Leo Welcomes Pirillo Baby to World With Insult

The baby was just a few hours old but not to soon to get insulted by the magnanimous Laporte. Was it an enemies offspring? No it was the beautiful innocent daughter of good friend Chris Pirillo.

A hug from a "friend"
A hug from a “friend”

Pirillo is not as close to the #soupguzzler as Kevin Spacey, but would it hurt to say a friendly “congratz” to the curly haired first-time dad. What’s that? You don’t believes this article, no one could be that heartless. Feast your eyes on the video below:

Was Leo caught off guard in a bad moment, did he immediately correct this blunder ? He didn’t stop trolling in the chatroom:

[14:35] <~Leo> I didn't even know she was pregnant!
[14:36] <~Leo> Who was the father?

6 thoughts on “Leo Welcomes Pirillo Baby to World With Insult”

  1. Well Leo Laporte, lots of people purchase new cameras or new smartphones but you continually boast about all the purchases you are making and the $1000 headphones that nobody gives a crap about .

    Just like you, Leo Soup Guzzler Laporte, claims that they don’t do native advertising but all we hear about is Gina Trapani’s fraking “Thinkup” and Steve Gibson’s disk utility and how wonderful it is. All the question time on Security Now is based around people yelping like an excited puppy about how good it is just like an Infomercial.

    The same as nobody cares about your or elgum’s opinion of the size and shape and thickness of the Apple Watch when neither of you have even been in the same room, even after one of your contributors Rene Ritchie had said that was no thicker than Androidwear watches.

    Some of us actually watch enough of your shows to catch these glaring contradictions, are you thick are dog shit? Do you not realize that viewers catch that you show extreme ignorance and more and more how ignorant you are and how ignorant elgum.

    Well I say, Congratulations to Chris Pirrillo and his good lady on their birth of their offspring.

    As a punishment while I was away from 6am Saturday to 5pm Sunday I set every single spare device that can stream Flosoft video and left it streaming the ‘live’ stream non-stop. That’s 7 devices, I used up all that data for 7 users that you will get billed for.

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    1. Are ya’all that dense and that out of context?

      That the joke on this one: If you bothered to show the chat lines BEFORE ~Leo you’d Know that there were way to many Baby Announcements inchat – it was rediculous. Leo was being sarcastic, not caustic – learn the difference.

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  2. To be fair, Pirillo has always been a strange little man, and I can totally understand if someone doesn’t care about another person’s family setup (new kid? who cares?). I mean, if he was confronted in-person I’m sure he’d be polite, but I can’t even remember the last time Pirillo and Laporte had anything to do with each other. That said, Pirillo started his live/netcast one-man-show before Laporte did, IIRC, and that may have played a factor in their separated paths over the years since TechTV.

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