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Tech News Today Gains 30 Additional Minutes Daily

How the heck are ya, First Name Last Name? We’ve got a, um, super article for you to ruh-read today. It’s just super. Really, really uhhhh easy. In just a sec, we’ve got some news from Randal Schwartz, host of the show that time (and Leo Laporte) forgot, FLOSS Weekly, but first, check this shit out.

Village Idiot
Village Idiot
Starting around Jun 10, 2015, TNT will begin at 9:30AM Pacific and will last 90 minutes. This, of course, is in addition to the late time the show starts every single day due to Mike Elgan’s incompetence and EffenDumb’s nervous laughter and poor TD skills.

You might be asking yourself, why the heck would you add 30 minutes to such a daily shitshow that has actually gotten worse over time (even since Gum took over) and is a self-parody? Well, the editorial board has discussed possible reasons, and our only conclusion is that it must be #Soup/CeHO’s recognition that TNT is one of the only shows that is keeping subscriptions up. With CPMs falling, that extra 30 minutes affords them at least one more ad! Cha-ching! Keep up the great work Lisa!

Offer code TWiT
Offer code TWiT. Photo Credit
Today, April 29, 2015, Gum did a 3 minute ad, a 3 minute story, and then another 3 minute ad. They really aren’t even trying anymore. What is hilarious is that it was so obvious and embarrassing that the editors cut the Braintree add out and spliced it in at 3:15 of today’s Tech News Today.

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth (Oops)