20 thoughts on “Panties on TNT”

  1. Thanks Ghostdog, this posting is a great reminder why I stopped watching TNT.
    At this point I won’t be surprised to see a TWIT branded Fleshlight in the near future.

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  2. Sad, sad, sad! But we knew this was coming…..the sexual innuendo of Leo makes me sick, I still try to listen to TWIT Sundays, but its getting harder, I just hope Leo sees the iceberg before all goes to the crapper!

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    1. H.M.S. Twit glanced the ice berg (well, hit it head-on, took on water, broke into pieces, and started sinking long ago.

      We’re merely waiting for H.M.S. to hit the bottom of the sea.

      Rest her souls!

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  3. Holy Crap…
    I dont watch TNT any more, Gum is so boring and full of it that its unwatchable. This however is pardon my french “Fucking Lame” how Mike the I dont research shit wanna be news reporter can even contemplate even reporting that , shows how much of a true rookie he is. Old man you are boring and Not Funny. Ever.
    This is sad, Leo really needs to step it up because the network is failing badly and this in just another look at why* moment. But then again maybe the employee that orded those gets a discount if they plug it. Ya never know. Utterly stupid.

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  4. You guys need a spot to report tips/interesting finds. I’m doing it here instead. Maybe you’ll see it.

    At 11:00 PT (just a few mins ago), if you check the recording you’ll see pre-show talk about how Leo really does hate it when he sees others are doing better than him.

    At 11:04 PT give or take 30 seconds, you’ll find an interesting New Year’s Resolution that no doubt won’t happen.

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