Man of God: Father Robert Ballecer Insults Transgendered People

Father Robert Ballecer
Fr. Robert Ballecer
Today we introduce our new series, Man of God, in which we chronicle the exploits of one Father Robert Ballecer, aka Grimace in a Priest Costume, aka The Digital Jesuit, aka <PadreSJ>, aka FFF, aka <MetalHealthSJ>. Please use our dvr and send in tips with examples of his very Christlike behavior.

In this week’s Man of God, we watch the obese, gluttonous (deadly sin) medical waste sack in a priest costume sing a song demeaning those with non-cisgendered gender identities and then introduce one such person. Myriam deserves better than being called a “he” multiple times by both #Soup and #FFF.

When Padre isn’t busy telling people to “Suck it.”, he spends his time wasting money on drones, pretending to interview people while grinning/nodding at the camera, and doxxing critics on Twitter (who he gets banned from the chatroom).


Padre’s Response

We take a few issues with his response.

  1. We very rarely enter their chat room. They attribute everyone who hates TWiT to Total Drama. We have our own one-way bridge to see what they say. We don’t need to be there ourselves. We certainly don’t go there to insult transgendered people. That’s Padre’s job.
  2. Amateurish editing?? OK. We’ll give him that one.
  3. The indignation is real and there is more to come in the Man of God series.
  4. We agree with him about “watch for yourself”. Our DVR contains up to two weeks of live TWiT video. We encourage you to skip back to 34:00 on the “14:00 Friday May 8, 2015” video and watch the entire pre-show for yourself, in which Leo and Padre dox one of Total Drama’s members.

    He’d rather you download the edited copy with all the pre-show insensitivities edited out, but you can see for yourself, only here at Total Drama.

Fr. Ballecer's Response
How dare he?

26 thoughts on “Man of God: Father Robert Ballecer Insults Transgendered People”

  1. Maybe PervertSJ should read Philippians 3:19

    Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.


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  2. You certainly would not be able to tell Robert Ballecer is a man affiliated with an organization of faith without his bed sheet sized priest outfit. He seems like a sadistic power hungry individual more than anything. I really dislike the way he comes across as smug and elitist (especially the instance where he discusses Shannon Morse as if he is her superior).

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  3. No religious leader that I know has a schtick like “The Digital Jesuit.” Where did this guy get his white collar? The same correspondence school that CeHo got her marketing degree?

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  4. No one from TD asked…

    Since I’m TWiT’s favorite fake employee, I don’t know what’s in PSJ’s heart, but he commits the greatest sin in broadcasting, he’s shows and projects are boring.

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  5. When do we think is the last last time Father Robert could see his own penis? Not that he has much use for that thing, given he took a vow of celibacy for our Lord (and saviour).

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  6. He claims he doesn’t “read, watch or pay attention to anything the TD folks do” — yet he refers to us as “TD.”

    Did he just happen to divine that’s what we call ourselves? Did the voice of God whisper it in his ear?

    Seems to me, Padre, that you are VERY familiar with our humble hangout of #truth.

    Peace, indeed.

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  7. Where is Myrium last time I remember seeing her really cute purple lock of hair was at the trade show. And honestly she did a very good job of explaining products. Mumbles (We got to go) Mike Elgan failed badly.

    The good ol boy system is alive and well at TWIT

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  8. Total drama is dumb. He doesn’t watch or listen to you guys:

    Yet he knows that what TD says is all outright lies
    Yet he knows what’s said “everytime” Myriam is on
    Yet he knows what they do with video

    This man is coming close to being more and more like his God Leo Laporte every day. He can not say anything without lying. He has found his calling. He is truly Leo’s disciple now.

    He is right about TD chat room and myriam though, TD is assholes but so is twit.

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  9. There are many good points to SJ Ballecer, and other un-sacerdotal like points that should be readdressed.

    It is noble and honourable that the Society of Jesuits are approachable, and allow it’s clergy to freely interact in a modern way with the public, instead of preaching righteousness from the pulpit.

    Needless to say there is a lot of tension between some viewers of TWiT and Leo Laporte. But what is sad, (and has been commented on already;) is the way Padre has stepped in and unequivocally and unashamedly positioned himself with Leo. Naturally, as a mortal/human you choose a viewpoint you agree with and defend it. There is nothing wrong with this stance, and it’s totally normal.

    However, what is really disappointing is that, Padre SJ, has not chosen the higher and righteous ground, and stayed neutral. I had hoped that his training as a Jesuit priest would have encompassed some lessons on listening and uniting dissenting groups.

    That is not to say Padre shouldn’t have an opinion. It would be more Christian and priestly if he was more objective and be the person who unify both sides. Sadly, he has burnt this bridge by Tweeting, bantering with Leo on live feeds, and making ill-informed comments. This is depicting him more like a “narrow-minded hate preacher,” and a person who has without doubt become self-centred, self-important and arrogant. All the virtues you hope a priest not to be.

    Whilst I like Padre, and as a “man of the cloth” he needs to become a reconciling nonpartisan figure and stay out of the politics of the bickering hordes. Regrettably, it seems that he has chosen to be a foot soldier, and attack anyone who has any viewpoints of Leo and the TWiT network regardless of it being unsavoury.

    I wish him all the best on his ecclesiastical vocation should he choose to permanently go down this route.

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  10. Mr freheel, That might be a problem at some other pod casting outlets, but Leo and TWiT only takes ads for products they use and believe in. Leo has been pretty clear on this. (did you see Leo and Lisa rolling around on the Casper mattress? They clearly use it and love it! #TWiT_Spicy!). Plus with those offer codes you get incredible deals! I for one am never going to have to wait in line at the post office ever again! #support_TWiT_advertisers!

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  11. Wonder if the Catholic Church teaches priest’s how to dox people It. I’m quite surprised he took his nose out of Leo’s arse for 5 minutes and stuck it in to his business instead.

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