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TWiT fears unsupervised fans, bans them from studio

The TWiT studio is now closed to fans on Thursdays and Fridays.

In a sad acknowledgment that Lisa is succeeding at murdering Leo’s dreams, the embattled “Cheif TWiT” has now been forced to ban the very fans from which they draw their livelihood from visiting the million-dollar studio on Thursdays and Fridays.

In an official post on the “Inside TWiT” blog, Lisa announced the drastic measure and reminded fans that “advance RSVPs” are needed to visit during the remaining five days after the gold-digging cunt took a hatchet to the idea that fans could watch the behind-the-scenes action. Speculation centers around two key possibilities for this latest retrenchment at TWiT HQ: Lisa is deathly afraid of fans asking the tough questions while Leo is not around to police the loose lips of disgruntled employees. And Padre’s ego is spiraling out of control and Lisa doesn’t want fans in the studio while Leo is gone.

TotalDrama can only imagine what must be going through Padre’s mind. Leo was already pissed at the fat Father for hogging the spotlight, so now that no studio audience will be able to watch Padre in action, his ego must be deflating faster than that drone balloon that the CIA lost last week.

In the old days, fans would drive for hours to have the chance to wear a lice-riddled fez and have Leo patronize them by half-listening to their stories about how they used to watch him on TechTV.

Congratulations, Lisa! You’ve finally succeeded in ruining the social experiment that Leo started not that long ago during the good old days at the TWiT Cottage. Now that she’s gotten rid of Erik, Sarah, Tom, Iyaz, Amber, Chad—among countless others—we should have known that it wouldn’t be long until she got rid of the fans as well.