Money Drives Content at the New TWiT

An announcement arrived after this past Sunday’s episode of TWiT. Nothing is sadder than watching TWiT abandon everything it once held dear as it becomes nothing more than a high speed pursuit of money. TWiT had previously promised fans that advertising will never dictate content. Add that pledge to the growing pile of lies.

The announcement is that TWiT is now covering any and every live event. But why? Is it all of a sudden important? Why are they looking for live events to cover?  Answer: They sold ads on TWiT Specials, finally. After only five years, management monetized the most “highly watched” content. So now it’s time to pervert it.

Now that specials are making some dough, the audience will undoubtedly be forced to choke on them. In actuality, TWiT is so uninterested in these events , which they are now covering, that they will just have Gum host.

Shame on you Leo.

This short term thinking should accomplish the lone goal of making the public lose interest in the actual watchable live events.

Actually no need to click anywhere for low quality
Truthfully, no need to click anywhere for low quality, you get that regardless.

And I ask the haters of this blog to offer an alternate theory as to why they are suddenly making this change aside from the $$. If only they could sell some ads on Inside TWiT and at the Monthly Global Meet Ups, this network might return to being interesting.

To hear the CEO response click below:

Audio courtesy of NotNozirev

43 thoughts on “Money Drives Content at the New TWiT”

    1. Yeah..Yeah…I think I will download that Audio clip, and make a ring tone out of it..second thought it is as annoying as flies on my food after landing on a pile o shit..same ick factor!

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    1. Not to mention dumb. She completely destroyed what made twit special. If she had any clue on how to retain audience attention, she would have realized from the beginning that a niche audience are the ones that revisit for the larger shows. When you kill off the niche programs, people lose interest in returning for the dumbed down larger shows. That is what is happening now.

      Sure the small shows didn’t have huge audiences, but they attain a fractional group of their overall audience. I stopped watching twit a long time ago because there was nothing to return for. All the pseudo intriguing programs were cancelled. Leo has made enemies with all his interesting co-hosts, so there is nothing left other than this website to mock the situation.

      Poor Leo. Ruined his life and personailty by letting that lady control everything. He is just a sad gross old man now.

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  1. what a greedy fat fuck.

    if he and his whore of a wife didn’t waste the company’s income on european vacations and luxury cars, then maybe they wouldnt have to sell themselves out.

    oh who am i kidding? leo would sell his mother’s soul to the devil for money and attention.

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    1. The cars are definitely some kind of accounting scam. Probably company cars for them to commute the 3 miles to work.

      Other junk like the Segways and the endless phones are probably tax deducted for shitty ‘content’ like ByB.

      Not sure about the vacations… but CuntHO works those skills she learned from University of Phoenix to scam her way across the US. Jist

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    1. 1. Get shitty accounting degree from shitty correspondence university
      2. Find clueless sex-deprived man with a ruderlesss business
      3. Suck said man’s tiny cock and take control of his business
      4. Use shitty accounting degree on said business to find ‘loopholes’ and cook the numbers a tad
      5. PROFIT!!!!!

      The IRS really ought to audit these

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      1. I don’t know if this is still the way it works, but University of Phoenix used to put people in teams, and so your grade wasn’t based on your individual achievement, but on how well your team performed.

        I think the logic being that in business, you often work in teams, and that’s how projects are completed, so why not college too?

        Really fucking stupid. Just like Lisa!

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      1. Leo’s had a rubber-fist-sized bug up his ass about gaming coverage ever since the infamous after-hours Game On/CAH debacle. I think he’s sore because he wasn’t invited.

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  2. I like the fact that they are covering more live events. Unfortunately their live coverage is sub-par. You know what, take all the vacations you want. Drive the luxury cars, and live a great life. But you also know what? Bring us the BEST tech coverage their is.

    To do that you have to pay smart people to say smart things. To do that you have to have a “Content Czar” . A COKERAGE if you will. To do that you have to keep sales away from editorial. To do that you have to have a process of continuous improvement. To do that you have to have energetic people with creative minds, and give them the freedom and ownership to do great work. To do that you have to listen to your most loyal fans. Where is the feedback loop?

    In this day in age, the way you survive in business is to have a product people genuinely love. Getting that love means obsessing over the audiences satisfaction. You have to have a deep respect for the product you are delivering them. You can cash out on them if you want, but then you loose that love. As viewer drop off because of the low quality, you eventually loose. They are not out advocating for you and your product.

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    1. Leo wants to retire off of the TWIT’s output, the problem is the output is rolling downhill like a fat turd after eating 15 Nature Boxes ™ during a Security Now taping.

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  3. Yes they are covering it for the money. Yes, Mike is too dumb to realize this. Yes, Lisa is imagining she is a tough CEO who is working people hard as she idiot laughs…. but this is what I don’t get.

    Leo always does the pretend thing. Pretending he didn’t know about this and Lisa is running TWiT. Even does it kind of silly in the video. She would never create shows or decide what to cover on her own. She is a moron and doesn’t know tech. This was cleared with Leo.

    So when Leo pretends the CEO is running twit, the idiot lady knows the truth. She obviously asked Leo if they could do this or Leo told her too. Or the sponsor asked. Why does she enjoy the pretending? Mike is an idiot so when Leo says he is news director he believes it. But Lisa knows he is pretending so why does the pretend game make her so happy?

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    1. Some literature asserts that pathological lying occurs more in women. Regardless, the lies tend to present the liar favorably, be plausible, and be told chronically ie often without real need or benefit.

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    1. Nobody wants to touch TWiT shows with a ten foot pole. If Soup can’t get his actual friend Dvorak on anything there’s no way anyone with a brain would be on any show unless they absolutely have to.

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      1. This. It’s a good thing Patrick and JCD stayed independent of TWIT lest those associations turned to dog shit before our eyes live on Look at Sarah Lane, what a sad fuck up on Leo’s part.

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        1. It’s a sad thing. Used to be my favorite source for content. They are professional people.
          Leo’s getting older and has lost his interest in Technology. The only reason people work for him is because they are still hoping Leo’s vision for TWiT as a network for tech news might still come true. Well, things have changed.
          News Flash: The age of exciting incremental change, leading up to somewhere where we are today has come to a close. Technology has become a dull commodity.
          I now longer even care to watch their “Flagship” This Week in Tech program. I don’t care about endless chatter regarding Smart Phones.
          So Leo and his old lady will milk what they can out of that network, sell it, and take off on a boat somewhere (by his own admission), leaving the “netcast business” he built to run itself aground.

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  4. Look at that stupid look on propeller boy’s face, “what, you don’t expect me to come in for these things do you!? My ass doesn’t move for less than $850 and a taco salad”.

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  5. So happy they are covering the drone thing, what’s it called? Indrone, dronathan whatever. You can be sure that when his masters said they sold the specials, our fat father volunteered to cover inner-drone at his usual rate of $0 an hour.

    This network is pathetic, they don’t even know what they’re covering as long as they get paid. And hopefully Padre gets to be a cool kid for a little longer.


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    1. Why does Padre need to be paid anyway?

      – He lives with Cranky Hippo
      – His wardrobe consists of a single uniform and other free promo shirts he got from the Jesuits or TWiT
      – He has no love life to pay for due to celibacy and being disgustingly fat
      – His food intake is entirely made of NatureBox™ and the occasional trip to Tea Room with L&L to discuss the next person they will sideline for their own benefit/a laugh,
      – His only hobby is drones which are all business expenses for ByB or Know How,
      – His tech gear is free from sponsors he covers unscrupulously like Acer, or crap he picks up around work, maybe a few review units he ‘forgot’ to mail back.

      You don’t need an income if you’re willing to shill my friend. No conscience, no problem!

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  6. Why is she so happy with herself? Is being a full time concubine that satisfying? She looks positively enameled with herself. I’ve never seen someone so content.

    CEO my ass, she would not serve the food in my companies dining hall.

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  7. Mike Elgan was basically retired and travelling the world before he came to Twit. Why did he give up the Good Life? Maybe he likes eating the puss out of a certain persons cunt!

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    1. He couldn’t scam rooms to stay in from his pals. Don’t forget he was spending weeks as a guest at friends homes. Once word got out I think hospitality dried up. Who wants Gum sticking to their couch?

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  8. The smug attitude on these two is pathetic… Let’s begin.

    1. They’re going to cover absolutely everything in the next two weeks. Why would anyone want to watch the “twit coverage” when they’re just going to be interrupting with their ads and smug commentary. NO THANKS!
    2. She says “the team bought it” lol, more like the sponsors got bamboozled into thinking they’re gettin real bang for their ad dollars. Pfffff!
    3. LL admitted, just as we suspected that “she thought it up”, of course she is running the twit ship now, and it sure looks like it’s sailing right into the sewage tubes. She acts so condescending. The more I see these two together it sure looks like they have a mother/son dynamic going on, kind of disturbing.

    Just one man’s opinion. 😉

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