Watch DTNS, Monday October 20 for the old days

LoveIf anyone wonders why we go on about how bad TNT has become, blaming it all on Mike Elgum, aka Mike Elgan, aka Mike ‘Dumbot’ Elgan, watch DTNS with Tom Merritt and see how it’s done.

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This week Tom was Live From New York with wonderful guests such as Iyaz Akhtar and Mary Jo Foley.  Watch and learn Mike.

Tune in Monday, October 20 for more Tom and Iyaz,

Only on DTNS.

No hate, only love.

12 thoughts on “Watch DTNS, Monday October 20 for the old days”

  1. Actually, Tom was in New York this week, hence all the guests being people who live there (and the unusual setup in the picture). Iyaz will be on again this coming Monday, but Tom will be back in LA.

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  2. I fail to see why TWiT ever needed that expensive, fancy studio, especially if its construction meant that all shows weregoing to be nickeled and dimed to death. Less is more Leo. Why not just take the TWiT lineup down to 3 or 4 shows and end all these delusions of grandieur?

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  3. Love these too guys but that is a very ghetto setup lol. Anyway I’d rather listen to both of these guys broadcasting from a cardboard box than subject myself to the 3rd rate quality presenters at twit.

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  4. What was impressive was watching Tom Merritt prove that it doesn’t matter that there are things going wrong, it is not that the detracts from the quality of the podcast, it is the quality of the content and how the Host of that podcast brings it together and takes the emphasis away from the mistakes.

    It shows that a News based podcast should be hosted by someone that has taken time to research the subject a little, it should be hosted by someone that talks about the news.

    Mike Elgum has none of these qualities. Sure he may get up at 4.30 in the morning but I get up that time every day it is hardly an accomplishment. As for getting the show ready? No, reading other people’s work and seeing what stories promote your personal agenda that can be used and then contact those bloggers (they are not really providing news, they are, most times, regurgitating something that someone else has said. In fact it is possible by saying something loud enough on the internet to turn that into a rumor that spreads around the tech blogs like Ebola in a brothel).

    What TNT now proves is that some people that sounds perfectly coherent when writing are incapable on camera or on Skype of speaking a sentence or stringing whole sentences together! Though these people seems perfectly capable of speaking in riddles!

    As for the TNT Co-Hosts, while one or two are professional, at least one is there because he is a buddy of the “Host” Mike Elgum.

    If you look at Mary Jo Foley’s appearance yesterday with Tom Merritt, that one Show had more News in it about Microsoft than all the TNT’s and Windows Weekly for that same week!

    Windows Weekly would be a show better served by simply having Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley and not have to deal with that soup guzzling turd cutting them off and then whining about how he bricked his Nokia phablet or how Apple screwed him over etc etc.

    All people want is to listen or watch without interruptions etc and for it to not be a painful experience!

    This past week I stopped watching TWiT, I couldn’t take it anymore, the overwhelming bias towards promoting Google Goods and Services by Elgum and Soup along with Jarpiss (whom thinks that saying a disclaimer about being a Google Share holder excuses him from being impartial) and the three of them that accuse people of being Trolls if they dare have contradictory opinions.

    Did I miss TWiT? No! That is how memorable TWiT really is. I did miss that they actually did an “Inside Shit” Wednesday but watched it when it was published instead of live and saw yet again that it was another scripted show with phone calls that seemed more like these people were called rather than the people calling in! Simply a propaganda show for Laporte just like any dictatorship would do!

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  5. It looks to me that TWIT has been entirely taken over by third stringers. When you decide to pour all your money and resources into infrastructure and your bank account instead of talented people the result is you disastrous. People are your customers, people live and die by relationships, you can’t have a relationship with a brick. I’m amazed that LL doesn’t get that. Maybe he did at one point but now many TWIT shows have became mediocre at best.

    My playlist is down to Security Now and an VERY occasional This Week in Tech (when Dvorak or Brushwood are on). If Gibson ever decides to take his show elsewhere Leo is screwed.

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  6. I miss Iyaz on TWIT, he’d really cornered the market in looking uncomfortable on screen. I’m glad Tom is doing well, the whole point of podcasting is that it shouldn’t need million dollar studios to produce them.

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