Leo Laporte rethinks his business plan, live on the air

Leo Laporte, founder of TWiT, rethinks his entire business plan live on the air during a recent taping of “This Week in Google.” Jeff Jarvis introduces the idea of businesses using remote contributors in a discussion about the closure of the print edition of “MacWorld” magazine. You can actually see Leo’s mind go blank as he contemplates the death of his empire and scrambles to come up with some cost-saving ideas. He then continues to talk; not exactly sure of what will come out of his own mouth next.

14 thoughts on “Leo Laporte rethinks his business plan, live on the air”

  1. The solution is sharing you fat moron. Share costs, share revenue etc. If you want a return on investment you put that in the equation.

    The interesting thing is he talks about this all the time now. He said the same shit on gizwiz interview. But he also said Tom was costing him money and NSFW and Framerate lost money.

    So what is he talking about, according to the liar he should be making more money now. Unless of course he is lying. As usual two stories that do not jive.

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    1. The trouble is he lost NSFW, lost Framerate and gained a bigger loss maker Elgum! That man has driven away more people who have gotten tired over the months listening to him stutter, stammer, make shitty comments and analyze news when he doesn’t have the faintest clue or comprehension about the subject and leaves himself sounding like a clueless effing cretin!

      You know though, he chose his business model, he chose his employee’s and he chooses to allow nazi’s to operate the IRC and drive people away with their inane blocking of every innocent comment that is made.

      You cannot claim to desire to be the CNN of the Tech World and then make comments about Penises in front of Children or were children may be watching or listening. Look at last New Year he made sexual innuendo’s to a child that was skyped in for a Midnight in Denmark or Norway or somewhere like that!

      If he can’t clean up the mess HE IS MAKING then he deserves to fail and from the sounds of many of his comments he is starting to show signs of failure. Well done Leo well done, you and your CeHo have screwed up with your incessant alienation of your viewers!

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    2. I may have been unclear, he inspires so much rage.

      On one hand he says he is losing money now needs a new business model.

      On the other hand he said he was losing money on tech news today, losing money on an NSFW, losing money on Framerate, so he should be making more money now that the losers are gone and TNT is at least as good as before.

      Why does he need a new business model if he is making more money. This proves he is a fucking liar.

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  2. Whaaaat Chad Leave, he’s the guy that keeps Leo’s Colon Clean, he inspects it like a little red headed Victorian Chimney Sweeps boy climbing in there as he brown noses Leo.

    He couldn’t leave Leo, they have a symbiont relationship.


    Did you catch Leo start unboxing his multitude of tax write off’s he sent the minions out to buy last night?

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  3. I have lost outright respect for Leo. He is trying to project a false impression of his own self-importance; especially when it comes to podcasting, tech knowledge and his vast friendship of tech movers and shakers.

    It is normally said that a business is built on the good work and reputation of its employees. However in the case of TWiT, its empire was also built on the wonderful and interesting guests that Skyped in; this in turn brought in small followers which grew the audience of the network. With this business model in mind, you would expect Leo to be far more professional and do a modicum of research on his guests before each podcast to maximise viewers enjoyment and entertainment. That said, whats even more disgusting is the selfishness he shows as he doesn’t extend the courtesy of being there on time for his own podcasts. He then proceeds by annoyingly interrupting his guests in mid sentence and infuriatingly monopolising the interview with his thoughts, views, and agenda.

    It is also disappointing to know that he has a ban list of guests. He for one knows what it’s like to be banned from Apple events. Nonetheless, he has banned Adam Curry, Jason Calacanis and others because he is aware that they are more interesting (though insane) than he is, and people would be more captivated in their views than his – which goes to highlight Leo’s megalomaniac and insecure state of mind.

    Enough of my rambling, I could write more. Other people I detest at TWiT are, Lisa Kentzell, Fr Robert Ballecer, Jeff Jarvis and Mike Elgan. All of these people show varying signs of self importance but in the case of Kentzell she also comes across as a person who takes advantage of others and then clings on for dear life oblivious of the destruction and wreckage she is causing.

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    1. I actually think it was right for him to ban Calacanis – the guy is a douche and blatantly tried to make a rival netcast company called “This Week In” that had a whole slew of topics.

      Curry, on the other hand, was banned not because he showed his gun on one episode of TWiT, but because in a later episode he was featured on, he said he didn’t believe we landed on the moon, and thought it was a conspiracy. Leo was outraged by such a notion, and permabanned him. Funny, considering 25% of people do not believe the Apollo 11 moon landing was real. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/5851435/Apollo-11-hoax-one-in-four-people-do-not-believe-in-moon-landing.html

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  4. I invented podcasting, er netcasting, er creating shit and selling it to advertisers.

    And now I’m re-inventing it as a co-op. Line up now to buy shares in the new TWiT Studio Co-operative. One share gets you 10msec of studio time. Start saving up creators.

    You can buy it a brick at a time. Like the old days. I keep most of the bricks though.

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  5. Open ass and insert head. Profit sharing is the key and has always been the key. It’s the same model for his radio show income. He fired Tom because Tom wanted to be more independent of Twit not because he couldn’t afford him. He hired Elgum because he was cheap and cheap is good when you’re sucking every penny you can before the ship goes down.

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    1. More importantly that is what happens when you lifestyle with your hooker, I mean bookkeeper jeez my spelling is going down hill fast, costs more than your dwindling business income costs.

      Looks like you will have fire a few more of the employee’s to reduce the overheads LEO!

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  6. The new business model benefits only one person – Leo.

    Good, talented, dedicated workers will not stick around – they want steady bi-weekly paychecks, benefits, vacation, reliable income as they live their lives.

    You can’t do that with a bunch of independent people being paid by 1099 or doing some bizarre revenue-sharing thing.

    If he wants to scale back TWiT, fine…but if he does revert back to the cottage setup or smaller, he’s gonna have a much harder time finding talent that wants to help in any significant way. I think he used up his TechTV credits long ago.

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