Megan Morrone’s Non-Existent $9 iPhone Payment Plan

Megan's $9/mo iPhone Upgrade Program
Megan’s $9/mo iPhone Upgrade Program
Megan Morrone stated on Tech News Today that she enrolled her child — did you know she’s a mommy?? — in the “iPhone Forever” program at $9/month.

That didn’t sound right to us. She’d only be paying $108 per year. Who wouldn’t hop on that deal? Well, it turns out that deal doesn’t exist.

Apple’s plan starts at $32.41/month. Sprint’s plan, which is actually called iPhone Forever, starts at $26.39.

Megan actually uses Sprint, by the way. How dumb is that?

So, none of what Megan said made any sense. We figured she just misspoke, but she repeated the same nonsensical garbage on iOS Today days later.

Is her $9 plan the carrier’s phone insurance? Is her plan to throw the child’s phone into the Petaluma Turning Basin — the one that TWiT made OMGChad drink from — every 11 months? “Oops. I lost it. Tee hee!”

Additionally, what’s up with Megan being a total iOS snob? She never used an iOS device in her life before starting at TWiT only a little over a year ago?

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    1. Tech podcasts only have to do one thing correct and that is to give ‘correct’ tech news, with basic research and care and attention to scripts and production, no longer part of TWiT anymore.
      They deserve criticism for making stupid mistakes, it’s not up to viewers to decrypt all this crap.
      Just low production values, not commendable or excusable.
      You must have very low standards LMDW so go eat a fucking dick!

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      1. Excellent point. I notice Leo asks moar questions than he has answers for. Everything else he just *wonders*. So what then is he bringing to the table for his audience? What value to they walk away with after listening for 2 hours? Nothing, but dis-information, and moar questions?

        Like you said, they have one job, and that is to be the authority on the facts. At least TechTV seemed to have accurate information.

        Remember when TWiT brought the best minds to the table?

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        1. I totally agree with this statement.. Leo did NO visible prep work before iOS started if you view the DVR for 13:00 Monday Feb. 29, 2016. Leo had just gotten both his new Galaxy phone And Leica camera so was totally obsessed with fawning over each, constantly talking about it and showing it off to everyone in sight while Megan just sits in her chair trying to prep for the show or at least ignore Leo’s orgasmic noises while he says stuff like..

          – “It’s a work at art” (12:00 Monday Feb 29, 2016 at 53:55)

          – “I don’t want anyone to know I bought this, especially Lisa”. (12:00 Monday Feb 29, 2016 at 56:45) Sorry Leo but she will notice when you both go to bed and she find the Galaxy and Leica under the sheets!

          – “If you can afford this camera, you can buy your own damn strap” (13:00 Monday Feb 29, 2016 at 12:20).. said when Leo didn’t think the Leica came with a strap. He was also totally obsessed about covering up any Leica branding for fear it would get stolen.. and also mentions he already has a Leica “film” camera that is now his backup Leica. Leo.. you just told the entire world you just got a new Leica!!

          – Megan is talking about the Hotel Peatuluma that is across the street from TWiT and she says to Leo “if you can walk all the way there, across the street”. Leo jokes back about visitors to his shows “When we move, they are going to be staying at the Motel 6.” (13:00 Monday Feb 29, 2016 at 28:55)

          – As to how prepared Leo is for iOS, he asks Megan what the subject of the show will be. (31:20 mark) Later, when Megan says she is ready to do the show, Leo spends several minutes renewing his MLB AtBat subscription (which expired on him as he didn’t have auto-renewal turned on).


          Slightly off topic but two things I wanted to stress that I saw during the iOS preshow..

          1 – Very quick screen shot of this.. “Leo – Hope your Casper has you sleeping like a queen! Sweet dreams, Terri and the Casper team” Leo quickly says “Whoops, you almost saw my mattress.” (12:00 Monday Feb. 29, 2016 at 48:24 mark) Sleeping like a QUEEN??? Am I missing something?? Why did Leo say “Whoop?” Apparently Leo isn’t sleeping well despite his Casper since he is taking those sleeping meds sent to him from Steve Gibson (documented by me here..

          2 – I thought there might be a chance Leo will eventually retire but now I know this is probably not going to happen because of his “chronic new gadget obsession”.. “I have this job because I said to myself thiry years ago, almost forty years ago, I have to do something to allow me to always have the latest, greatest technology. I literally said that. What you are seeing is the manifestation of a lifelong dream. I have the best Atari computers money can buy.” (13:00 Monday Feb 29, 2016 at 11:15) Leo isn’t going to give up his dream so easily and, instead of “Gazelling” most of his “precious toys”, will probably be buried with them so someone years from now can make a documentary about digging up his grave to retrieve a signed never read copy of his “101 Computer Answers You Need to Know” book (that Gina Smith probably wrote most of).

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    2. If she meant $9 a week why did she say $9 a month on more than one occasion? Surely Megan knows the difference between months and weeks. Also $9 a week does equal the monthly iPhone forever plan.

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  1. Well, If Megan stopped smothering and foisting those kids she shit out on TWIT constantly, maybe she’d have the time to put more than 3 minutes in show prep.

    But, as we all know, Megan is not that bright. After all, she’s been serially sexually harassed by #soup, yet she still sits to his right, that ugly, middle-aged, huge-honkered, caterpillar-eyebrowed wrinkled face sporting a fake smile. Any woman with any sense of self would yell “Fuck You” at #soup and storm off the set.

    Instead, Megan lives in the fantasy world of unicorns and rainbows where her crotch droppings reside.

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  2. And to further my point, the first words of this clip is “I have a 12-year old…” Who the fuck cares about your crotch droppings, Megan? Jesus Fucking Christ you’re boring as all hell. Why would anyone take any advice from her?

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      1. justthisguy said:
        Why are you so angry when it comes to her?

        That’s like asking someone why they think the CIA is spying on them from across the street or why Cherlize Theron keeps talking about them behind their back. You are not going to get a sane response. The answer is the man is a mental case.

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      2. justthisguy said:
        Why are you so angry when it comes to her?

        Because by talking about her kids all the time, she makes the show all about her and not serving her audience. Like every breeder, she thinks the entire world lovrs her little snowflakes.

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          1. holden said: TYFYC.

            The angrier Holden gets about heterosexuals, the more his hands tremble with rage. Thus, we have more misspellings than usual from the honorary Internet Grammar Police Chief himself.

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          2. Prolapsed Anus said: The angrier Holden gets about heterosexuals, the more his hands tremble with rage.Thus, we have more misspellings than usual from the honorary Internet Grammar Police Chief himself.

            Sorry, Buckaroo, it’s called AutoCorrect.

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          3. Prolapsed Anus said: The angrier Holden gets about heterosexuals, the more his hands tremble with rage.Thus, we have more misspellings than usual from the honorary Internet Grammar Police Chief himself.

            Evidently, you are a breeder too. Remember it takes no brains to get knocked up. It takes brains *not* to get knocked up.

            The coolest, most intelligent and interesting people I find are those who didn’t xerox themselves.

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          4. holden said: Remember it takes no brains to get knocked up. It takes brains *not* to get knocked up.

            I disagree. It takes more skill than brains. Pulling out is a viable birth control method. I hardly think that takes brains.

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          5. holden said: TYFYC

            You are so unhinged; I love it. So passionately heterophobic. By the way, if you are going to be the Internet Grammar Police Chief, quit blaming autocorrct and do some proofreading.

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          6. holden said: TYFYC

            I am genuinely worried about you holden. You read like you’re about to have a breakdown. I don’t care about how you feel about “breeders”…So what’s bothering you?

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  3. She could have been taking about Sprint’s “iPhone Forever” program which frequently has 16GB models for $9 + plan price & taxes. That’s the only thing that would make her statement make sense to me anyways.

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  4. A few months ago, Sprint offered a $15.00/month iPhone for life plan and you could get a 16GB iPhone 6s for that price. But it was never $9.00/month and that promotional deal was only for the first year. When you turned in that phone, the next year was the balance of the lease price left on the turned in phone plus the new phone at 26.xx/month. So her figures do not make any sense when you look at the pricing of iPhone leases. And who in the right mind would purchase an iPhone for the Sprint network????

    In short, this is another reason why TWiT is not the place to get you latest tech news and reviews.

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    1. Lard Ass said:
      Who cares about any of this? It’s more bullshit phone promotion.

      Bye the way, hope you know Leo Laporte bought a new Samsung phone!
      Tell your friends and family 🙂

      You’re welcome!

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  5. Sprint has a promo right now for the iPhone 5S for $12 a month. That’s probably what she meant, idiots.

    Also, I have an iPhone 6s Plus on Sprint and it’s great. The LTE network here is super fast and I’ve had ZERO problems.

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    1. Ms Moron. You’re language in that comment was rather below the belt, kind of at labia level below the belt.

      I guess one of the idiots, well Glenn Rubbedonstein, directed you here to show you how nasty they are about your clownish makeup and caterpillar eyebrows. Incidentally what do feed them, do you let them graze on your bush overnight before plucking them off the leaf they were munching on and balancing them back above your eyes.

      I love that you include your little darlings and we’d all like a good deal on an iPhone. I’m sure you get discounted ones cast off by the Laportes and pay them $9 a month foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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    2. It’s funny, the way you and the first commenter were so obnoxious in your attempts to defend this. So you think she accidentally said “$9 a month” at two completely different times when she meant to say “$12 a month” at two completely different times? How often do people make a mistake where they understate the cost of something by 30%?

      Actually let me rephrase that – how often does a professional tech journalist presenting a professional tech news programme understate by 30% the cost of something they claim they themselves have purchased?

      Of course it’s just a mistake. That’s not really the point. The point is that the quality and integrity of the journalism on almost the entire Twit network is extremely low. These are not professional people trying to make sure their audience gets the best information.

      When Twit was just a tiny operation out of the “cottage”, all this stuff was forgiven.

      But once he got a “CEO”, once he started talking about “investors” and “making Twit into the CNN of tech” he turned Twit from a warm environment where we all felt welcome into an environment where we were just customers and our feedback was absolutely not welcome.

      Seriously, even thinking you need a CEO for this sort of operation is ridiculous. What he needed, desperately, was a creative director, someone who could make decisions about making the best content and the best shows; having an executive in charge whose sole experience is in marketing and management has made the network into a hollow shell, where all that matters is profit and cash – that’s why they aren’t developing any new talent, that’s why they aren’t even doing any ‘beta’ shows any more to develop ideas. That’s why there is no creativity at all on display there.

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  6. Stop being stupid people. Investigating this isn’t hard. Megan isn’t wrong. This article is. T mobile offers their jump on demand for $9 a month for an iPhone 6s Plus when you trade in an iPhone 6 Plus.

    Imagine total drama not editing out important information. Is totaldrama purposely trying to deceive? Or are they just lazy and stupid in their own reporting?

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