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Christina Warren looks like shit in music video

Is Christina Warren pregnant?
Is Christina Warren pregnant?

Christina Warren, aka “Poopgirl” aka “Film_Girl” looks like shit in a new music video. Let us know in the comments if you think she looks pregnant or not. If she is, that’s going to be one ugly baby.

At least she wasn’t wearing a hat. But one can only imagine those fat legs trying support that belly. Didn’t Christina used to be in better shape?

Apparently, Christina is pregnant: Twitter is already congratulating her…

The glory of the classic TNT fuck-up

In an age of incredible technological advancement and fast-paced news reporting, sometimes it’s nice just to be able to sit back and take in a world-class fuck-up. Mike Elgum and Lindsey Turpentine do not fail in this instant classic—presented here with no further commentary. Enjoy!

Jason Howell tells the truth about TNT

All-around good guy Jason Howell has taken the opportunity with Mike Elgum being out of the studio to finally tell the TWiT audience the truth. Howell let fly a four-letter word during a recent taping of “Tech News Today” as Leo Laporte filled in for the globe-trotting Mike Elgum that perfectly describes the morass through which Howell wades every single day. Hats off to you, Jason! You’re one of the good ones.

Mike Elgum defends his purple shirt

In this short but sweet video clip, brain-dead automaton Mike Elgum answers a chatroom questioner who dares to liken his trademark purple shirt to a less manly color. Everybody who had eyes and has seen at least two TNT shows knows that Elgum likes to wear purple shirts. He rarely deviates from this misguided uniform because at a fundamental level he’s just kind of a dumb guy. He’s the sort of person who sells out his son’s private wedding during an ad read for a website development company, after all.

If anything, we’d be disappointed if he didn’t show up to work wearing anything else but a hand-me-down from a 1992 Express for Men store’s bargain bin. Here’s to you and your crappy taste, Elgum!