But…
    To be honest buddy, you sound like a disgruntled ex-wife that is fat ugly and has no friends except online. Or you sound like a guy that grew up with no dad and has become a giant Kitten*! Me Fuckin Yow! These guys here do get posts wrong at times, no gossip site ever gets everything right. On that note I bet $5 and a 12 pack of Heineken that you come here often and yet still complain. I hear asshats like you all the time on The Tom Leykis show and Michael Savage you twit! The caller who always jumps in at times and thinks she/he knows everything when the majority know you’re wrong and a pussy! I come here for shits and giggles, yet when I have an opposite opinion I rarely bash, and try and *be funny*except of coarse in the example given here you unfunny , un-fascinating attention whore!
    I give you my call sign as I drop the mic on Gum’s fucking unwatchable dull ass head!

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  14. Boy, you folks here at Total Drama sure are reliable, aren’t you?

    I don’t know if you’re just trying to be funny with some of the things you do here, but come on. At least TRY to get some of your information right…if you’re not just trying to be funny, that is.

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  15. Is Jason back pretending he’s just sitting back laughing at us? Oh Jason, we can see right through your petty, petty anger and bitterness.

    You know what most of us did when we read the article? We said to ourselves “meh, might be right, probably a mistake, we’ll have to wait and see, but it’s a funny article”; then we saw *evidence* – the chat log, which proves that HELLOWORLD never “lied”.

    We still all said to ourselves “meh, TD gets as many of these things wrong as it does right, it’s mostly just for fun, so let’s wait and see”.

    You, however, you saw LIES and DECEIT and INCOMPETENCE and you just feel so ANGRY that people are WASTING SO MUCH TIME spreading their LIES.

    But y’know what? I don’t know HELLOWORLD, but I’d be willing to be he’s feeling happier in his life right now than you are. I’d go so far as to say I bet his blood pressure is better than yours, and his outlook on life is certainly better.

    I’d far rather be around a HELLOWORLD who says childish things and makes silly mistakes than a Jason Cortez whose posts are filled with bile and poison.

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  16. Whoa, what the fuck &DAN?!

    Why is dan using language like “bro”? That’s juvenile. He banned me (I was a frequent member of chat, a contributor, and had even been relied upon on numerous times to assist Sarah with some issues at her request). He banned me, because I used the word “chick” to refer to “hollywood starlets in general” that they were talking about.

    I kid you not.

    It blew my mind. He didn’t say that was why at first. He just chastised me about being a twelve year old or something. I took issue with his comments and said I felt he must be mistaking me for someone else in chat, because I had not said anything offensive or insensitive. He told me I had said “chick” and then banned me.

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