my favorite host has been shunned by twit What should i do

my favorite host have been shunned by twit
What should i do? how can i watch my favorite hosts now that they are shunned over at twit?
don’t panic. don’t go complaining in #twitlive about it because that will only get you banned.

Tom Merritt: former host of tnt was let go for wanting to get paid for a living. he can now be found at

if you want to chat with Tomm you can goto and use the web chat.

NSFW is no longer on twit. Brian Brushwood and jury may also be getting shunned by twit. but you can still find them on the internet doing shows.
Their show is called night attack and its available at

reruns and chat are at

framerate. with Tom and brushwood is no more but they still do a show together on the net called cord killers.

Jcd. John C Dvorak. only sometimes shunned by Leo when John is feeling a little free and slaps #gum with a insult. Adam Curry, Johns NoAgenda podcasting buddy is full on shunned/banned from the network.
jcd and Adam Curry. aka as buzzkill and crackpot can be found at.
and web chat at:
this is not a complete list the shunned by twit gang that would take all day to write.
you can add to the list in comments if you like.

11 thoughts on “my favorite host has been shunned by twit What should i do”

    1. well, i did try them all, tom stuck in a basement still, so is it he that is basementdweller? He was great at twit studio, but off set totally different, even at 1.5 speed, could not go on, just reading alot, like Jason does, boring to me. Shannon much better on set also, HAK5, and in twit. Hak5 always good, but when kitchen or shannon is on the other show with tom i could not go on. and they all are selling mattresses, a piece of latex rubber with nice covering, do not look inside, look at the nice cover.

      Dvorak is old grumpy man, has nothing to say ever

      Could be just no one sees tech interesting anymore, just business, business, business, taking money from consumers, the fun of discovery gone, like what screen savers was about.

      No teenagers are talking about tech, just on tech, and still mainly facebook, using fake accounts, and texting, always looking down, even when they are in school, all looking down, including the teachers, too expensive to talk about, and the way ALL tech people advertise the price of Apple iPhones as 99 dollars without ever saying about the huge contract price, so they are all involved in scamming people, phone companies, internet corps, almost all advertising today is total deception, and some are buying it, but many see the huge scamming, can do nothing about it due to global corps.
      if you can not beat them, join them, why young folk are so delusional, many pay for college and still not jobs.

      I know, its time, I’ll go take my meds now, it is 4:20.

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  1. Sure wish Erik Lanigan would come out of hiding. If anyone knows him or is in contact with him, they should strongly urge him to get in contact with the excommunicated twit staff.

    This all goes to show how beat up for no reason Erik really was. He was so talented and was given no support to try and do better for twat. All because that biotch starf*cker couldn’t rape his fame.

    It is incredible how I went from watching twat non-stop down to one show (twich) once a week. I absolutely can’t stand the pimple faced twiggy/portly aliens they have driving the ship deeper into the empty ocean.

    On that note, this comment was sponsored by BarkDog.

    UH.. WTF?

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  2. Now this type of post is what I was hoping totaldrama was going to be. What I think we need out here is alternatives to twit. That’s what could change twit. When more people stop watching and go elsewhere. I don’t think locker room type comments and posts will accomplish this. Two things could help here, a list of alternatives to tech news, reviews and a list of alternative sponsor codes. That will make an impact.
    Thanks for trying!

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  3. GeeTee take a look at [gfq].

    Andrew does a show with Paul thats very windows weakly like. minus the food eating.

    What The Tech
    Hosted by Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurott; What The Tech!? delivers what every techy needs and that is a spotlight on new and emerging technologies from around the world. They cover everything that is up and coming as well as do live unboxings along with reviews of current products. Join in the conversation because it doesn’t matter if you’re a noob or a tech vet. You will find something you like!

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