TNT Stitcher Ratings Collapse

Elgum Does it Again
Elgum Does it Again, click image to see scope of loss.

The heralded gains in Stitcher ratings have proven short-lived. “Tech News Today” has been spewing countless plugs for people to double subscribe via the Breaking News Maven: Mike Elgum. However, the pitiful begging seems to have resulted in  the exact opposite effect. The intended spike has turned into a never-before-seen drop as the

Will a triangle desk help ratings?
Will a triangle desk help ratings?

ratings on Stitcher have plummeted to record lows. Not to worry TNT fans, they can always redo the desk or change Gum’s face from orange to lavender.

4 thoughts on “TNT Stitcher Ratings Collapse”

  1. They could have people download all the different resolutions + audio. That should boost the ratings 4 fold.

    SEO and podcast expert here.

    Maybe use a lot of devices and different ip addresses.

    It’s called Elgumming.

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  2. TNT is a great show, with great content. We made the right decision hiring Mike Elgum, and I’m sure with time the rest of the public will see that. Tom was working remotely, and we felt having an in studio personality would really help thing. Some day, I feel this will actually pay off.

    P.S. Have you seen my #Soup?

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  3. hmm, I don’t use Stitcher so it didn’t capture all the downloads that I did, but then again I think I deleted them or played them at high speed to make it more interesting.

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