TWiT fears unsupervised fans, bans them from studio

The TWiT studio is now closed to fans on Thursdays and Fridays.

In a sad acknowledgment that Lisa is succeeding at murdering Leo’s dreams, the embattled “Cheif TWiT” has now been forced to ban the very fans from which they draw their livelihood from visiting the million-dollar studio on Thursdays and Fridays.

In an official post on the “Inside TWiT” blog, Lisa announced the drastic measure and reminded fans that “advance RSVPs” are needed to visit during the remaining five days after the gold-digging cunt took a hatchet to the idea that fans could watch the behind-the-scenes action. Speculation centers around two key possibilities for this latest retrenchment at TWiT HQ: Lisa is deathly afraid of fans asking the tough questions while Leo is not around to police the loose lips of disgruntled employees. And Padre’s ego is spiraling out of control and Lisa doesn’t want fans in the studio while Leo is gone.

TotalDrama can only imagine what must be going through Padre’s mind. Leo was already pissed at the fat Father for hogging the spotlight, so now that no studio audience will be able to watch Padre in action, his ego must be deflating faster than that drone balloon that the CIA lost last week.

In the old days, fans would drive for hours to have the chance to wear a lice-riddled fez and have Leo patronize them by half-listening to their stories about how they used to watch him on TechTV.

Congratulations, Lisa! You’ve finally succeeded in ruining the social experiment that Leo started not that long ago during the good old days at the TWiT Cottage. Now that she’s gotten rid of Erik, Sarah, Tom, Iyaz, Amber, Chad—among countless others—we should have known that it wouldn’t be long until she got rid of the fans as well.

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  1. It was this audience that made TWiT great at one point.
    Its this type of incredibly close-minded thinking that is sinking the TWiT ship.

    I’m sure everybody reading this has witnessed this type of manager at some point – they are fucking poison.

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    1. “It was this audience that made TWiT great at one point.”

      BS. The audience was a collection of the saddest human beings imaginable and a bunch of self-aggrandizing jerks desperately plugging whatever “project” they were working on.

      It’s only logical, few would otherwise take the drive out there to the boonies.

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      1. “Broken” as in “fucked up”…yes.
        Did you stop to think that maybe there’s a REAL reason they are closed to visitors on Thursday and Friday now? I think it’s because fans show up looking for Leo as if he is always there and this way they’ll stop waltzing in on days when most shows are just on Skype.

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  2. There was a time in the distant past when I entertained the notion of visiting Leo and TWIT. What a lifetime ago. I can’t think of a more colossal waste of time, money and effort today.

    I don’t care what Lisa’s doing, all responsibility falls squarely on Leo Laporte’s shoulders. Probably the last bit of charity I have to offer Laporte.

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  3. HelloWorld,
    Thanks for the heads up! With advanced planning of a “Motorhome Meetup,” we should schedule your swath of pickup points, in the various states/countries where we live, to accommodate the un-available Thursday/Friday arrival days at the new shitty strip-mall studio.

    Can’t wait! Let’s make this happen!


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    1. Lisa is a genius. You just wait, this change will make them even richer than ever! $100,000 toilet bowls for every room in their house. So they can shit out their bullshit without hesitation where ever they are.

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  4. This is the first move, next comes the canceling of Padre’s shows and finally massive layoffs to TWIT’s staff. (except those related to the CEO or Chief TWIT)
    It will happen just before the move to the new studio. Remember its smaller so they wont be able to keep all the current staff.

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    1. HelloWorld: you should do a poll of who is next to be axed at twit. My guess is Padre is starting to threaten Leo’s fandom. Leo has a sickness. He can’t stand anyone getting an ounce more popularity than he does.

      It is a repeat cycle. My guess is that Padre will mysteriously make a “life altering decision” soon. To step away from twit to go serve the mighty Lord. He will still make guest appearances (that will actually be a one final appearance on know how) before he is replaced with some other unknown sucker from the chat room.

      Leo is really one messed up dude. Very sick in the head.

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        1. How about making is a pool rather than poll? $1 per entry with the money going to a charity. Kind of like Leo did last new years’ but not as self-aggrandizing and probably raising more money.

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  5. When I was there, this guy started hanging out with us in one of the edit rooms. The room I shared with Bryan and Shannon. He’s show up, sit in a chair and start talking with us. We all thought he was an employees friend or something. Then we found out he was a guy that had been sending Shannon emails professing his love for her. A lot of emails. To the point she didn’t feel safe around him. So we had to kick him out. But he kept coming back. I think Leo eventually had a talk with him. Then I got kicked out so I don’t know the final story.

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    1. By “employees friends”, you don’t think it could have been Leo in a mask or makeup?

      Jokes aside, that is pretty damn creepy. A lot of whacked in the head people out there.

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      1. We didn’t realize he was a stalker the first few times. Sometimes audience members would wander around, poke their head in and say hi. It was pretty laid back. Then this dude kept showing up. Then Shannon informed us of his stalker status. One time when he came to the studio we took Shannon out the back door until he was gone.

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  6. This is Lisa’s problem: Leo. She can’t control Leo’s mouth on the live feed and cutting back on any and all unscripted/edited Leo interactions with the camera or studio guests is her goal now. The Thursday/Friday ban, while not affecting Leo directly, will give her plausibility when she includes all shows recorded during the week. Her hardest nut to crack will be the weekends, Leo is dependent on the chat for his TTG show and pretty much has to have studio guests for the TNSS and Sundays TWiT shows. As we have all seen and heard, it’s when Leo is conversing with the chat room between radio breaks and with the studio guests that he is the most candid and provides the most material for TD.

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  7. Further; Lisa now has to be concerned with the many thousands of hours of edited and unedited program content! I’ll bet she starts pulling back on all content that can’t be reviewed and then claim TWiT is pulling down content that can’t be sold as for CPM counts for storage costs, etc.

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  8. I don’t blame them for not wanting random people wandering around the studio regardless of day of the week. But banning visitors is just plain stupid.

    Don’t they have a security guard at the door?

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    1. So I guess two people passed the background check, and the third is the NatureBox ™ delivery guy waiting for his tip, which like every other time is likely going to be half a Big Island Pineapple with a bite out of it?

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  9. This has nothing to do with stalking or security but it has everything to do with Leo’s ego IMO.

    Who is in the brickhouse doing shows Thursdays and Fridays?

    Padre. (Know How, This Week in Enterprise Tech and Before You Buy).

    Who had his own segment on KFI Radio in Los Angeles last week (Oct 29th)?


    Who was Leo pissed off at for getting more airtime than him in the week in review video?


    Once you add it all up, it seems to me this decision was made to further isolate Padre and also he’s probably afraid more people are traveling to the brickhouse to see Padre than to see his failed Screen Savers venture.

    Hey Padre, just so you know there is no honor among thieves.


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  10. At first glance I thought this may have something to do with downsizing because of them getting ready to move into the new studio, but then it seemed odd that it was specifically Thursday and Friday that no one can come in.

    Why? What shows are recorded those days? Are they mostly Padre’s? Are they mostly Leo’s? There’s always a thing behind the thing, especially when it involves L&L, so just trying to figure out what that is.

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    1. Well, much like the month’s supply of NatureBox ™ snacks, he’s quickly running out of “friends”, having run Dvorak out of town. It’s only a matter of time for Padre, Mike and even Steve Gibson.

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    2. Those are the days Leo is taking off. Makes perfect sense to me. Shows done those days includes (Know How pre-records), TWICH (Skyped in), TWIL (ditto), Home Theater Geeks (ditto) and BYB (pre-records). Not much to see those days, move along.

      As for the reservations, that’s been in effect for a long time so they know how many seats to put out and not have a horde of people show up unannounced. Nothing new here. Try again to be relevant.

      And keep your retorts relevant, rather than asking me to eat or drink your sludge.

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      1. Such a good provider of excuses! Is this Rene Ritchie per chance?

        Even if those shows aren’t that interesting for an audience, why put your foot down like this? She doesn’t have to always be a cunt to the few fans left to feel authoritative.

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  11. I just don’t get why anyone would even want to go see the “live production” of soup’s shows! Who wants to see a grown man act like a pompous, constantly interrupting, one upper who just looooves everything and everyone, knowing full well that it’s all nothing but b.s. I hope the only show that I still watch which is WW goes to another network. Just for example: on the latest windows weekly LL shared that on a recent trip to Las Vegas his wife wanted to zipline across the Las Vegas strip but had to first go buy a pair of underwear because she wasn’t wearing any under her dress. Seriously why is that relevant? I just don’t know how M Jo Foley puts up with LL boorish and disrespectful banter. PT and MJF listen to me, get the hell of dodge ASAP and go to another place where you are liked and respected. Don’t give LL the satisfaction to say he had to cancel your show. Peace!

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    1. If Leo really said that, in that context, how could any self respecting woman share a bed with that pervert??? I really wonder how long it took Jennifer to figure out she was sleeping with a creep???

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    2. He says these things because he’s still desperately in need of validation at nearly 60 years of age.

      And if that tranny is going Kim Komando then she’s in need of validation too. Underwear was invented for a reason, and it wasn’t to be prudish…

      These two are both losers and deserve each other. Too bad he made two kids with the wrong woe-man.

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    3. Sooo, breaking down this admission of no panties on the beast admission is very telling… First off, The newlyweds had already checked into the love nest and Leo’s wife made the conscience decision to omit her thong, thus favoring Leo’s desire to finger(diddle) the now open money slit while seated and slurping soup at one of Las Vegas’s finer eating establishments. Don’t forget to throw in that $1,000 bottle of wine, Opsie… Second, this proves just what a little whore Lisa really is, and she calls herself a CEO.

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    1. So my chances of sneaking in a Total Drama T-shirt with HelloWorld’s picture on it is running out? I was hoping to flash the t-shirt mid slurp and get Leo Lapork to do a great spit-take…. sad.

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  12. Well once they move into that sexy industrial complex, they won’t even have to worry about walk-in traffic from bums and prostitutes, let alone people who think they’re seeing a live taping of DTNS.

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  13. I don’t think this is in preparation for the move.

    I think this is an admission of defeat.

    On Thursdays and Fridays, probably only one person ever wants to turn up. It looks extremely embarrassing to put out one seat, two seats etc. It shows how bad things are.

    So, rather than have a visual cue showing the embarrassment of only one person wanting to come and watch live, they shut it down altogether so no one will know.

    I mean, fuck, look at that 360 photo posted above. MacBreak Weekly had an in-studio audience of THREE PEOPLE, and the seat gap between the two groups is telling: in days past, even a small audience would become friendly and chat together. Now, despite that one guy being on his own, he’s managed to sit separately from the other couple.

    A similar 360 pic posted around the same time shows 4-5 seats out for Know How, but no one is sitting in the audience at all.

    I think this is all embarrassing for them. They don’t need to gradually shut off access to the studio in preparation for the meet – they can simply just say “no in-studio audiences in the new building”, no need to ‘prepare’ people for it.

    This is about what’s happening right now, not about the future. And right now, too few people want to come and watch live, and that’s embarrassing for Leo.

    As the TWIT wiki says, “the easiest way to think of TWiT TV is as an always-on reality television show about the making of an Internet TV network” – except no one wants to come in and watch any more.

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  14. OMG I just accidentally watched some of Tech News Today for the first time in months. I couldn’t believe how bad it was.

    The opening story is a perfect example of how unprofessional the guy is. He starts off by saying that there a couple of really interesting nuggets in the news, but then immediately has to backtrack cos the first story he’s decided to mention is that Twitter now has “hearts”. He’s aware of how ridiculous this is, so he says “today is a slow but weird news day, with a couple of nuggets of information that are really really interesting. One of them isn’t, that Twitter has ‘hearts’ now”.

    That’s how shit he is, in a nutshell. Make a claim about the stories you’re about to go into, but put so little thought into the stories that you immediately have to undo what you just said. He has so little on-air personality that when he says “I think hearts are going to take over”, what should’ve been a funny comment on how small the story was turns into an awkward moment.

    It’s worth listening to the first minute or so of the ‘top story’ – not a story at all, but a press release from Google, telling everyone that an app update will be released this week.

    Just listen to how a) dull he makes the story and b) little he understands it.

    The ‘google inbox’ story is just after the excruciating 30 seconds he spends on the ‘hearts’ story. It’s awful. Aside from sounding like he’s reading from a press release, he just doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.

    He also claimed that an earlier version of the new app tended to offer “I love you” as a suggested reply. Elgrim said “like Borat, or something”. Please let me know if you can explain his joke, cos I’ve not got the first idea.

    He then says he thinks this development is “really interesting”. Why? Because while other companies are developing “AI chatbots”, Google, um, “took their chatbot technology essentially, aaaand they basically are using it to instead of reply to to humans, to offer you some options and then you pick one and then the one you pick if you know you could pick none and then answer yourself, but is essentially using a human being as an editor for the chatbot, really fascinating application I think”.

    WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ELGRIM? Even fairly simple stories get completely mashed up by his presentation of them.

    Oh god, Elgrim then goes on to say that within a few years, Google will force you to let it automatically reply to your emails. “It’ll be opt-in at first”, he says. This man is full of dumb.

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  15. I think EP has hit on it(not Lisa) , it being not many show up for the live broadcasts, having to email in advance a request cuts down on visitors( the ones, like me, that live within a two hour drive), and the other would be guests that have been turned off by L&L’s unprofessional personal and business attitude.
    Remember when one of NSS was devoid of guest(s) and had to resort to pulling a drunk sailor out of the turning basin to do the live intro read.

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