Leo Walks Back Shutdown After #DickGate

Penis seen round the world. Pixelated for your protection.
Penis seen round the world. Pixelated for your protection.
Leo is busy doing damage control after #DickGate and announcing a shutdown on the live stream and live chat shortly after. He is lying on Twitter and lied to Gawker. Additionally, Perez Hilton is covering the cover-up. TOMO News has spoofed it as well.

Now, he’s busy trying to walk back the damage. Previously, he announced his intention to mine $$$ monthly from his sycophant fans, who he has said have no value and are weirdos with no lives.

Chad agrees. Live streaming is the best.

Gawker has been tweeting multiple times. Perhaps mad at being called liars, as are we.


Chat begins at May 27 2015 11:33 PST
Leo's lines only for brevity

<~Leo> don't miss it yet
<~Leo> we're looking into some sort of verified system
<~Leo> $1/month or something
<~Leo> lisa talked me off the ledge
<~Leo> I think it would be a better experience for us all - as long as we can keep the trolls at bay
<~Leo> it's not the money - it would force identification. We would give it all to the mods
<~Leo> as long as they want to stick around
<~Leo> actually [redacted doxxing] will
<~Leo> he's loaded
<~Leo> but we can block him
<~Leo> we'd let hosts choose whether they want to do their shows live
<~Leo> at least that's what we're thinking
<~Leo> trolls absolutely will pay
<~Leo> [redacted doxxing]'s family owns a [redacted doxxing]!
<~Leo> it's not to keep them out - it's to identify and eliminate them
<~Leo> we're trying to figure out how to keep the live stream
<~Leo> I don't want people to pay for that
<~Leo> I heard your pain
<~Leo> we'll just figure it out
<~Leo> I don't want [redacted doxxing] to win
<~Leo> stream is free - no matter what
<~Leo> we might want to make chat more constrained to take some of the pressure off the mods
<~Leo> no paywall to live
<~Leo> that's against my philosophy
<~Leo> agreed mick
<~Leo> but putting it behind a paywall might help
<~Leo> fewer drivebys
<~Leo> but we're investigating options
<~Leo> we're not going to get rid of live
<~Leo> lisa talked me down

139 thoughts on “Leo Walks Back Shutdown After #DickGate”

  1. I don’t think this is truly the end. I think he will run TWiT bits to replace the behind the scenes coverage or he will go ahead and replace everything with prerecorded content.

    Just another day in the ongoing saga for Leo on how to not make himself look like an ass.

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    1. I’ve been blocked forever, I’m assuming because I followed Leo LaPorte Sucks. I’ve never done anything to him or his chat to deserve a block.

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  2. Does he EVER think before he speaks? He acts as if he has a Jobs level reality distortion field. Did he think it rubbed off the one time he was allowed near Jobs before the restraining order? I so wish I could say anything nonsensical and have my head so fucked that I actually believe it. We can see where his daughter inherited her mental illness from.

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  3. Does he not re-read shit he says? He lies and lies and lies and lies. He acts like a predatory college frat kid, offends people and then blames the people that are offended. Then he lies about offending them. Then he block anyone in chat that mentions they may have been offended? He can’t take one morsel of criticism. He just completely flushes any mention of someone trying to let him know they might like things a little cleaner and back to the style he used to run the studio. That si not a troll. We feel lied to and since you don’t give a shit, we don’t give a shit either. We aren’t trolls… we are just pointing out your bad behaviour in a place that others can vent their frustrations. It’s a growing populous now!

    Leo, if you are reading this… I was a huge fan from 1999 onwards up until about 2011 . I have a twit hoodies, Leo Laporte underwear and mousepads.

    YOU CHANGED. WE DON’T LIKE THE NEW YOU, YOU ARE VULGAR, RUDE AND OFFENSIVE. WORST OF ALL, YOU ARE A FLAT OUT LIAR ABOUT EVERYTHING, WE DO NOT TRUST YOU ANYMORE. Your network changed it’s course. You bad mouthed every guest or host that was interesting, then employed every boring host known to man. You started paying people to hush anyone that was trying to help you better your network. We feel entitled because you grew your network by having us support it.

    The last straw with me came when you Belittled Erik Lanigan and drove the guy into a depressive suicide. How can you live with yourself knowing that. Stop ignoring facts. I am only still paying attention to you because your fall from grace is entertaining. Retribution from the higher powers for the way you and lisa treated Erik Lanigan is finally here. You deserve all of what is coming to you. Karma.

    What the fuck is going on in this man’s brain. How does he even function as a person?

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    1. Yeah the whole Erik Lanigan situation left me with a very sour taste at the back of my throat . We still don’t even know how he died. But suicide is a possibility. As Leo bad mouthed him to his grave.

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      1. Leo spent two shows explaining himself, badly, but bad mouthing lasted a week at best. Erik apparently took his own life many months afterward.

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      1. Very true. That wasn’t cool. I am just frustrated with him not accepting reaction from his wrong doings. It is always spin and lies.

        We don’t know the exact cause of death for young Erik.

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      1. No, that’s not “lying”. That’s “saying something harsh, which might be wrong”. “Lying” is when you know something is not true and choose to say it anyway. Like, for example, Leo Laporte claiming that the dick pic was photoshopped.

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    2. I saw the same behavior when a relative got remarried after being single for 30 years. Reasonable, intelligent people tend to go nuts when they start getting laid on a regular basis again. Since he took up with the CE-Ho it’s gotten progressively worse. He’s literally thinking with that unimpressive appendage he took a picture of.

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  4. I said this would happen in the other comment stream. This is typical. He is a terrible baby and needs some woman to “talk him down.” Is he up in the rafters? He needs the security blanket of a chat room. And he needs to vent to the live camera every so often so he can say what he actually thinks about people without it being part of an actual show. He needs psychological help badly.

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    1. Ms Carly, Please don’t let Leo distract you from the important business of opening up that store. Sorry to be so vulgar, but, I need my F’ing keychain! #TWiT_Live_on_Tape_Rocks

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    1. The video wasn’t edited you can tell because on the replay of the tech guy a white screen appeared when then got to the part where Leo shows his pictures and if it was truly edited by Totaldrama stafff there would be no need for TWIT editors to do that just playing the video again would prove what really happened.

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  5. I don’t see what the big deal is. I ran a site for a dozen years with 100k+ users and dealing with fake accounts and troublemakers was an enormous chore that I was partially able to mitigate by simply requiring people to pay a nickel (yes, one nickel) via Paypal when creating their account. It meant I could implement whatever processes paypal implements to create an account and connect it enough to transfer a nickel through, but do it vicariously… using their services.

    That nickel transaction cut down on the bullshit I had to deal with, tremendously.

    Also, SomethingAwful forums do this, I think. Don’t they charge you $10 to create an account? Then, if you’re an asshole and get banned, you just lost $10?

    Of course, with a cunt like &Dan and the other mods who are literally more prudish than a sunday school teacher, people are going to get bilked of their money left and right because of it.

    Not to mention… it had better be implemented in a manner that doesn’t give TWIT any access to your identity *whatsoever*.

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    1. Just a nickel? Wow, that’s peanuts.

      100,000 x 0.10 = $10,000

      Can some of you not see through your own BS? I think Leo really doesn’t lie so much as he sees the world upside down.

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      1. I think it’s both. I think he distorts his own reality, but he also does lie. He claims that the dick pic was photoshopped by a troll, which is the very definition of a lie: he knows it’s not true but he’s saying it anyway.

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  6. What was or was not shown on Sunday really isn’t the issue. The Brick House has put up with bomb threats, nasty stuff said against minors, creepy real world stuff done by haters against said minors, and an endless stream of lies coming out of this site. (You can’t really make accusations against Leo lying when this site makes up at least half the shit that has been posted here…especially by HelloWorld, the cancer of this site.) after all this, are you guys really surprised that TWiT is looking into ways to cut off your lifeline? Fine, you won. Have a party. Then go home. Leave TWiT and its employees alone.

    Even if none of the regulars here (including Bruce S., who is such an fucking idiot that you can easily find his address in the open by doing a Whois on any of the anti-TWiT domains he registered), this site’s existence is still encouraging whack jobs to call in bomb threats and stalk Lisa’s kid. It has gone too far. It’s not just words anymore.

    Trolls, quit it.

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    1. Please reference said lies.

      I am curious. If they are obvious sarcastic commentary, I think you may be a simpleton.

      I have yet to read something on this site that hasn’t been true. I am not a troll, I just have opinions that are validated by fact.

      Just because you don’t agree with someone pointing out your lies, doesn’t make that someone a “troll”. It makes you an asshole for name calling.

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    2. Also,

      Why is bruce an idiot for posting valid information on domain registry. I believe it is actually a requirement to do so. I fail to see how being truthful is a bad thing? Oh wait, you’re a leo follower, we get it.

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    3. Hey mother fucker, whoever said to stalk Lisa’s kid? Huh? Find it and post it in this thread you lying sack of shit.

      So Leo endlessly shows a photo of his stepkid and his wife embracing jn a weird way. He shows it online dozens of times. Some of us commented that it was weird. That’s all. How is that lying or encouraging stalking of a minor?

      If he doesn’t want people even passing judgment on the shif he does publicly he can stop doing things publicly. But he can’t, as we saw with his 24 hour childish threat, he can’t lead a private life. He needs to be the centre of attention, that’s why he does what he does.

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        1. Yes, they should be. So, why does this site reference them? *COS LEO TALKS ABOUT THEM, WHERE THEY LIVE, WHAT THEY’RE STUDYING, ALL THE TIME*. Leo also shows pics of them all the time.

          This site comments on how creepy it is.

          If Leo believes it’s right to use his personal life for gain on his shows, then he can’t blame those who comment (yes, “comment”) on it.

          Why can’t you see that? Why can’t you see that Leo is the one who brought his family into this?

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    4. Amen, Chatter. For those of you that don’t like TWiT, the mods, Leo, other staff, or guests, then please just go away. Why continue spreading hate around? You’re spoiling the fun for everyone else. Seriously, all you guys do is launch attacks, hide behind your screen names, then get bent out of shape when someone calls you on it. It’s childish.

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        1. Sir Wondering,

          The reality is under most circumstances the hobby of ‘cock hunting’ (it only becomes ‘cock watching’ after one has been ‘tagged and number’ as we say in the hobby) is a harmless activity. You really shouldn’t be so dismissive of it until you have tried it. Anyway, I hope all this chat/livestream business doesn’t interfere with the opening of that TWiT store, I’m really looking forward to be rocking a TWiT keychain! #C_E_OutSellsTheCompetition

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          1. Hey He Hey there! Now Now, there is nothing wrong with people looking for my Junk on screen. I’ve stripped off in the street and walked up and down in underwear in the background on camera because I needed the attention that was being taken away from me by Chad, but now Chad has been flung from the nest and isn’t even an offsite producer but just another ex employee that for some reason keeps looking up to me.

            Anyway, my posting of my junk was deliberate but everything turned south because you people are too darn smart.

            Just like Scooby Doo

            “If it wasn’t for you darned kids I would have gotten away with it”!

            Damn, back to the drawing board again.

            Those moron viewers of mine will be suckered in somehow to paying me and watching the advertising and buying using the codes too. I just have to find a new way of working it all out where they pay more than a pitiful amount.

            I must salute you for catching me out time and again!

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  7. You can have your site to bash Leo, and he can do what he wants on his site. But if you were so open to things and not afraid of the “truth” then why did you put [redacted] instead of the names he said. Are you trying to hide something on a site where you want to expose everything?

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  8. LOL I see you’re furiously typing on your shitty blog the news Leo is keeping the livestream and the chat. Yet again, you’re a fucking loser. Keep on making dick clips, we’ll keep on watching TWIT woot lol.

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    1. Has everyone noticed that TD members are intelligent and reasoned in their comments?

      #Soups fans are homophobic, misoginistic and Semitic.

      And enjoy, TWIT, ‘Nooo, ‘ because we’ve emailed the Gawker link to not only Leo’s sponsors as well as contributors. Shit’s just starting! The Gawker article has over 50,000 views so far.

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          1. And how are you gonna prove that? Nobody outside TWIT cares really. People just download the video and go on with their life. Leo overreacted. Nobody cares about a dick pic. Have you seen Kim Kardassian having sex with a black dude full on video? I’ll send you some of my dick pics. No charge lol

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        1. If enough people complain to Premiere, and specifically the ad sponsors for TTG, he could lose it. But, contrary to what Leo’s followers think, the TD followers don’t really organize and attack that way, or any other way that I am aware of. TD is mostly a place where people come to vent over TWIT/Leo.

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  9. Hi All

    I needed to comment on this whole bullshit that Leo himself let lease this weekend. I seen the mother and son picture, I seen the video of Leo’s Dick and the one that was edited. I basically seen it all unfold and it’s sickening. He is most certainly has narcissistic behavior and a chip on his shoulder to match.

    What gives him the balls to call out his loyal viewers and say they have no life when “he wants them to watch his every move and help him answer his Tech Guy questions for him.” I hope he loses some chat member because of this. Maybe he should get a life and do something different or maybe retire with that ho of his.

    On the note of his so called family, he needs to include is real biological kids to that word “Family,” not just his midlife crisis second adulterated family. It seems like he was tired of his old family and got a new one because it didn’t suit him anymore. I feel sorry for his real kids. Also if he doesn’t want the backlash to effect his family as he says, he needs to stop posting shit that looks odd and not publicly show his family’s text and personal meta data.

    Also as I mentioned in the chat room last night, he needs to start using separate computers for his business. This was said many times over and as much money as he has, he can buy 2 or 3 more Macs or PCs.

    I hope he loses sponsors over this and he gets a nice lecture from Premiere for this as well. No wonder all the ex employees secretly or publicly don’t like him. He will throw anyone under the bus to save his ass.

    This man gets whatever comes his way from now on.

    Awesome Coverage TD

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    1. Really though – how is a person’s PC/account loaded with dick pics in the same room as a national/international broadcast? And this guy buys a new PC about every other week.

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  10. I’m personally a bit disappointed if Leo actually goes back on his word. Not that I don’t like how things are now, but couldn’t help and get excited for a new model. I was thinking it would be like fresh frozen, where you get the best of both worlds, but instead of food it is tech news. I hope Leo reads this and is inspired to be #The_Fresh_Frozen_of_Tech!

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  11. Pixelated for our protection has no one seen the movie PIXEL yet? Swat that monster!

    And, to be fair, you should go back and edit your tight zoom of Leo’s dick and pixelate that too, or you are just being a dick.

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    1. That assumes that he’s telling the truth when he says she convinced him to change his mind.

      It’s probably a little from column A, a little from column B.

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  12. Wait so it was all the trolls who photoshoped the penis into the twit live stream which they had to edit out later? Does this guy ever tell the truth?

    Even his most die hard fans know he’s lying and trying so hard to blame others for it.

    We are talking about a dick picture here, what does this have to do with bomb threats and harassment of his family and sponsors?

    TWiT live is a reality show. Not fake reality – real reality!

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  13. I am experiencing the Schadenfreude high my lifetime. My sincerest thanks to all who made this happen! Leo. I used to love you. You should never have let your real personality show. Bad Idea cause your personality ain’t good. Sorry.
    Your hubris was your real undoing.

    Fuck you Padre. (I havn’t watched twit once since Tom Merritt got the hell out of the Shithouse.)

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  14. I won’t be happy until Hey, Hey, Hey, how are you today? I’m Theeeeeee Wee Willy Guy is caught on meerkat running off resumes (had he completed his formal education, I would have said CVs) at Kinko’s.

    Soup is unemployable (Would you hire this schlumb?), and when it catches up to him, you know the simian will be hooking up with its next meal ticket.

    Let’s see: From biker babe to construction crew to internet interloper to ???

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    1. Don’t hold your breath douche. To take down twit it’ll take more than this shitty blog, don’t you think? You should make a change.org petition. Call your Congress. Let’s make this right.

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  15. I figured a paid system was his plan all along hell i wouldn’t put it pass soup if knowly put the dick pic up on purpose to get the ball rolling on such idea

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    1. Ugh, more of her spewing her BS.

      Why does she need to appear everywhere? CEOs are usuqusually not the face of the company. Guess they do not teach that at University of Phoenix School of Business by Correspondence.

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  16. Yo TD guys: your comments template doesn’t allow embedded images.

    Anyway, do a google search for Leo, and the dick pic is the first result right now.

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  17. Long time European-based live TWiT fan – I watch Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights almost every week. I stumbled on this site just a couple days ago – someone posted a link in the TWiT chatroom and then a whole new world appeared before my eyes. Holy fuck this is a fascinating place.

    Leo’s clearly off the rails the past few years. So many talented hosts have bailed out or been fired and his ongoing on-air rants about people are so unprofessional it was obvious shit was going down hill.

    But to say us live-stream viewers “have no life” after setting up the Brickhouse to be a *live stream network* was so fucking low and stupid and disrespectful of his biggest fans – well there’s not much more to say really – other than FUCK YOU LEO you useless pile of fat and ego. FUCK YOU!

    I cannot fucking stand his wife and CEO either. Keep her the fuck off camera. All she does is piss people off with her arrogant, bully attitude to “the staff” and “the fans.” I’ve seen many a good man ruined by hooking up with the wrong woman – and so all I can assume is that she is the root cause of all his arrogance and insanity.

    You guys run a brilliant shop here. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Great to have you here. All of us started as big fans of the network especially when they had some great people working there.

      Leo calls us trolls, but I use to tune in every day, I donated, I bought there merchandise, I supported their sponsors. Then Leo and Lisa kinda just fucked up everything.

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    1. Great to have you here Brice Sigal. Yeah it’s really funny some of the things leo and lisa get up to. Can you believe they talk all the time about Twit struggling and then go out and buy themselves 2 segways? It’s hilarious!

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      1. You’re hurting Leo and his employees and family lets be honest. They’re good people bringing entertainment and doing decent jobs. If you don’t like them move on to other podcasts. Not funny when you’re hurting people. Stop.

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        1. When the fat man says to me that I “have no life” he’s insulting me. I have no problem dishing it back at him 10x until he apologizes and get his shit back together. If that huts others I could give a fuck because obviously he doesn’t give a fuck about me.

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    1. TWIT used to be entertaining. But it was always also bitter, spiteful and sometimes offensive. Then it got occasionally awkward and weird, and history shows that a lot of good people had the misfortune of getting on Laporte’s vindictive side. Laporte has steered TWIT into its present course every step of the way, and profited handily beyond reason. I’ll take my entertainment where I see fit.

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  18. Did y’all catch it yesterday when Laporke said the new website launch had slipped to sometime “next week”, and not the 1 June date previously trumpeted?


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  19. Also today was another reason that axing live broadcast and chat was itself axed, the live coverage of events like Google IO!


    Can’t miss out on that sweet live event broadcasting ad money!

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  20. I’ve just listened to this week’s all about android. Jason Howell at the end sounded pretty upset about the whole axing of the live stream. A consummate pro, he said nothing negative, but you could tell he wasn’t in agreement. Most shows have some live feedback from chat or twitter, not having it would make em a bit dead feeling. So it makes sense that they have backtracked, rash decision was rash.

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  21. I think almost everyone who is a fan of TD was once a fan of TWIT. We have all felt burned by Leo in one way or another, and I don’t think any of us believe he will ever change for the better.

    What is amazing to me is that Leo attacked his own chat room and instead of some of those chatters finally seeing Leo for what he truly is, they defend him and attack TD (often in the most juvenile and obscene ways). Those people really “don’t add any value”….. to anything.

    To the rest of the TWIT chatters that have come here in peace, WELCOME!

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