We have the best IRC channel, check it out!

TotalDrama has had an active and entertaining IRC channel for a while now. But we have new members coming to the blog everyday, so we just wanted to take the time to let you know that you can participate too on the web chat.

Here’s a recent example of the chatroom activity by our very own Mick:

<Mick> Today's Live Schedule, Wednesday, June 10 (All Times Pacific)

<Mick> 11am Windows Weekly. A menopausal woman makes beer in the bathtub of her New York City studio apartment until the neighbors complain about a vile odor coming from 15H. Follow the continuing saga of her eviction proceedings.

<Mick> 1PM TWiG. Jeff Jarvis will be surprised with a GoFundMe to receive Invisalign treatment.

<Mick> 5PM iFive for the iPhone.  A new name for the same old show where Leo Laporte gets his perv on

<Mick> 6PM Ham Nation.  Five geezers and a shockingly obese woman build contraptions to bounce radio signals off the ionosphere in a frantic effort to communicate without using a telephone. Spoiler Alert: On the final episode of this series, someone tells them about AOL Instant Messenger.

<Mick> Looks like yet another fucking ass fun filled TWiT day

29 thoughts on “We have the best IRC channel, check it out!”

  1. Don’t be sassin’ Mary-Jo. Doesn’t the poor woman suffer enough having to listen to the host talk through a mouth full of food during the show?

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      1. V true. I think she ‘s great. And frankly so is Paul. You can tell when he thinks Leo is talking shite and he goes wonderfully silent for most adverts (with exception of audible which is clearly a genuin passion for books)

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  2. Good one about Ham Nation. How nice folks like Dr. Bob Heil and Joe Walsh got involved with the shame of TWIT, one can only wonder.

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    1. I’m not into HAM radio, but these guys do a decent show based on the few times I listened in. They’re lucky to be alive at TWIT, probably a vanity production for Leo.

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  3. I do listen to HAM nation. It is a great show. Stop picking on it. There is nothing wrong with it. I would say its also the show with the least influence from Leo. They have sponsors that care about the hobby and people that also do. If anything I don’t see why they don’t go independent. They would have the support of the community to do it.

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    1. If it wasn’t for the HAMs out there during emergencies people might not get the help they need. My grandfather was a HAM radio owner, and I find it interesting.
      I like what Bob and the HAMmers do.

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      1. I am a ham, and I enjoy the show. It’s the only TWIT production I watch these days, and that’s via YouTube. Like TWIT refugee TWiRT, Ham Nation would do just fine elsewhere.

        It’s been obvious for quite a while that Leo actually has close to zero interest in ham radio, and that the antique and rare Collins AM transmitter and high end ICOM radio are merely set dressing (Leo compares the art deco transmitter to the refrigerator on the old Screensavers set…sheesh.)

        Ham radio is a fun hobby with tons of different ways to have fun and to be of service to our fellow humans.

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  4. With all due respect to the HAMs and HAMmers out there, HAM isn’t an acronym any more than MAC is. Unless you mean Media Access Control, not the computer.

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  5. Why is it that everyone has to believe that things are being “attacked”? I read the stuff as a gentle poke at the presenters, and a big poke at Leo. It looks quite affectionate to me, not an attack at all.

    And yeah, the IRC chat is great.

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    1. Mary Jo presents herself as a journalist. She comes to WW prepared. Leo and Gum never put in any pre show effort.
      H N is just a group of people enjoying a hobby. No personal texts, no dick pics.
      Irc is okay, not very friendly to newcomers and drive by visitors.
      It’s fun if you want to watch the same 10 guys chat to each other.
      Fuck off Jason Cortez. I don’t watch a fat fuck old fool.

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  6. I know this might be off topic but I thought their new website would be operational this week. Maybe if the CeHo would not have fired Amber Mac, their new design would be up and running and look a hell of lot better than that mock up I saw.

    On other notes, I don’t watch Ham Nation and I agree with some others on here that it’s not a bad show when I saw it on the live stream. I personally I am not into Ham Radio but I respect it. I have a feeling that it will soon be on the chopping block of Scary Witch Face Lisa. I also think This Week in Computer Hardware might be under the microscope, but maybe that’s me being paranoid.

    I’ve also checked out TWIT’s Special of WWDC and it was at times terrible. These ass hats don’t know how to pay attention to the steam before opening their mouths. Seriously comment over the dumb ad videos they show before demos. It’s a talent for when to comment on shit and when not to so you don’t looks like an ass when you babble commentary about what just happened. Maybe Leo and Gum don’t know how to multi task?

    Thanks TD

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  7. Totally agree with everything you said there Jason. I can’t stand the way they talk over the live stream. So often it’s nonsensical and makes you miss important stuff.

    Sure, that’s always a risk when people are talking over a live stream, but Leo’s Apple hate makes it even worse (I don’t want Apple love either – what I want is for Leo to stop trolling when he’s doing Apple shows).

    Leo’s thing is to instantly dismiss pretty much everything and then only later, once someone has explained it to him, change his mind. Doing that over a live stream is *awful*.

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  8. Here’s an example. When Microsoft Live Mesh first started, Leo relentlessly took the piss out of it. Mesh was a step into the future – peer to peer and internet-wide file syncing. It was an important service.

    But Leo really rubbished it, every time it was being discussed.

    Of course, as cloud sync services have become ubiquitous, suddenly Leo shut up about it, and after that he never admitted how much he had ridiculed Mesh.

    That’s what he does, all the time. Currently, he’s doing it about everything Apple does (he used his shows to tell people they should absolutely not buy Mac Pros – why? Cos he had one machine that had one graphics problem. That’s trolling and it’s a really shit way for a “tech guy” to behave), and so when there’s a live stream on, he makes it unbearable.

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  9. First of all no one on Ham Nation is obese, not sure what show you’re watching. Second, Leo isn’t on iFive For the iPhone. Did you mean iOS Today? If you’re going to make fun of shows try and at least watch them once or twice.

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