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Leo Welcomes Pirillo Baby to World With Insult

The baby was just a few hours old but not to soon to get insulted by the magnanimous Laporte. Was it an enemies offspring? No it was the beautiful innocent daughter of good friend Chris Pirillo.

A hug from a "friend"
A hug from a “friend”

Pirillo is not as close to the #soupguzzler as Kevin Spacey, but would it hurt to say a friendly “congratz” to the curly haired first-time dad. What’s that? You don’t believes this article, no one could be that heartless. Feast your eyes on the video below:

Was Leo caught off guard in a bad moment, did he immediately correct this blunder ? He didn’t stop trolling in the chatroom:

[14:35] <~Leo> I didn't even know she was pregnant!
[14:36] <~Leo> Who was the father?