Night Attack Heaps Praise on Leo


Total Drama sent in a nice video for the Night Attack pre-show. Justin and Brian decided to take the opportunity to clarify that there is no beef between <> and TWiT and that Leo Laporte is a great man, despite the great schism. Justin and Brian are now dead to TWiT, but they’re better men and have taken the high road.

Enjoy the video

36 thoughts on “Night Attack Heaps Praise on Leo”

  1. If Leo was smart he would try and turn Brian and Justin against TD. They would cower to his demands and then he would get, at least half, their fans back and cause trouble for Drama.

    Glenn, you listening?

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    1. While I generally don’t agree with TD and think TWiT and Leo and Lisa and ScooterX and Dan in the chat room are and keep on being great, like Leo says, they keep growing and getting better, especially TNSS! (That 3d/virtual demo was MINDBLOWING!!!). Anyway, I always found it odd that the trolls of TD have always focused on Lisa as the cause of, at least in their wacked-out reality, the demise of TWiT, when someone else joined the staff at precisely the time you TD trolls point to as the ‘beginning of the end’. I’ve been amazed that Glen, the puppet master, Rubenstein has operated his ‘unseen hand’ all over the Brick House without anyone even noticing. Don’t be a schlemiel, you schmucks, and let the Glen Rubenstein bought and paid for TD tell you what to think. Stop falling for his sophisticated social media trickery. And, in case you forgot #Ladies_luv_Leo!

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        1. I’m standing up for the C_E_Outstanding? That’s why I’m here… Plus, I figured you might want to know who is really sabotaging Leo and TWiT?

          The dick pick, that was clearly an inside job, and it had Mr Rubenstein’s handwriting all over it. Even Leo and Lisa are being taken by him.

          His motives are clear, he wants to discredit Leo and the network, and then buy him out for a song of the actual value. If no one stops him, get ready for, Glen, The Tech Guy, Rubenstein hosting your favorite TWiT show. Well, I for one am not going to stand for it. #Glen_Rubenstein=the_real_One_Ass

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  2. Who cares? Bushwood is almost as insufferable as Leo, wait even more. At least Leo isn’t annoying on the surface.

    So glad Brian doesn’t get to come on Sunday’s TWiT anymore… watching him try to be a tech pundit was painful.

    In other news, Mike Elgan is so insightful:
    LL: “We hear Pharrell is in the front row, he got the gold Apple watch.”
    ME: “Yeah, very expensive.”

    That’s why you get the big bucks Gumo.

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  3. I see a lot of hating on BB & Jry and their product… Don’t consume if not a fan.

    We take issue with Leo because of many assholey & stupid things he’s done… Many of us are also former fans who watched things go downhill over the years.

    BB & JRY may or may not be to your tastes, however they haven’t done anything to warrant your wrath… except for taking a higher road than Leo/Yoko/TWiT.

    It’s bad form to say everyone and everything who doesn’t openly spew venom towards #Soup sucks and is dead to you.

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    1. I’m not a fan of Night Attack, but I like BB and JRY. I’ve had some interactions with both on Twitter, and both were very funny and nice. I used to watch NSFW at times, but their humor wasn’t my style.
      Kudos for them to not holding a grudge against Leo.

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  4. The petty meltdown Queen Leo had over these two was absolutely embarrassing to witness. The fact that they manage to hold their tongues with heads held high debases Leo to me even further. TWIT should get in contact with adult diaper people for sponsors.

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  5. Sign Leo is shoveling it and knows it: he does the low-pitch creaky voice.

    Sign Leo is big a pompous ass: he does the wheezy laugh.

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  6. maybe leos thinking of bringing them back or they dont want to piss him off lol. maybe they want in on the spotify stuff like leo who knows . even if they have no beef with leo the whole thing was a mess. they prob apologized for airing dirty laundry on air. leo and lisa still were asses about the whole thing either way.

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  7. I predict BB will back on TWIT as a guest sometime in the future. If you watch last nights TWIT, it was a total train wreck as dickgate ran everyone off.

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  8. Sure interesting how BB & J are back paddling hard.
    I agree with Digital Dynamic that there is something up.
    It seems like the ones with a spine are very rare these days.

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    1. You’ve right H, they’ve been working with Glen to screw Leo + TWiT since Game On! was cancelled. Night Attack is the first new show on TWiT after Glen Rubenstein’s hostile take over. #HelowWorld_is_GlenRubenstein. #dick_gate=inside_job

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  9. Those comments about Leo are of course completely dishonest. Like everything else they do, it’s a career move. Why burn bridges with someone who could possibly generate profit for them somehow in the future?

    I quit watching them about a year ago when I could no longer ignore the fact each episode is basically an infomercial for their latest scam. The whole let’s just wing it with zero show prep style isn’t endearing to me, it’s fucking lazy as is the idea of recording an ad-lib conversation and trying to pass it off as a comedy album.

    I think they prey upon the culture of online community… the type of people who may reside somewhere on the spectrum and have limited social ability, but are looking for a connection and somewhere to belong like a (diamond) club. I hope these fans wake up and realize that Brian and Justin don’t love the “Diamond Club” anymore than Leo loves his chatroom. They love the money you suckers are willing to constantly hand over for their latest lazy concoction.

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  10. Hi all

    I watched the video and it’s simple what they are doing, they either made up with him or finally got over the whole situation which only a select few know about. Either way they should have went public with what they knew about and were in involved in, but they didn’t because of loyally to Tom and others. This is why people here are pissed. They back peddled and now the question is why. Either one of my suspicions isn’t good enough in my view to back peddle and kiss his ass again. You’ll still have that pent up anger of him screwing their friends and without publicly telling all, they are kissing ass because of something.

    If they apologized to him, they are the dumb asses. He will screw them over again in one form or another. I saw how angry Brian was in night attack 35 or 38 and it wasn’t pretty.

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    Also if they think he has changed or fooling their viewers they are sadly mistaken.

    Thanks TD

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  11. Diamond Clubs is for shut-ins, at least that’s what Tony’s Wang tells me… Anyway, I really just wanted post something with ‘the Real One’ after my name.

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  12. “So glad Brian doesn’t get to come on Sunday’s TWiT anymore… watching him try to be a tech pundit was painful.”

    Yup. Back when I eagerly looked forward to Sunday TWiT, I watched for the upcoming guests. The only thing I cared about was that BB would NOT be on. He was so bad (drowning out the others with a massively obnoxious personality) that I would skip watching if he were on. For a 1/2 year or so, he was on about every third week when Chad was booking the show.

    ” think they prey upon … the type of people who may reside somewhere on the spectrum and have limited social ability, ”

    Exactly. If you look at BB’s Twitter replies, man, it’s so obvious that he is a cynical pied piper of the young and vulnerable. He really hopes you like the merch, man.

    After Leo reunited with Calicanis and said something about if he could make up with Jason anything was possible with respect to Brushwood, BB must have to be thinking that the road back to TWiT and its benefits in visibility and respectability could come sooner rather than later. If I still watched TWiT Sunday with regularity I would be getting very very nervous that Brushwood would again be ruining my Sunday afternoons. Brushwood is way worse than Leo and that’s saying something.

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  13. Fake Molly wrote, “TWiT and Leo and Lisa and ScooterX and Dan in the chat room … keep on being great”

    To close watchers of TWiT live, it’s clear Dan is totally gone. He has only been on for about two minutes since Leo went postal two weeks ago. It isn’t clear if he jumped, because he was unhappy with how he was being treated or if he was pushed. He used to have total control of the channel. He made and unmade ops. A lot of new ops have been created by others.

    ScooterX has done a 180 personality change.

    Kicks and bans are down by 80%. It’s a whole new regime there. Civil dissent, even of TWiT shows or people, is now miraculously permitted.

    There was obviously some backroom conferencing among the mods and Leo in setting a new course without Dan. Dan only used the channel to vent his misery by making snarky comments to almost everybody. If he couldn’t do that anymore, he may have decided to leave. Since he can’t abuse #twitlive chatters anymore, I fear for the safety of his cats.

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    1. Mr. L,

      You caught me! The reality is I mostly only watch TWiT for that hunk of tech Leo, and he keeps saying how great Dan, ScooterX, and Lisa are, so that seems good enough for me. Have fun in that chat room, for me, chat rooms just don’t cut it, I’m looking for some quality time on one of them Casper mattresses with Leo. #TWiT_AfterDark!

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