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Money Drives Content at the New TWiT

An announcement arrived after this past Sunday’s episode of TWiT. Nothing is sadder than watching TWiT abandon everything it once held dear as it becomes nothing more than a high speed pursuit of money. TWiT had previously promised fans that advertising will never dictate content. Add that pledge to the growing pile of lies.

The announcement is that TWiT is now covering any and every live event. But why? Is it all of a sudden important? Why are they looking for live events to cover?  Answer: They sold ads on TWiT Specials, finally. After only five years, management monetized the most “highly watched” content. So now it’s time to pervert it.

Now that specials are making some dough, the audience will undoubtedly be forced to choke on them. In actuality, TWiT is so uninterested in these events , which they are now covering, that they will just have Gum host.

Shame on you Leo.

This short term thinking should accomplish the lone goal of making the public lose interest in the actual watchable live events.

Actually no need to click anywhere for low quality
Truthfully, no need to click anywhere for low quality, you get that regardless.

And I ask the haters of this blog to offer an alternate theory as to why they are suddenly making this change aside from the $$. If only they could sell some ads on Inside TWiT and at the Monthly Global Meet Ups, this network might return to being interesting.

To hear the CEO response click below:

Audio courtesy of NotNozirev

Leo Laporte Wants to Charge for Chat Room Access

This is what he thinks of the chatters
This is what he thinks of the chatters
It’s happening again. Leo “The Scammer” Laporte is pondering something so vile, so unthinkable as to charge for access to his lame chatroom. #Soup wants to charge you $1/yr to $1/mo for the privilege of giving him answers on “The Tech Guy” (he never knows anything himself) and correcting his idiocy on other shows on the network.

#Soup used to hate Jason Calacanis, evidenced by multiple instances of berating Calacanis on-air for daring to podcast as a “competitor” to Leo. Calacanis responded, and the two basically never spoke again, as far as we know.

Calacanis’ podcast network sucked and shut down, and we guess he kissed Leo’s ring to get back in front of some eyeballs. During the pre-show of the May 3, 2015 “This Week In Tech”, Jason Calacanis had an awesome suggestion for Leo: Charge for the chat room to get rid of the trolls.

Here’s the video of Jason Calacanis calling us a gay fish

And Leo’s encouragement

Daddy needs a new $8,000 lens
Daddy needs a new $8,000 lens
We suggest everyone join the TWiT Live Chat and let Leo and the other mods know what they think of the proposition. We will never charge for the Total Drama Live Chat and we don’t censor your speech (in case you wanted to say something similar to “Leo Laporte looks like a rotten prune version of the bug from Men in Black” or something similar) or say that you eat fish sticks (you do though).