Leo Laporte reveals private medical information about Chad Johnson

The only thing Chad should do is just return to his natural hair color.
Leo should cease and desist talking about Chad’s medical condition immediately without Chad’s express consent.

Part of Chad Johnson’s private medical history was revealed live on the stream by Leo Laporte before the start of “MacBreak Weekly.” We’ve recorded it so Chad can use it when he sues Leo for multiple HIPAA violations.

At certain points in the video Leo just sits there and laughs at Chad. Even chuckling callously when a co-host suggests that “at least he doesn’t have the runs.”

“I’m just protecting TWiT,” said Leo while not caring one whit about Chad’s health. The bottom line is: Leo is an uncaring prick who is only covering his own fat ass.

Leo needs to be careful when discussing the private issues of employees, contract workers and even people just entering the Twit Shithouse.

30 thoughts on “Leo Laporte reveals private medical information about Chad Johnson”

    1. HIPPA does not have anything to do with an employer talking about an employee “trip to the doctor” at all.

      HIPPA merely covers people who handle medical information that traverses between medical personel, the patient, insurance companies, and back again.

      An employer is not legally bound to keep people from knowing you went to the hospital. What MAY be illegal, state by state regs cover, is once infomration has been obtained (say RESULTS of tests), that THOSE RECORDS are covered by HIPPA compliance.

      This video is evidence of that NOT having happened.

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  1. Leo” since Chad is a contract employee we don’t have Workers Comp on him” Sorry Lisa, if Chad becomes injured while on a TWiT set doing a TWiT show, he is covered and if you’re not paying the premium on his wages, you’ll be getting a visit from the EDD and they will be auditing your books, Mrs. Head Bookeeper!!!

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  2. While not a HIPAA violation (Leo, Inc. is not a “covered entity”), this may be a violation of other California statutes.

    Furthermore, Leo’s claim that Chad was an independent contractor is most likely FALSE. IC status is granted in only very limited situations, such as when the presumed IC is using HIS OWN equipment at HIS OWN time schedule:


    Leo, Inc. is likely in violation of California law, and I will pursue this with my connections (an attorney in CA) and Chad (if he is interested).


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    1. To flesh this out some more:

      For an employee (Leo Lard, Inc. in this case) to CLAIM and person who is working for him is and Independent Contractor (IC), that employee must PROVE this. As far as I can tell, Chad was NOT an IC.

      And if Chad was misreported as an IC, there may well be others. The state and federal governments have been cracking down on this dishonesty. While I am a live and let live person, I also am an employer and it is distasteful when other employers (some competitors) bend the laws.

      Those that bend the laws can be reported. I realize and respect that the site masters here prefer to remain anonymous. However, I am willing to step up to report fraud when and where I find it.


      I will work on this with my counsel, and report back here at when there is news on our progress.


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  3. Mr/Mrs/Miss Box, It’s clear Lisa has had a plan to engage as many part time contractors as she can, since most are off site, it’s very easy to claim them as independent contractors and such, Workers Comp exempt. I’ve had a workers comp audit and they looked at my check book and bank records and tax return looking for payments to any person/business that wasn’t covered under workers comp. Lisa will have to prove that Chad’s on site work is independent , a very long stretch because he has a scheduled show time.

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  4. Hope nothing happens to Chad like they screwed over poor Erik R.I.P. I can just see Lisa commenting on this like she did about what happened to Erik. With a sinster laugh well Chad is a big boy and shouldn’t drink from the local water he needs to find a real job.

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    1. He drank water through a lifestraw. Big deal. If you guys ever left your houses you would know they work fine. The only health risk Chad has is the red shit he puts on his head.

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  5. OK…here is the PROBLEM for Leo. This stupid chit chat that was recorded is evidence (or will be) . Even his callousness can be used against him. There are admissions in here that are bad for Leo. He needs to shut the fuck up. Idiot.

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    1. Careful what you ask… If Lisa gets her way and shuts down the TWiT firehose, and don’t think she isn’t trying… Notice how music is showing up more and more between shows and the room mic’s are turned down , TD will have to work for breaking news content, the only saving grace is that Leo can’t keep his mouth shut.

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