#TotalDrama site visit numbers are skyrocketing

Site visits are at an all-time high at #TotalDrama
Site visits are at an all-time high at #TotalDrama

Even though the “Open For Business” sign has been out for less than two weeks, #TotalDrama has experienced unprecedented visitor numbers.

BREAKING NEWS: Welcome Twit Brickhouse staffers! Official server logs reveal in real-time that 1/3 of the visitors were coming from Petaluma. Hi Leo! Hi Elgum! Hi Tricaster!

Hello Petaluma visitors!
Hello Petaluma visitors!

Site contributor Richard Yes said, “The site gets just under two million visitors a day.” Mr. Yes, in demonstrating an amazing ability to stretch the truth, gained from hours of watching the master, Leo Laporte, noted that, “What’s more remarkable, however, is the fact that these are all unique visits with site engagement at historic highs.”

Congrats to the team at #TotalDrama and keep up the good work!

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  1. Jeff Jarvis taught me full disclosure.
    I am also a contributor to the site.

    Excellent article, Helloworld is a crackerjack reporter, quotes, facts, interviewing web site admin. Stunning work. I am very very happy. Much better then the fast paced crap on network TV.

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