Life After Leo: Needles Works for Meerkat

Stupid Meerkat Rig (first of many)
Stupid Meerkat Rig (first of many)
In a move that surprised no one, Jeff Needles now works for Meerkat. #Soup said he didn’t have a job lined up (could have technically been true at the time) and that Noodles “couldn’t take the heat,” but apparently he can take the heat at a quickly growing San Francisco tech startup.

Yes, Leo Laporte and TWiT aren’t the only game in town (Jason Howell), and fame and fortune can soon follow after you leave the Walrus’ nest (Sarah, Tom, Iyaz, Chad).

Congratulations, Noodles! We never liked you, but you have again shown that nobody needs TWiT or Leo to be successful. Carly Perkins will replace Noodles’ job functions at TWiT, until she is hired by Victoria’s Secret.

7 thoughts on “Life After Leo: Needles Works for Meerkat”

  1. I find it strangely ironic that a blog that is so quick to point out every TWiT typo just can’t seem to get the spelling of Jeff Needles last name right. #TD_spellcheck_fail!

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  2. Sorry about the name. My PC autocorrected it to that.

    GOOD LUCK NEEDLES!!! All Caps Makes It more better.


    Hoping working at a real tech company will vault you to the heights you aspire to. Unless you stink and sink.

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  3. Kudos to Needles cunning plan. He immersed himself with Meerkat WHILE working at TWiT. Someone at Meerkat noticed his dedication to Meerkat & offered him a job.

    Win for Needles. He doesn’t have to deal with Leo and Leo’s B*itch anymore.

    Learn from Needles Jason Howell. You too can be free from the life-sucking forces of TWiT.

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