Who do you hate the most at TWiT?

Anybody who reads this site knows that you’ll only find positive posts and helpful suggestions on how TWiT can improve their programming here. And anyone who visits this blog regularly knows that we don’t dabble in the negative very often.

But just this once, we’d like to present you with a choice of who you hate the most. We present to you THE TROLL POLL.

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32 thoughts on “Who do you hate the most at TWiT?”

  1. Since Mike took over as “News Director” or whatever, has TNT broken any real news stories, or are they just rehashing other news venues stories? That’s not news. It’s commentary, delivered in a monotone voice. Maybe he should stick to cooking homemade pizza in his outdoor pizza oven.

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  2. Please. They all steal news. One tech news company will get a press release and run with it. Then they all run in for a piece of it.

    Look at gumball, he steals others work all the time. He even blogs and steal comments from followers.
    So everybody does it. This poll is not about professionalism.

    This poll is about when you watch any twit show which one makes you puke on your keyboard?

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    1. Agree. I don’t fault them for not doing original reporting. You can’t fill a daily show with original reporting without hiring 40 more staff. It should be a show about insight and commentary

      In reality, 100% of the questions come straight from the article. They basically read articles in question and answer format. There is no real insight. If he is not asking questions straight from the article it is just speculation and guessing.

      What do you think Apple will do?
      Is the rumor a good rumor?
      How would you fix Microsoft?

      His real weakness is his insight, it’s worse than his delivery which we could overcome if there was a show underneath. He spews obvious stuff every knows as if they were insights like “China is bad.”

      Next time you watch TNT, read the article headline first and then listen to his discussion. See if you learn anything. You won’t know anything outside the headline after his ten minute discussions.

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      1. Please, please don’t let HelloWorld take this down the path of the last site. Things have been SO much better. Now, again, he’s going after appearance and losing the credibility you built up over the last few months.

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    1. Hey Banned By Leo (What did he ban you from? Seems suspicious…),

      This reaction you are having when you see PSJ and Leo indicates you have a serious phycological condition. My guess it it is a phobia or you sufer from acute anxiety. You should seek professional help cause it seems like TWiT is so important to you that even after these disturbing physical reactions you keep watching. Good luck.

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  3. That was a hard choice, I love them all! I wish that deserter Sarah (and her second rate ripoff of TN2 news show) would have been included. Buy your own iPad with all that Tech Crush money honey. #iOS_Today_iPad_was _Yesterday!

    I voted for Tonya cause I figured only real sick-os would vote for her (yea – you are a sick-o) and figured she would have the least number of votes. There are like twice as many sick-os as I expected.

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    1. Are you Jason ‘The Devil’ Cortez the MMA fighter? If you are I’d love to see you in The Octagon with either HelloWorld or Tonya or the guy that post under the name Leo but really isn’t Leo.

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  4. if Noodles was still at TWiT, I’d vote for him. He’s the most annoying spoiled kid I’ve ever seen! He always had to insert his stupid face into everything. Once Giz Wiz was gone and he had nobody left to boss around, he ran away to pursue his Meerkat fortune. LOL! I doubt he’ll last there a year.

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  5. Pretty shitty to make someone’s appearance have anything to do with this.

    I don’t care for Padre, because he is a two-faced traitor (NSFW..ahem)

    I don’t care for Mike, but that’s just because he doesn’t have the gravitas that his appearance would suggest he should have. He was a bad choice; not a bad person.

    I don’t care for Megan whatshername, because they replaced a young hip informed single-ish woman with a boring soccer mom who makes everything about her shitty kids.

    I don’t care for pretty much anyone else, because I don’t have any clue who anyone else is anymore.

    Frankly, other than when Dvorak is on TWiT, the only shows worth watching are TWiCH and Ham Nation — and everyone on Ham Nation is far more compelling than everyone else at TWiT actual (ie, not including Ryan and Patrick from TWiCH).

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