No #Soup For You

Another investigation was launched recently by #TotalDrama’s dedicated staff. Ace reporter Richard Yes (me) released a blockbuster report back in August that predicted a scenario detailing how the end is near for TWiT, and Richard gave this eloquent prognostication:

When the lease comes due he [Leo Laporte] will not renew. He will broadcast the four big shows from his mansion and the employees will be cut loose. Lives will be ruined to maintain his extravagant lifestyle.

The readership of this site is aware that our hypotheses are always followed up. Unlike Elgum, we back up what we say. Hawk-eyed reporters and fans alike have had their eyes and ears open for clues, and the clues were harvested in record time:

1) In this article’s video, captured by crackerjack reporter Skieast, we saw a moment where Laporte gets sentimental about how he will “not be in the Brick-house forever. ” No Kidding

2) This #scoup, by Helloworld, detailed how the Brickhouse lease is indeed up and an increase is needed if TWiT LLC is to live out the expensive lease option. This shirt collar feels tight!

3) Another #scoup, by award winning journalist Helloworld, illuminated the inner mind of Laporte as he contemplates throwing out his current business model. Desperate times call for…

Thank You Lisa
Thank You Lisa

4) And an avid reader, we suspect is using a fictitious name, pointed out that calculations are being conjured up for the cost of each show to help determine which shows survive.  Destroy a few lives, save a few bucks.
Click on the image for details —>.

Will interns just roll him home?
Will interns just roll him home?

5) Everyone watching has also noted the rapid weight gain is making it increasingly difficult for the man to walk to the studio. Although the parking lot is only a few steps away from the living room set, the long walk is clearly taking its toll on the man. The dream of being shaken awake to do an episode of Macbreak Weekly from his bed may be too hard to resist.

The conclusion of this official investigation (independently conducted) into the validity of the initial thesis by Richard Yes, finds the report both “credible and reliable.” You can take that to the bank.

4 thoughts on “No #Soup For You”

  1. You failed to mention that he used to say He didn’t want to do more than one ad every 30 minutes. These days some of the shows are advertising 4 or 5 times sometimes more. There was one show that Guzzler was doing and he prattled off 4 adverts in 40 minutes.

    I don’t think he realized that it doesn’t matter how many times you advertise something, if you have driven away all your viewers because of being a slimeball arsehole then there won’t be any customers. I applaud the work of @LeoLaporteSucks in highlighting the abuses that the moderators and Leo and Co do that drive viewers away.

    I did hear that they were setting up a studio in the bedroom at his mansion and starting one of those icky porn channels called blobby does ugly.

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  2. Leo has said many times he wishes he would have just stayed with the original podcast. This rapid growth with no real plan was all hatched by the stupid fucking whore (CEHo) Lisa, who saw her gravy train. She stole Leo from his wife, wrecking his family after wrecking her own, all to make a buck, as gold digging whores will do. She pimped Leo out and made him do hour upon hour of shows, day after day. She is run her gravy provider into the ground. If there is any justice in life, Lisa will end up back in the white trash Petaluma trailer park from whence she came, completely broke and destitute. This will be just retribution for the countless lives she has destroyed.

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