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Latest Fuckup from Jason C. Cleanthes (EffenDunn)

Editor’s note: Today we welcome “Leica Lens” as a contributing author. Welcome aboard, buddy.
Earth angel?
Earth angel?

EffenDumb did the impossible today on TNT. He confused Lindsey Turrentine for Abby Johnston. How could EffenDumb confuse the beautiful Abby with Lindsey? It could either be poor eyesight, inability to use the Tricaster after many months, or general incompetence. We can’t be sure.

How can you confuse this

Fathead Lower Third as Abby

With this angel?

Abby Hohnston Lower Third

To try to erase the memory from your mind, we leave with the actual Abby’s main picture from her website:

Beautiful. Definitely not Lindsey.
Beautiful. Definitely not Lindsey.

Carly Perkins Replacing Jeff Needles

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Update 2: Jeff Noodles now works for Meerkat, defying #Soup’s “couldn’t handle the heat” asssumption.
Leo has clarified that Jeff Needles “couldn’t take the heat” and that is the reason he quit. He also confirmed that Noodles does not currently have a job lined up. Please read our continuing coverage and watch the video.

Carly and Lisa, planning the new TWiT store.
Carly and Lisa, planning the new TWiT store.
Jeff Noodles is still transitioning out of TWiT on his way to new heights walking around filming himself like an idiot, but Total Drama favorite Carly Perkins will be taking over his duties.

Leo Laporte loooooooooooooooves Carly too. He thinks she’s magnificent (once he remembered her name) and has offered her a show.

TD loves that smile.
TD loves that smile.
There will likely be less sniveling during the pre-show since Noodles will be gone and Carly Perkins is a beautiful goddess (just behind Sarah Lane and Abby Johnston). Carly Perkins will be asked to head up TWiT’s newest failure, a persistent online store for sycophants to buy garb to declare their allegiance to King #Soup.

News You Can Lose ( #HowIWatchTNT #TN2Selfie )

Glorious Carly

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