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Leo Laporte does not start “The Tech Guy” with hey, hey, hey

Update: Leo slipped back into his standard shit/schlock persona relying on the chatroom, using old historical anecdotes instead of actually answering a question and then busting out with the “Well, hey, hey, hey” to start the second hour of the show. Apparently, he’s only bloated and ugly, not necessarily as crazy as believed during the first hour of Saturday’s show.

Leo is slipping. He didn't start his "The Tech Guy" show with "Well, hey hey hey."
Leo is slipping. He didn’t start his “The Tech Guy” show with “Well, hey hey hey.”

The latest piece of disturbing evidence that #DickGate is affecting Leo Laporte in ways that no one could have imagined is in: The fatass host of “The Tech Guy” did not start his show with his trademark “Well, hey, hey, hey.” (The phrase is so beloved that even www.wellheyheyhey.com commemorates it with its very own website.)

Although his weight gain remains on track, the editorial board at TotalDrama is concerned that Leo’s mental health is suffering with this lapse in tradition.

Other evidence that Leo’s psyche is in steep decline is his near-incoherent ramblings in the official Twitlive chatroom a few days ago.