BREAKING: Sarah Lane leaving TWiT – UPDATED

Editor’s note: Ghost Dog has also contributed significantly to this article. So we will most likely be sharing the Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Reporting. RichardYes has gone missing.

Update #8 Sarah’s rep asked us to make sure our readership is aware she will continue to host iPad Today, so do not delete that subscription. BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Lane, the one remaining bright light at TWiT, has apparently flipped the switch on her career at the ailing network and is taking her beautiful blond hair to another gig.

Sarah Lane
Sarah Lane quitting

The editorial board at #TotalDrama is proud to announce that Sarah Lane is headed to TechCrunch as Executive Producer of Video. We wish her all the best and are weeping tears of joy that she is getting away from TWiT’s hostile work environment and headed to safer environs. Godspeed, Sarah. Read more here on Sarah’s personal blog using our exclusive link.

Screenshot 2015-01-07 11.18.26
This is Legit /tear

Update #1 In a stunning development that surprised even #drama the #Guzzler awoke before 11 AM. No congrats, no wishing her well, and no thank you. His only reaction was to ignore Sarah and her life and concentrate on his sinking network:

<~Leo> Stay tuned - we're replacing Sarah on iFive and TN2 with a familiar face. Details this afternoon on Inside TWiT (right after TWiG)

What an ass.

Self Absorbed Asshole
Self Absorbed Asshole

Update #2 We believe it is too early for Carly and it will be Selena Larson replacing Sarah. @SelenaLarson. If it is Padre hosting look for all of #totaldrama to commit suicide in unison, Waco Texas Style.

Update #3 Later, after hearing the criticism of his [Laporte’s] uncaring words, he finally mentions two sentences regarding her. Expect a high dose of bullshit on today’s Inside Twit. Later, Sarah’s top fan mentions in #twitlive IRC that it was a difficult week for him as he lost a loved in addition to now losing his favorite personality. The head chat freak quickly shut him up. (See below) What a guy. You can not make this up. It is odd that no one in twitlive seems to care about the great loss, whilst is all aflutter. There is also an outpouring of support on twitter. It seems like only the neutered Leo sycophants are afraid to speak. He will allow them to speak soon after his Inside Twit show I am sure.

Dan never dissapoints
Dan never disappoints

Gumbot had this to say, ”      ” The man is a pro.

Update #4

Does it Matter?
Does it Matter?

Update #5 New Host Spotted

Who is this?
Who is this?

Update #6 CONFIRMED: Sarah Lane replacement:

Big Shoes to Fill
Big Shoes to Fill

Meet Megan the new member of TWiT uncovered by Drama, hours before the public announcement!! It seems she has been hovering around TWiT for a while. She will be there for Inside Twit and we expect to see Sarah there as well. Unless Leo is a total ass. It looks like Sarah’s duties will be broken down this way: TN2 –  Megan (starting 1/12)       iPad Today – Sarah (U.F.N. Recording Saturday)  iFive – (Megan Starting Feb)

80 thoughts on “BREAKING: Sarah Lane leaving TWiT – UPDATED”

    1. This is great news. I think we can all stick a fork in TWiT and call it done.

      2015 will be the final year of Elgummo too, I believe.

      I also think Sarah was privy to discussions and knowledge none of us here know the details of, and clearly saw the writing on the wall.

      TWiT was, at one point, a decent business staffed by decent people. But around the time of the brickhouse being opened and the questionably qualified CEO being chosen, the downward spiral started.

      I think Sarah and Iyaz saw Tom’s firing (and that’s what it was, being fired…not Leo refusing to give an appropriate bump to a contract) and they knew it wasn’t a matter of if but when they too would be fired.

      And Iyaz took off as soon as humanly possible. I think Sarah wanted to go too, but she knew her strength was in dealing with video content, and those opportunities are not everywhere. So it made sense that it would take her longer to find something. Surprised she didn’t go to Yahoo, but TechCrunch isn’t bad either.

      I think with Sarah leaving, this marks the end of Leo’s grand experiment to recreate Tech TV. Over the years many TechTV people have either been employed by TWiT or showed up as regular guests (Patrick Norton, Martin Sargent, Kevin Rose, Sarah Lane, John C. Dvorak, etc.) but NONE even want to be involved with TWiT nowadays. The few that do random appearances do so as a common courtesy and probably as a pity thing for their old pal Leo.

      No one wants to be part of TWiT anymore. No one wants to buy NatureRocks or Mattresses or whatever non-tech thing TWiT peddles now.

      No one wants to deal with Leo’s bizarre personality on or off screen and no one wants to deal with that extremely unlikable CEO. This is why all the guests now are people no one has heard of and nothing interesting is said.

      As I said before, stick a fork in it – TWiT’s done.

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        1. Wow. Not even a decade ago, and the guy I remember as being very cool and down to Earth is now a control-freak bad-boss and possibly just-a-bad-person type of guy.

          A real shame.

          Great video ‘the end’ – people should watch it for a refresher.

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    2. At the very end of latest damage control announcement, Digger leans into Soup and sticks her hand under the table as someone asks about her new car.

      With her hand, still under the table, she proceeds to engage in somewhat strange talk about the bright red color, before throwing in the choice phrase that her car “doesn’t have wood”.

      That’s just in case you hadn’t figured out the previous bit of innuendo. Yeah, really!

      View those last 45 seconds again, and listen a bit more carefully whilst watching where her right hand goes during most of the talk, and remembering how long her arms are.

      If anything summed up everything about that whole sorry situation, it’s all right there folks!

      As the saying goes ..There’s no fool like an old fool. Apparently all it takes is a quick squeeze of the ol’ limp soup noodle and suddenly she’s hitting it out of the park! Guiding the business with all the skill of a Malaysian pilot. Yeah, everything’s gonna to be just fine!..

      If TD doesn’t make a clip of tat one I’m gonna lobby the Academy to make you give back all your awards!!

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    1. Sarah and Leo have enough history that they won’t just cut ties. I’d imagine she’ll do 4-5 iPad Todays, then miss one because of a scheduling conflict… do two more… miss another… do one… miss two, etc. I’ll bet you she’s gone by, say, April.

      But of course she’ll always be a TWiT employee… just like Chad is their “remote producer”.

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    2. Sure. The same way OMGChad is still coming in once a week to do the thing with GizWiz. Yep, they’re totally still working there. Everything is fine. We’re all amicable. Yep. Sure.

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  1. My hearty commendations to all at on another scoop.

    You predicted Sarah’s exit as far back as September when her contract discussions weren’t going well. You have all now been vindicated at #Drama in saying that the Soup Guzzlers innuendoes were creating an unhealthy working atmosphere for Sarah at the Brick-house.

    We now await to see if Sarah will bring forward that sexual harassment case or if she has been gagged by the CEHo and TWiT lawyers.

    Either way, I would like to wish Sarah all the best and congratulate her on her long awaited and anticipated resignation.

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  2. Inside TWiT should be fun today! Let me guess, Leo says ~I am always happy when I help somebody progress in their career~. They will talk about iPad’s sales growth tapering off, and position themselves for face savings in about 2 months when it is cancelled. They will talk about all of their ~fresh new talent~. There will be no mention of having live coverage of tech events in Shenzhen and Taiwan. Lisa will probably dismiss Leo as a stupid old (now bald) man who doesn’t know what is going on, again.
    Good Luck Sarah!

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  3. EXCELLENT! Congrats to Sarah, about time she left that sinking ship. I suspect in the next few months she’ll stop doing anything related to TWIT whatsoever after the transition period is over.

    Now we just need to pray that Jason can find a job elsewhere and leave too…

    @Bonzo: I hope so!

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  4. Now there is even less reason to waste my time streaming this abortion called TWiT.

    In fact for the past few weeks it has been harder and harder to endure even a few seconds. It has the advantage that it improves massively my productivity.

    I will miss Sarah Lane, I watched TN2, it was the only show that I took time out to actually watch consistently. Now I am just going to cold turkey that show.

    I couldn’t watch that smarmy fat self centered asshole Laporte on iPad Today and his sick perverse comments.

    Congratulations though to Sarah on her new employment and hopefully soon, she can cut the umbilical cord called iPad Today.

    Will Leo tell everyone that he nudged her from the nest? I might just make a point of watching This Week in Trolling this afternoon just to catch an Inside Lisa Show.

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    1. Sarah does not do high-tech shows so people like you can rank on them. But if you watch iFive, it is actually always funny, and always good apps if you’re interested. She does know every new app fad before anyone else every time.

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    1. I don’t think it was that easy. Her background has always been video-related. I think she knew her strength was that, and didn’t want another job that was totally different.

      Years ago Martin Sargent had a similar background – he did TechTV, then his own podcast, then went to Revision 3 and hosted a show, then came to TWiT and co-hosted with Sarah…..and eventually got to a point where he said the heck with it and went to work for an ad agency, doing behind the scenes stuff. And he’s doing well. But he had to give up his hopes of doing on-screen work fulltime.

      I don’t think Sarah wants that – I think she wants to be involved with video stuff on a daily basis no matter what.

      And those video-only jobs are not all over, even in Silicon Valley.

      I’m happy for her – it was definitely time to move on.

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    2. What do you for self-confidence Richie?
      I am shocked you don’t like watching I5 live, they don’t air the filming of that show live you lying #douchebag.

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  5. Based on your comment in the text of the article I hope it is Padre. Then you and your “editorial board” can drink the kool-aid together and be gone once and for all.

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  6. Not a total surprise, after TNT split up I think most already knew this was coming sooner or later. Well good for her i guess. Though, now who is LeHo going to hit on and how long before Leo heads out on a one way holiday.

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          1. One thing about this dysfunctional mess I’ve appreciated is that Leo has seamlessly integrated LGBT folks as hosts. You know, letting us sink or swim on merit, just like the world should operate. If only he could treat others as fairly.

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    1. What are you talking about? Everyone is still on the air at, except

      Sarah Lane,
      Chad Johnson,
      Iyaz Akhtar,
      Tom Merrit,
      Justin Robert Young,
      Brian Brushwood,
      Erik Lanigan,
      Dr. Kiki Sanford,
      Liz Romero,
      Colleen Kelly,
      Dane Golden,
      Eileen Rivera,
      Shannon Morse,
      Nicole Lee,
      Veronica Belmont,
      and Scott Johnson.

      I mean, everyone else is still totally there from the original brick house. Like… Um. Well, some of the engineers and producers. And the dog. Leo’s dog is still there. And so is Ozzy.

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      1. I think the people who worked at the cottage who are still there–besides Leo and Lisa–are Tony, Frederique, JammerB, Burke, Jason, and Alex. I’ll bet you all those people will be there until the day TWiT closes. Of the peole who were full time the day they moved to the brick house, they’ve lost Eileen, Tom, Sarah, and Jeff.

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  7. Sure, but to TECH CRUNCH?! That’s like going to Mashable. The worst of the shitfest that exists on the internet. She deserves something more prestigious and less bottom-feedy.

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    1. She’s a dim witted person who only got pn because of her looks which are fast fading. She’s lucky anyone other than TWiT hired her, that’s why ot took her an extra year after the TNT fiasco to leave the Brick Shithouse… finding a job in tech must be hard for her since she’s devoid of intelligent thoughts.

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        1. Ooooh nice taunt. Just paid two grand fpr property taxes, pretty sure I don’t live with my parents but you hurt my feelers so bad.

          Sorry I should have been more specific, she’s dim when it comes to tech. That’s a fact unlike your taunts.

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  8. Twit is replacing her with a 42 year old who left the scene to go do propoaganda PR shit for Microsoft since everyone was last still using dial-up while raising her two kids. Yeah, way to really aim for your target demographic, guys.

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    1. Megan came across as all nice during her old ‘Jumping Monkeys’ podcast with Leo, but frequently let her b*tchy side show before/after filming. Lost all respect for her during the 2008 election when she said Sarah Palin should just “shut up and go raise her (autistic) kid.” Nice sentiment from someone who was doing a parenting podcast.

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    2. Small business owners do this because they grow to dislike younger workers, who often have dreams *gasp!* and ambition *double gasp!* and won’t stick around if they feel mistreated *triple gasp!*

      Older workers tend to put up with whatever, because hey, it’s a paycheck. And getting a paycheck isn’t a bad thing for them – but it’s not doing the audience any good.

      At this point though, I want TWiT to fail sooner than later, so for Leo to shell out for a good host replacement would be a bad thing, IMO.

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  9. Glad to hear she’s finally moving on.
    But move on girl,why would anyone continue to do shows after finding new employment or being let go!
    Just move on people.☺

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  10. Man some of you are so nice yet some are just mean because you can’t get laid. Dick* Rich I mean you specifically about the cant get laid part! Sarah is awesome, she always interacts amd is fun to watch. Everyone has their off days especially when doing live video. I’d love to see any of you haters get any views on (Oh crap nevermind)
    I congrat Sarah on her move.
    The TWIT arena has become a non friendly chat
    (I am FUCKING ALLOWED to say that because I have been in that IRC longer than anyone here. That’s the fact Jack!)
    Sarah I say “On to better things me Lady! You deserve them.
    As for the comments by people of TWIT IRC here, be it fake or real I say this to you…
    Proof is in the Meal* ticket, the network has gotten rid of or let go* so much great talent it amazes me nobody in the studio has popped off at The Teacher for getting senile when it comes to what the original vision was.
    One prime example is this. Heather H(H_Bomb) is a neat personality, she has experience in call screening…
    Call screening for a Fucking MD show!
    TTG is a Tech show, can someone remind her to take more experienced callers than the same drone shit she’s been pumping out. Remember Wendy anyone? At the least the old screeners knew enuff or didn’t to let on some of the hardest and some of the funnest questions. Not this fucking dribble I keep hearing on TTG for the last half the year. For shits sake its 180 turn if you listen to the show from 4 years ago.

    That being said
    Go Sarah! See ya on
    & Dick Rich, use some of that money to try and get yourself laid instead of bashing people.
    (You are actually the first commenter on here I have given advice to)
    But then again that’s good advice to anyone!
    Now time for a drink!
    Cause I am “One step shy of becoming a full blown alcoholic.”
    😛 YKYMF!

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    1. I actually like Heather for the most part. The problem with TTG isn’t her. It’s Leo. He’s lectured her on-air for letting too technical questions get on the show. He wants the easy the questions. He’s said that often. They’re the most “relatable” to listeners. They don’t want to sit through “complicated” technospeak. The quality of callers isn’t Heather’s fault. She’s just following orders.

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      1. @JAS
        Spot on,it’s Leo controlling content not Heather.
        Also I do recall Sara saying to Leo something about “guess how called me,don’t recall which show it was but do think Andrew was mentioned.

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