Justin & Brian Dead to TWiT

Sometimes people tell the truth, one does not need to edit, crop, cut or juxtapose, you can even forgo Ken Burns effect, you just need to listen:

Soup returns and is confronted with questions about the ban.
Soup proclaims they are “not banned.” (probably another lie)
Soup gets mad over nonsensical reason and bans them
-This three-act play took place in just four hours

Will these guys finally realize that TWiT is totally insane? Apparently TWiT was upset about the openness B&J exhibited, specifically the comment that TWiT “don’t care about content creators.”

Laporte has prides himself on his openness with his audience.

I can do anything
I can do anything

This man has publicly mocked (Merritt’s) TNT. He ridiculed No Agenda as conspiracy theory nonsense. He said Brian & Tom stole Framerate.  He said Lamar Wilson stole his show. He wished death on Steve Jobs. He lied about what Erik Lanigan did and ruined his life. He embarrassed the head chat mod for running his IRC for ten years. (<-that I’d let slide) He called Andrew Zarian a slut. He mocked Pirillo after he was blessed with his first child.He said he couldn’t afford Tom. He insinuated bad things about Iyaz for resigning by email whilst he fired Lanigan by text and he forgot to mention to Amber her contract was terminated. He said Kevin Rose and Dvorak copied him. I forget what he said about Dvorak and O’dell. He humiliated the lovely and talented Sarah Lane on camera. He complained about how much money Veronica charged him. Shira Lazaar and many others  got too big for him………And Brian and Jury went too far? They are dead to TWiT?

The first ban justification was “leaving with ads” the second was “trolling” and now “what they said on air.” This is the same fabricated story-after-story pattern he enacted to explain why Merritt was not rehired. How many videos does Captain Juno have to make documenting these lies? And if you’re a fan and still taking Leo’s side, please think about it. Don’t blindly follow. If you agree with him fine, but please let this stuff swirl around in your brain and then form an opinion. If you currently work at TWiT, be realistic before shunning these two guys and exacerbating the problem.

And Leo should not get mad at Amber MacArthur for her tweet about not knowing she was cancelled. Maybe the self-obsessed knucklehead should have called her. She speaks about him like he is royalty. Will he turn on her too?

Do what Merritt did, divorce yourself from that network and erase them from your memory.

Approximately 38 days ago Helloworld discovered twitter and  was asking what “RT” and “MT” were and  “how do you favorite something?”

The purple-faced Jeff Jarvis
Obsessed with Helloworld

Then he started having fun on twitter with Jarvis, Gumbot, #soup and company. He made some fake twitter accounts with zero followers and said some hilarious mean shit to those people. And now, today, some of these great thinkfluencers  are writing articles, dedicating podcasts and going on worldwide speaking tours to discuss Helloworld or what they call “the massive troll dilemma on the Internet.”. Has the world gone mad? I swear, the kid is seriously going to get legislation enacted because of his actions for a few lulz. Helloworld, playing on his iPhone, probably while taking a dump is going to change the world. Jarvis will eventually be speaking to the US congress about this, mark my words. (not really but)

But can twit make fun (troll) of news outlets?

It is infuriating. TWiT ridicules the US Senate, the US supreme court, mainstream media, the EU, China, Russia, major corporations, CEO’s, clickbait journalists, native advertisers, FCC Chairmen, fans, everyone under the sun but if you make fun of them you’re a troll?

Numbers R fun
Numbers R fun

It is sweet that Brian, Justin and Tom all had nice things to say about TWiT upon their departures. It shows a modicum of dignity and appreciation for what they were given, but wake up. TWiT lied to you in order to not pay you. Jesus Christ, last week he told Sarah Ipad Today costs $400,000 a year. [retraction – meant 400K all time which is probably right. He just neglected the detail of the income made off the show] [retracted] He lies through his teeth. Distance yourself from TWiT. I wish no ill will on anyone in Pataluma. I hope they all do well but it is time to move on. The man only makes $350,000 annually from radio gaga yet he throws money away like garbage. He pays his GF about 200k a year for seventeen hours work a week. Every show does not lose money, awake from your slumber Rip Van Winkle. Why does “TWiT needs a new business model” because of exiting talent? Every show that left was “a money sink” according to him. Those two statements do not jive.

Laporte needs to do some serious introspection and do a  Mea Culpa. He needs to find this from within, no one around him will guide him. If you look around and see everyone you have previously worked with is hating you and your fans are leaving you maybe maybe it’s not everyone else with the problem. Many people do not know the end of the story of the man with the Midas touch. He almost died. King Midas starved because his food turned to gold and he was unable to eat.

What do I know? I am just another moron fan in the chat.

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12 thoughts on “Justin & Brian Dead to TWiT”

    1. Leo Laporte thinks if he says something often enough people will believe it. It’s a huge part of his modus operandi. Examples?

      He’ll regularly state he doesn’t engage in native advertising, when he clearly does.

      Another example? Mike Elgan is doing a great job, and provides in-depth journalism. It’s not slow and boring hack journalism at its worst. No. It’s just DEEP. He’s “hitting it out of the park”. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

      More examples? Tom was let go because he asked for too much money ..Except Tom alluded he agreed to the SAME salary as before, in return for greater freedom to do other work outside of Twit. But just keep repeating the reason is because Tom was greedy. That way Tom’s to blame.

      Blaming everyone else (but himself) is a Laporte specialty. He relies on the ignorance of fans, and the fact that most of them won’t make the effort to chase up his statements, which frequently contradict other statements he’s made on camera! The best person to expose Laporte as a liar is always Laporte himself.. I thank the efforts of Total Drama for highlighting much of it.

      I remember when Tom was still an employee and Laporte pondered aloud, on his live stream, why Tom had lost his enthusiasm for Twit, because Tom was starting to do more and more elsewhere. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, they’d shown zero enthusiasm for Tom’s ideas, they’d cancelled some of his shows, taken him off Triangulation, and continually talked about how TNT didn’t make money because of staff costs.

      But, there Laporte sits, asking WHY Tom might have more enthusiasm about doing things elsewhere? Gee, I wonder! The thing that cracks me up the most is Laporte does this with a straight face, like he’s genuinely being candid with his audience. Classic freaking sociopath!

      His actions (often Lisa simply acting on HIS direction) cause problems behind the scenes, then he comes on camera and feigns ignorance, before finding some way to always blame the other guy! Sound familiar? It should do.. because that’s EXACTLY the same pattern he just followed with Brian and Justin.

      No they’re not banned, but because they said they are, now I am banning them for real! Yup. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

      I see the Mike Arrington incident brought up in the comments. You know the reason he agreed to host that show? He was JEALOUS of the guests Gillmor attracted, and wanted to find a way to get more of them on his own shows. This according to who? Leo Laporte, in his own words! The same man who “doesn’t accept review units” then does nothing but (constantly) brag about it if he gets an early review sample.

      The wonderful thing about Leo is there’s some sort of flaw in his brain. Sometimes, just sometimes, he actually says what he REALLY thinks. He’s made frequent mention of how he “lacks a filter” when he’s done this. But the reality is more that, the longer you give a liar to speak, the more opportunity they have to contradict themselves and expose what they really think, and who they actually are.

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  1. Ahh my dear Richard, there is a difference. When someone at TWiT Trolls another entity they are “Tech Pundits”. when someone Trolls TWiT they are referred to as Trolls because it makes them sound like they are Victims.

    HelloWorld is not Trolling any of these Tossers! He is merely a TWiT Pundit and we must celebrate our status when we are critical of Laporte and Co as not being Trolls but being TWiT Pundits.

    Yesterday Goofballs Tweeted to BB & JRY and said that according to Soup they were not banned from TWiT. This was before two of his minion one being the squawky voices masochist Jeff Needles whom screeched “Leo there’s a Video Leo A VIDEO!”. Soup turned to camera and we all watched as he said “Well they’re banned now!”, he went off camera and the mic’s were shut off for a short time. I am sure that it was so that he could see the evidence. I corrected Goofballs tweet and JRY replied with “Soooo the Final Verdict is?” but tweeted it also to Soup and TWiT. I suggested that he asks Jeff Needles and Chad who seemed to be the ones pointing out the after show.

    In fact it seems that anyone that is critical of the likes of Jarvis, Laporte and Elgan as always going to be referred to as “Trolls” because they don’t like their actions or comments being criticized.

    It is strange that Gum has trolled Apple for many many years. He is well known for being a troll. He is a hypocrite! He now posts slo-mo video of every little offing things he does or see’s. He still badmouths Apple but he is merely being a “Pundit”.

    Now if you Look at the two meanings


    an expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called on to give opinions about it to the public.
    “a globe-trotting financial pundit”
    synonyms: expert, authority, specialist, doyen(ne), master, guru, sage, savant, maven; More
    variant spelling of pandit.

    and Troll:

    In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4]

    In fact it is just recently that they have made that association with Harassment, this I am sure is because of the mouths of TWiT “Pundits” who claim to be trolled.

    Going back to TWiT Nobody really asks Leo Laporte for his opinion on Tech. He forces it on people. Similarly the same can be said of Jeff Jarvis and Mike Elgan! Since they make their comments on an agenda that is biased towards Google. Argue as much as you like, they all make Pro-Google commentary and slag off Apple, Microsoft and even Blackberry (Poor old decrepit and dying blackberry). They do this regardless of what they were supposed to be discussing.

    Look at Laporke! He spent much of his time one day trolling Windows Weekly and This Week in Google on a tirade about Apple retiring a particular app on iOS 8 that he used and another complaining about the iPhone 6+ being too big for his porky hands!

    Mike Elgum spends a ridiculous amount of time trolling. That fine example of his tweet about CBSNEWS getting something wrong and not fixing it. That was pure trolling. Does he not realize that CBS and CBS Interactive are the same company and the employers of several ‘hacks’ that either supply news of ‘co-present’ the Farce Tech News Today!

    If by their standards they are ‘Tech Pundits’ then I happily embrace the title “TWiT Pundit”. Not only that, I am proud to say that when I read something out loud in front of a camera I don’t sound like I’ve been boozing on Vodka or Rubbing Alcohol or Listerine(tm)!

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    1. Thanks for thorough analysis. In short for blowhards like Laporte and Jarvis, “trolling” is disagreeing with them. Both of them are small pathetic thinskinned jerks.

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  2. It is nice to see that Mike Elgum has had me blocked completely from viewing his Google+ Page. I guess the truth hurt when I accused him of being a bigger troll than the people he was accusing of being a troll and being a hack rather than a reporter.

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    1. Did you watch the same Tech Guy that I watched? There was a segment with two callers who didn’t get to the point immediately because they wanted to tell backstory, and Leo got visibly upset, told the callers to hurry up and get to the question, and then admonished fill-in call screener Kim during the following break, telling her that she needs to do a better job getting these callers to get to the question immediately.

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      1. Yup, I was listening and Leo tossed Kim under the bus, Leo, of all people telling callers to get to the point when he himself will go off on some wild side/back story if the caller mentions the least bit personal info or gear that Leo happens to have/use. Perfect example is anything to do with cameras, Leo will go off on the latest hi end camera he has, this month it’s the Sony A7 but in the past it’s been his 5d MKlll with his very fast L series 50mm 1.2 lens, which we all know won’t open as wide as Lisa will …

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