Leo’s talking points

Leo Laporte just recycles the same dumb stories over and over.
Leo Laporte just recycles the same dumb stories over and over.

Professional weight-gainer Leo Laporte was once known as an entertaining personality who brought joy and knowledge to his loyal fans. He was engaging and insightful on shows such as “The Screen Savers” and “Call for Help.” But in recent years he has grown ever lazier and has allowed his shitty attitude to  grow with his waistline. LaPig has these days pretty much narrowed down the recycled subjects he talks about on his various shows to this short list:

  1. How his hair has grown back after the New Year’s Eve Show
  2. How he was banned from Apple Events years ago
  3. How he “feels bad” about showing up late to shows
  4. How they all just “looooooooove” Chad
  5. How they spent $1 million on a studio

Please let us know in the comments section which ones we’ve missed.

21 thoughts on “Leo’s talking points”

  1. a) He talks about getting sued by Comcast
    b) No one ever gets fired from TWiT
    c) TD is #OneAss
    d) They pay the Vatican for the services of the Priest
    e) Gum is doing a grrrreat job on TNT

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  2. 6. How soon can you get me my lunch?
    7. How Lisa and I can’t wait for our vacation.
    8. How we just bought….fill in the blank ($6,000 toilet, $8,000 lens, etc.)
    9. How I’m a lousy photographer.
    10.How we make millions and millions (yet can’t afford to keep capable staff).

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  3. Android is obviously the best ( while he wears an Apple Watch)
    He turns down advertisers everyday
    iPhone is just a grid of icons
    He’s a lisp developer
    Starting shows on time will never happen, this is not a TV network.

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  4. A lot of inappropriate junk about his body parts on a kid friendly show.
    Anything to diss apple.
    Android is for the sophisticated will feeding his fishy son his screen and playing the latest FarmVille

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  5. I think he would fire Chad, again, if he could, seeing how the new Giz Wiz is a total blockbuster even before it aired at a whopping $800 PER SHOW with zero ads of stupid mattresses and razors lol

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