Mike Elgum is a dumbass

Dumb guy Mike Elgan continues his dumb guy routine of trying to pretend he’s an interesting person on his “Tech News Today” program on the ailing TWiT network. Watch as he deftly informs his audience that he’s going to make vanilla ice cream. It’s riveting banter that you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for.

6 thoughts on “Mike Elgum is a dumbass”

    1. pretty sure he doesn’t beat his family, that would require a fair bit of effort and planning, two traits the gum doesn’t possess . though he does have Soups ‘n Lisa’s gene marker of not possessing a soul….

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  1. I just have to wonder what testing they ever did with Elgan? I mean, he really seems like a nice enough fellow and he appears to have some gravitas. He was a nice guest to see on shows sometimes. But as soon as he was put in the position of “news guy on camera”, it almost became one of those comedy parodies where the guy can’t stop focusing on the camera and being caught like a deer in headlights.

    I think being a dick to him is uncalled for. He hasn’t done this before and anyone would take a good opportunity to fill the news guy role. It’s not his fault they didn’t do enough testing to see if he was a compelling figure before replacing a guy who was. They didn’t bother to see if his sense of gravitas carried over to captaining a whole show (it sure doesn’t).

    Then again, at this rate, they’re just going to outsource all their hosting gigs to india, anyway.

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