Leo Laporte does not start “The Tech Guy” with hey, hey, hey

Update: Leo slipped back into his standard shit/schlock persona relying on the chatroom, using old historical anecdotes instead of actually answering a question and then busting out with the “Well, hey, hey, hey” to start the second hour of the show. Apparently, he’s only bloated and ugly, not necessarily as crazy as believed during the first hour of Saturday’s show.

Leo is slipping. He didn't start his "The Tech Guy" show with "Well, hey hey hey."
Leo is slipping. He didn’t start his “The Tech Guy” show with “Well, hey hey hey.”

The latest piece of disturbing evidence that #DickGate is affecting Leo Laporte in ways that no one could have imagined is in: The fatass host of “The Tech Guy” did not start his show with his trademark “Well, hey, hey, hey.” (The phrase is so beloved that even www.wellheyheyhey.com commemorates it with its very own website.)

Although his weight gain remains on track, the editorial board at TotalDrama is concerned that Leo’s mental health is suffering with this lapse in tradition.

Other evidence that Leo’s psyche is in steep decline is his near-incoherent ramblings in the official Twitlive chatroom a few days ago.

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  1. One eagle-eyed (or, eagle-eared) observer had previously pointed out that when Leo did “TTG” pre-tapings, where the theme music was not heard during the taping (to be inserted later), he never opened with the “Well, hey hey hey”. I believe it’s become, then, kind of an associative automatic trigger-response to the theme song, like a Pavlov’s dogs kind of thing, subconsciously without even thinking.

    The fact he jettisoned it for this show might show more conscious, active engagement in this episode – in light of this week’s past incidents – than simply coasting and relying on trigger-responses. Let’s see how the show plays out!

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    1. He’s been careful all week on camera… what’s the difference when he goes home and rants to the lowlifes of the chatroom?

      Those transcripts are gold by the way, No Agenda would laugh their asses off at all the comparisons to terrorists.

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    2. Leo made a snarky remark about her to HH. Documented by TDs video division. But that would not stop twits resident offender from saying something or doing something stupid..

      He’s a menace to society as a whole.

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  2. I think this site has had it’s peak with the #DickGate. And what’s the end result? Business as usual at TWiT. It’s all kind boring after that point. Keep up the excellent work. I’ll check in occasionally. Cheers!

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  3. I’m posting this here again for those “loyal chatroom guys ” Leo is a “radio”/TV wannabe just remember that when he continues to insult you in IRC,
    stop feeding him tech answers and watch him stutter and revert to trolling Apple or Microsoft etc on air to mask his stupidity in front of his listeners , a few weekend shows without the smart chatroom to help he will hang himself

    Hey TD , did you miss the part where he was calling his Chatroom “Babies” in IRC the other day? Leo is still insulting folks and just being an arrogant ass- wipe

    The guy that ran @LeoLaporteSucks ( now runs @LeoLaportePenis)
    Copied all the IRC chats and posted it to Twitter and on his website at

    Here is that chat

    @LeoLaportePenis: “cheeto0: Who will leo’s successor be? Any chance its jason?”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “WoWhunter: Goodnight everyone. It was fun while it lasted”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “conducive: Twitch streaming is progressing and Twit is regressing”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “greho: So, TWiT will be less live than TechTV was. ok…”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: Ha ha what a bunch of babies”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: wah wah wah”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: relax”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: it’s not the end of the world”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: actually live viewers have never “made” twit” [#facepalm]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: I really enjoy live chat but it’s not monetizable and has become a massive liability” [But, not as big a MASSIVE liability as you are]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: we have never counted live in the download numbers” – [Leo Laporte, bare-faced liar. #schmuck]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “web6666: No leo live made twit for the live views the community that feeds you answers on your tech show. The community that
    comes to watch shows live the hardcore fans. if you wanted millions of views their are easier ways.” [More constructive criticism Leo!]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: if you say so web6666”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: I’ll try to muddle on”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: most of our hosts are happy about the change” [Okay, no audience insult there. Keep it up Leo!]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: raygun01 is probably the only one who isn’t” [No Leo, criticizing your employees in public still counts. 🙁 ]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: I wish we could keep the live element but it’s not working” [I must not insult my audience. I must not insult my audience.]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: I really had hoped we would transisiton the audience to live” [Yay, I think he’s finally got it!]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: but it never happened” [Wow, it’s a new Leo! Leo “I will treat my audience with utmost respect at all times” Laporte]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “User8073: I hope someone is capturing this so we have a record of what Leo thinks of his biggest former supporters”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: kind of proving my point user8073” [No, no, no, no, no! Remember the new rule, Leo!]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Web6668: this is the begining of the end of TWIT”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Guest5778: afraid u might be right Web6668”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: and then asswipes like user8073 demonstrate why you’re losing this” [#facepalm]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: I spend a lot of time with you guys”

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: I have never been less than totally upfront with you” [Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!]

    @LeoLaportePenis: “Leo: and very available”

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    1. technically, yes.. the live viewers “DID” make twit. We proved to Leo that the had an avid fan base. We used to donate and wait to listen to him come back live on the stream to do another show. While we don’t exactly make twit busting from the seams with money, we did make it a place that proved people would listen.

      Never lose sight of that. Total Drama is proof of what happens when you start treating that fan base like crap. We were lead to believe that we had input into the whole thing. Lisa decides all that now though.

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    1. TD can be hard-hitting but it’s nice to span the spectrum and have whimsical, playful or tongue-in-cheek posts, too. TMZ, say, can go from covering an “oops” celeb nip-slip through to being the first to break a celeb death.

      Riffing on a catchphrase (or the absence of it) is some light Saturday reading. Besides, couldn’t we all use a bit of playfulness after the week it’s been in the TWIT-osphere?

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  4. Is it me or does the left side of his face looked bruised under the makeup. It could be the effects of his studio lighting but it makes me wonder if someone hit him in the face.

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  5. Also in that chat posted by humanitarian and Social Justice Warrior @leoLaportePenis, #soup mentions that “trolls”are sending the Gawker link to his advertisers and they were concerned. In fact, he had to talk ‘a few off the ledge! hehehehe. That seems to be his new favorite expression. Douchebag.

    He then reiterates that the dick pic was Photoshopped and once the advertisers heard it was the work of trolls, they calmed down. What a fucking liar.

    You know what this means, boys. We must continue writing his advertisers and reiterating we will not buy any of their products until they PULL ALL advertising from the show effective immediately. If you can find their email addresses on their website, write every officer of the advertiser with the same request. Also, since Premier is a public company it should be easy to find officers’ email addresses. And don’t forget the Board of Directors! I’m sure they don’t want their brand associated with a slimy host.

    Remember, no editorializing – just the facts as delineated in that gorgeous sample letter posted earlier!

    Now why we know he was so nice and pleasant during today’s TTG – his advertisers we’re watching.

    He’s on the run!!! Great job, everyone!

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    1. Using Twitter and Facebook to attach these advertisers to Laporte’s sad antics should convince any agency to stay clear of TWIT and spend their advertising dollars elsewhere without being associated with Capt. Error-In-Judgement. There are plenty of podcasts out there, Leo Laporte isn’t the only game in town by a long shot.

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  6. Putting on my attorney hat, if any female TWIT employees or contractors ( few as they are) saw the dick pic incident live, they could sue Leo big time for creating a hostile work environment! And sexual harassment! And unless TWIT has sufficient insurance for such events, he could be liable for a huge amount of damages and attorney fees (for the plaintiffs and his own.)

    I can see it now. Imagine the plaintiff’s attorney getting soup on the witness stand. Under oath and the penalty of perjury, he’d have to swear that the dick pic was a photoshopped job and not real. If he lies and is found guilty of perjury, he could end up behind bars! Judges don’t like witnesses who lie.

    The scary thing about this whole incident is how much trouble he can be in both financially and legally. If he only told the truth and apologized for the dick pic., that would have been the end of it.

    Leo is the type of client that no attorney wants to represent because he never shuts up!!! His ego won’t allow it.

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    1. I’ve been saying he shouldn’t have made up the lie all along. I had no problem with TWiT until this incidence. I was honestly still okay with it, until I got here and realized he is lying and blaming others for his mistake.

      It gave me an entirely different view of Leo and TWiT. The name is apparently fitting to him in another way… Lying TWiT.

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      1. The videos of Amber Mac and Sarah Lane are so cringe worthy. For such long-time collaborators to be treated like that. Leo Laporte has no class whatsoever.

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    2. “Putting on my attorney hat, if any female TWIT employees or contractors ( few as they are) saw the dick pic incident live, they could sue Leo big time for creating a hostile work environment! And sexual harassment!”

      Now now, aren’t we being a bit sexist here?

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        1. It’s sexist because you single out females while I’m pretty sure that being confronted with erect male genitalia can very well also be disturbing to employees of other sexes.

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      1. That’s true. Any person could be offended by that photo.

        So, all we have to do is sue Leo, and take his deposition. Once he’s forced to tell the truth under oath, we send the transcript to his advertisers and the media.

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        1. Not “we ” — only TWIT employees and contractors. Part of the case, of course, would be an independent forensic investigation of the unexpurgated video to prove it was not PhotoShopped.

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  7. Leo thinks this is all a joke, an annoyance, but as the owner of an LLC he has certain regulations and laws he must follow. And that includes no dick pics in the workplace. That is sexual harassment!

    He can be sued for damages in the high hundreds of thousands of dollars with a good plaintiff and an aggressive lawyer over such charges.

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  8. The hammer is going to fall soon. And it’s not going to be on Twit. This site was funny about 6 months ago. Now it’s nothing but troll like bs DOUCHERY.. Like all trolls, they all go away soon. Enjoy that little Chinese place around the corner in Montreal. Last meals served there often I’m told. Funny went out the door with that last take out continuer of shrimp. TD=BORING.

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    1. I don’t know, you comment was hilarious.

      In fact it has improved in the past few weeks.

      We all thank Leo Laporte his source of Comedic material for the world.

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  9. Hey TWIT fans–Isn’t it nice to be able to come to a site to air your grievances without being thrown out just for expressing an opinion? Sure would be nice if your hero Laporte had the same consideration in his chat room.

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      1. Holden,
        Coming from a family of lawyers (I’m the odd one who went the tech route), I just had my brother read your posts. His only response was to laugh. Anyways – just thought I’d pop on to say that. It was a laugh at Sunday dinner today.

        Keep up the fight all. I personally have become bored and shall move on 🙂 /LastPost

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  10. No “attorney” I know has such an overbearing need to defend himself to a bunch of anonymous posters on a blog. He’s either an immature teenager trying to impress us with his hourly fee. Money is an important status symbol to teens. Or, he’s a seriously repressed adult who is full of vile hatred toward Leo. Holden, what other hats do you wear? Hmmm…. It’s getting closer… Don’t you just love the law? (That was rhetorical).

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    1. No mature, professional career person I know has such a need to brag to others about their status or salary – people in general consider it to be bad form. Holden, I don’t know whether you are an attorney or not and I don’t care, nor do I care about how much you make, and I believe others here feel the same. You are only hurting your credibility by continuing to boast about your supposed achievements – something most of us expect a successful attorney who graduated from an ivy league school to know.

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