NYC Meet-Up actually a success

The crowd at the New York City meet-up was larger than expected.
The crowd at the New York City meet-up was larger than expected.

In a stunning turn of events, the NYC meet-up hosted by Leo and Lisa turned out to be a shocking success. People actually showed up, and it wasn’t quite the nerd desert with digital tumbleweeds blowing through New York’s Rattle N Hum bar as was expected by many.

Color us nothing but flabbergasted, but the editorial board at TotalDrama prides itself on its fairness. Here’s the rundown from our very own HelloWorld—intrepid undercover spy—as to how his visit into the den of the dragon went:

  • When HW was there, the back of the bar was packed with about 65 mostly plump white men milling about.
  • Andrew Zarian had perfect facial hair and was overdressed. It was fucking humid as hell, yet his hairsprayed coif was pure perfection.
  • Leo was surrounded by a horde of white men all staring at him as if he were a pig in a zoo (which, in effect, he pretty much was).
  • Mary Jo Foley was not as “large” below the waist as previously presumed.
  • Dickie D did indeed show up.
  • The TWiT fans were not drinking a lot. Which means that Rattle N Hum was cheated out of a significant, and most likely promised, bar tab.
  • Paul Thurrott was holding court in that same blue shirt…you know the one.
  • Lisa was taller than she appears on the livestream.
The prize as captured by HelloWorld—snatched from inside the belly of the beast.
The prize as captured by HelloWorld—snatched from inside the belly of the beast.

HelloWorld grabbed this trophy on the way out (these TWiT logo pins were only available at the meet-up) and shall serve as a talisman to commemorate our efforts.

HelloWorld skedaddled before Leo started Meerkatting in case any of you TWiT sycophants were wondering why the level of “drama” wasn’t amped up.

Come meet HelloWorld in person in New York


Come meet Internet personality and hate-blogging sensation HelloWorld at Leo ‘n’ Lisa’s New York City meet-up. We’ll chat about fun stuff and take a few selfies with Leo stuffing his face with food in the background. It’ll be an afternoon to remember.

HelloWorld will be signing autographs as well as basically trying to hijack the meet-up by being cute, skinny and entertaining—you know, all the things that Leo is not.

Here are all the relevant details: (Don’t forget to bring a smile and a Sharpie for those autographs)

Wednesday, Sept. 9 3-5 p.m.
The meetup will be from 3-5 p.m. at Rattle N Hum in Manhattan, located at 14 E. 33rd St. 

Leo LaporteMary Jo Foley, and Paul Thurrott will all be there.

Mike Elgan stars in first feature film

Check out Mike Elgan’s feature film debut in “The Interview,” produced by HBO films:

And here’s a reminder what the entire disaster looked like, the time where Mike Elgan was refused repeatedly by many, many, many people he tried to interview:

Money Drives Content at the New TWiT

An announcement arrived after this past Sunday’s episode of TWiT. Nothing is sadder than watching TWiT abandon everything it once held dear as it becomes nothing more than a high speed pursuit of money. TWiT had previously promised fans that advertising will never dictate content. Add that pledge to the growing pile of lies.

The announcement is that TWiT is now covering any and every live event. But why? Is it all of a sudden important? Why are they looking for live events to cover?  Answer: They sold ads on TWiT Specials, finally. After only five years, management monetized the most “highly watched” content. So now it’s time to pervert it.

Now that specials are making some dough, the audience will undoubtedly be forced to choke on them. In actuality, TWiT is so uninterested in these events , which they are now covering, that they will just have Gum host.

Shame on you Leo.

This short term thinking should accomplish the lone goal of making the public lose interest in the actual watchable live events.

Actually no need to click anywhere for low quality
Truthfully, no need to click anywhere for low quality, you get that regardless.

And I ask the haters of this blog to offer an alternate theory as to why they are suddenly making this change aside from the $$. If only they could sell some ads on Inside TWiT and at the Monthly Global Meet Ups, this network might return to being interesting.

To hear the CEO response click below:

Audio courtesy of NotNozirev

Christina Warren looks like shit in music video

Is Christina Warren pregnant?
Is Christina Warren pregnant?

Christina Warren, aka “Poopgirl” aka “Film_Girl” looks like shit in a new music video. Let us know in the comments if you think she looks pregnant or not. If she is, that’s going to be one ugly baby.

At least she wasn’t wearing a hat. But one can only imagine those fat legs trying support that belly. Didn’t Christina used to be in better shape?

Apparently, Christina is pregnant: Twitter is already congratulating her…