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Megan Morrone’s Non-Existent $9 iPhone Payment Plan

Megan's $9/mo iPhone Upgrade Program
Megan’s $9/mo iPhone Upgrade Program
Megan Morrone stated on Tech News Today that she enrolled her child — did you know she’s a mommy?? — in the “iPhone Forever” program at $9/month.

That didn’t sound right to us. She’d only be paying $108 per year. Who wouldn’t hop on that deal? Well, it turns out that deal doesn’t exist.

Apple’s plan starts at $32.41/month. Sprint’s plan, which is actually called iPhone Forever, starts at $26.39.

Megan actually uses Sprint, by the way. How dumb is that?

So, none of what Megan said made any sense. We figured she just misspoke, but she repeated the same nonsensical garbage on iOS Today days later.

Is her $9 plan the carrier’s phone insurance? Is her plan to throw the child’s phone into the Petaluma Turning Basin — the one that TWiT made OMGChad drink from — every 11 months? “Oops. I lost it. Tee hee!”

Additionally, what’s up with Megan being a total iOS snob? She never used an iOS device in her life before starting at TWiT only a little over a year ago?