Leo Laporte, “Disgusting Little Creep”?

Leo can't help himself, even with works of art.
Complete utter pervert?
We (Leo says this is the “royal we”) at Total Drama are well aware of Leo’s problems dealing with women. From sexual harassment complaints during the Tech TV days from Kate Botello to present day sexual objectification, #Soup is a master misogynist.

The editorial board received a tip recently, pointing to a Reddit AMA Soledad O’Brien did many months ago. When asked about the character Dev Null, created solely by #Soup for MSNBC, this was her response.

Soledad O'Brien Speaks Out on Leo Laporte
He’s actually a feminist when not in character.

In the words we’re sure our resident Man of God would say:

Matthew 7:18: “A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit.”

We now have earlier evidence of Leo Laporte’s deviance that predates even Tech TV evidence. If you have anything to report, send us a tip or join us in chat.

33 thoughts on “Leo Laporte, “Disgusting Little Creep”?”

  1. Umm I’m all for picking out places where Leo’s been a dick in the past and bringing them to light. But Soledad clearly says that the Dev Null CHARACTER was a perv, not Leo. She even clarifies that in the same thread:

    “Remember – he was in character! The actual Leo Laporte is QUITE a lovely man!”

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  2. Hello all, I first want to say that this site is doing a good service for whistle blowing.

    I was a big Leo fan back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s with TechTV. I think if wasn’t for TechTV I wouldn’t be in the computer field. I met Kate and Leo in 1999 and then Leo and Patrick in 2003. That said, I am not blind to Leo’s sexist comments and I vaguely remember watching the episode where Leo said that “Pole’ comment on air to Kate. Having to work with him day after day, she knew what he meant by that comment when he said it, even through most people would have missed it. I had to go back and watch the off air clips from TWIT and the said TechTV clip on youtube and it’s obvious what he was doing. I wouldn’t surprise me this was one of reasons behind her switching hosting over to X Play / Extended Play.

    As for his TWIT drama that has been going on, I hope one of the female ex employees sues his ass just to teach him a lesson. I think if he didn’t hire that gold digging book keeper, now CEHO, which is appropriate considering how she got the job so fast in my opinion. She in my view is not CEO quality. She has no consideration for the talent that was there and has left. You just don’t email or test them to tell them they are fired. Also the other annoyance I see and agree with is, I’ve never come across where you pay your workers, contractor or full employee 10%. Like others have said, the standard is usually 20% to 25%. I don’t care how much expenses they have, to keep the lights on and the bandwidth flowing, that’s greedy and selfish.

    As for the talent they / she has fired is ridiculous. Amber Mac, Sarah Lane, Tom Merritt, Erik, Chad; (after he pouched him from Bryan Brushwood), Eileen, etc etc. They were all A+ talent from TechTV and Rev3 and some new up and comers and they got axed because I think they weren’t making a enough money on their shows as per the memo of x number of downloads or Lisa personally didn’t like the said hosts.

    She will drive TWIT into the ground and take all of the Leo’s money and that dumb fat ass is so pussy whipped that he’ll probably let it happen.

    Those are my two cents from a long TechTV / Leo fan who isn’t blinded by the facts and isn’t like his other sheep viewers.

    Thanks Total Drama!!!!

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    1. I rarely read long posts like this (even though I leave a lot myself). Your post was worth he read because it pretty much summed up the entire thought of everyone on this site.

      I don’t think I hate Leo as a “tech host”, per se (his private life is a disaster in my books). I just hate that he allowed someone with no experience in tech, to control the talent and flow of the shows he was already successful at introducing. The small niche shows are what keep the collective coming back for the larger ones. She doesn’t get that. People have all different types of interests and preferences to hosts. The only show I enjoy on the network still is this week in computer hardware. Sorry, but I do.

      What is happening now is the fall out of the changes. They are seeing the community shift to dullard viewers that are not loyal. Their numbers will slowly decline as the audience gets bored and moves on to other hobbies. Instead of retaining the enthusiast group that has smaller numbers and loyalty, they will will suffer the same fate as techtv.

      History is going to repeat itself again.

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      1. Leo’s biggest mistake was mixing business with pleasure. Now look at how things have turned out there. He can never remove her from that position to try to correct the sinking ship. There isn’t a buffer where he can put his foot down and say “No, we’re doing it THIS way…” He’s put himself in a corner and all he can do is hold on as the ship sinks.

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  3. Should be no surprise the way he’s constantly trophy casing his girlfriend into every conversation like some 13 year old. Except it’s more annoying because he should have outgrown that behavior. I came for the tech, not to hear about your weird relationship.

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    1. You bring up a lovely point. It is totally inappropriate in any professional environment, to flaunt your relationship all about like a little teenager. She is immature, he is immature, and it is unfortunate that a tech resource has been soured.

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      1. I think it is romantic how Leo fawns all over Lisa on the air, like a school boy smitten by his teacher. #TWiT_Love_Story! I’ve been told by my friends who have dated older guys like Leo that they can have an ‘old man smell’, but from those spicy texts Leo has flashed on the air, either he smells OK or his odor doesn’t bother Lisa. And who says non-tech ads aren’t appropriate for the network? I’m looking at you Casper Mattress! I think I’ll take my tech with a side of hot sauce! #TWiT_after_dark!

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  4. This is the type of behavior which results from a silver spoon upbringing and a sense that you’re entitled to whatever or whomever you want, at the expense of anyone’s humanity.

    It really is time for a victim to come forward and put him in his place. His behavior will not change until consequence hits him in the only place he has feeling, his bank account.

    This guy is the Bill Cosby of sexual harassment. It’s sickening. What’s sadder is that he’s set such a horrible example for his son and step-son. The cycle continues. Please, won’t someone come forward and stop this disgusting pig’s abuse of women?

    To the talented hosts and co-hosts remaining at TWiT: Have you seen the success Tom Merritt has found with Patreon? He is now making more money from the direct support of his fans. There is no need to be a part of a network, particularly if you are already an established name like Steve Gibson, Paul Thurrott, etc. When your contract is up, GET OUT. No one wants Leo on your broadcasts anyway. I fast-forward through his half-assed, barely-interested mumblings.

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    1. It just irks me that Leo puts ZERO prep into every show he’s on. It’s embarrassing to hear him fumble around while reading a story, making it painfully obvious this is his first time reading it. He covers up his ignorance by trying to be the comedy relief, and that works every so often, but most of the shows would be better without him.

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  5. Have you guys not noticed a pattern at twit?? Leo Laporte is extremely insecure about his technical knowledge and skill level. Sure, he was once one of the best, but technology changes rapidly and he is no longer the master he once was.

    That being said, every time a Twit personality starts becoming too…. BIG… to well-liked or “famous,” he cuts the rope. They get fired. He wants to be the most Beloved character at twit, and can’t stand someone else getting more attention than he.

    think about how many times this has happened…

    This is such a horrible way to do things. If he would have kept the good talent and lets them do their thing, he would have guaranteed a growing audience and more revenue. Instead, his audience has started crumbling away because of his Ego is in the way.

    Oh well, I’m sure he has enough racked up to retire well. He makes a decent salary on his radio show too, so when twit goes under, he’ll still have that I suppose.

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    1. What is funny is how so many people are able to read this man like a book, yet he has no self awareness what so ever. Your point about just letting talent do their thing, is great. Case in point, look how Sarah Lane’s TechCrunch show turned out? In a few weeks she had a more modern bright and better produced show. Well the question is, why couldn’t she have done that at TWiT. I’ll tell you why.. you have two stifling idiot running the place with egos so big, there is no room for creativity. Remember when they tried to change the background a little bit, and Leo went nuts like a little boy? Well Leo, this is why your screensavers show looks like a dark dingy turd compared to the TechTV production. This is also why your new 350K website looks like shit. You just don’t know how to let talent do their thing.

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      1. Tech and time have surpassed Mr. Laporte’s talent, leaving behind only the greasy skid mark of his monumentally over-inflated ego.

        Just sayin’ and best regards

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    2. That’s exactly what happened to Erik. He was tons more knowledgeable and eager to put his heart and sole in to his shows.

      Leo panicked and started looking for any excuse to fire him.

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    3. One thing about Leo, his “current” knowledge of tech (outside of a very shallow experience with whatever newest gadget of the week acquisition) is sorely outdated, and has been for a very long time. His knowledge may be good enough for someone with a casual relationship with technology, but often he will spout off marginally relevant and superficial “wisdoms” as the current state, leaving more knowledgeable panelists puzzled and politely silent.

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      1. That’s quite an allegation H? Put yourself in our shoes, would you trust some random guy named H or would you trust a guy called ‘The Tech Guy’ for advice on technology? They just don’t give names like that to everyone.

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  6. I just posted this comment on a recent thread, but I think it warrants this spot as well” After seeing a closeup of “MrsCEO’s” wrinkles and double chin and manly appearance (context: some close up shots of her holding the kitten was shot today after TheNewShitSavers)she’s going downhill very quickly, may I recommend Leo grab a new Mistress ASAP , that should piss off the current “Mrs CEO” and help speed up the sinking of the SS ShitHouse .. I put his creepy Uncle Perveness towards ladies right up there with Bill Cosby, Least Bill has some sense to deny it, unlike Leo who has years of “video evidence” against him”
    to sum this up unlike his pervious wife who ended up a victim of Leo and Lisa , Leo and Twit will end up a victim from the current “Mrs Laporte’s” wrath should Leo ever get caught cheating on her( “Evil Mrs CEO”)

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